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Born:Friday, November 3, 1995
In:Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Hospital (CA) (United States)
Sun: 11°05' Scorpio AS: 13°36' Aries
Moon:2°20' Aries MC: 8°09' Capricorn
Dominants: Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio
Pluto, Mars, Jupiter
Houses 8, 12, 7 / Fire, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Kendall Jenner is 5' 10½" (1m79) tall
Popularity: 277,798 clicks, 49th woman, 93rd celebrity
Biography of Kendall Jenner (excerpt)

Kendall Nicole Jenner (born November 3, 1995 (birth time source: Viktor E., Astrodatabank, BC) is a commercial model and TV personality who is featured on the E! reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Modeling career In 2010 she appeared in One Call's music video, Blacklight.

Born:Thursday, November 3, 1949
In:London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 10°44' Scorpio   
Moon:14°57' Aries   
Dominants: Virgo, Libra, Scorpio
Pluto, Mercury, Venus
Fire, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Anna Wintour is 5' 7" (1m70) tall
Popularity: 64,335 clicks, 393rd woman, 922nd celebrity
Biography of Anna Wintour (excerpt)

Anna Wintour OBE (born November 3, 1949) is a British-American fashion editor and the editor-in-chief of American Vogue, a position she has held since 1988. She became interested in fashion as a teenager. Her father, Charles, editor of the Evening Standard, often consulted with her on how to make the newspaper's coverage relevant to the youth of mid-1960s London.

Born:Thursday, November 3, 1921
In:Ehrenfeld (PA) (United States)
Sun: 10°42' Scorpio AS: 1°49' Capricorn
Moon:25°59' Sagittarius MC: 25°28' Libra
Dominants: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Venus, Saturn, Moon
Houses 9, 10, 12 / Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Height: Charles Bronson is 5' 10" (1m78) tall
Popularity: 50,898 clicks, 727th man, 1,280th celebrity
Biography of Charles Bronson (excerpt)

Charles Bronson (born Charles Dennis Buchinsky, November 3, 1921 – August 30, 2003) was an American actor of "tough guy" roles. In most of his roles he starred as a brutal police detective, a western gunfighter, vigilante, boxer or a Mafia hitman.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1957
In:Stockholm (Sweden)
Sun: 10°46' Scorpio   
Moon:24°33' Pisces   
Dominants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra
Pluto, Neptune, Venus
Water, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Height: Dolph Lundgren is 6' 5" (1m96) tall
Popularity: 48,953 clicks, 771st man, 1,359th celebrity
Biography of Dolph Lundgren (excerpt)

Dolph Lundgren (born Hans Lundgren, November 3, 1957) is a Swedish actor, director and karateka. His breakthrough came when he starred in Rocky IV in 1985. Since then, he starred in more than 30 pictures, mostly action movies. Dolph belongs to a generation of film actors who epitomise the muscular movie action hero including Sylvester Stallone , Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Seagal, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris, many of whom he has worked with throughout his career.

Born:Monday, November 3, 1952
In:Salt Lake City (UT) (United States)
Sun: 11°22' Scorpio AS: 7°17' Aquarius
Moon:5°12' Gemini MC: 28°38' Scorpio
Dominants: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquarius
Uranus, Mercury, Moon
Houses 10, 4, 8 / Air, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Dragon
Numerology: Birthpath 22
Height: Roseanne Barr is 5' 4" (1m63) tall
Popularity: 48,598 clicks, 597th woman, 1,374th celebrity
Biography of Roseanne Barr (excerpt)

Roseanne Cherrie Barr (born November 3, 1952) is an Emmy Award-winning American actress, writer, talk-show host, and comedian. At times in her career she has also been known as "Roseanne Arnold" and "Roseanne Thomas". On the opening credits of one final-season episode of her TV show, she was credited as "Roseanne Barr Pentland Arnold Thomas".

Born:Thursday, November 3, 1977
In:San Diego (CA) (United States)
Sun: 11°17' Scorpio   
Moon:7°33' Leo   
Dominants: Scorpio, Leo, Libra
Uranus, Sun, Venus
Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Aria Giovanni is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Popularity: 32,319 clicks, 1,034th woman, 2,492nd celebrity
Biography of Aria Giovanni (excerpt)

Aria Giovanni (born Cindy Renee Volk, November 3, 1977 in Los Angeles, California) is a nude model and actress who was Penthouse Pet for the month of September 2000. Giovanni was born Cindy Renee Volk in Los Angeles to a mostly Italian-American family, the middle child of three.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1901
In:Paris 18e (France)
Sun: 10°32' Scorpio AS: 25°49' Aries
Moon:14°49' Leo MC: 11°19' Capricorn
Dominants: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Saturn, Jupiter, Mars
Houses 7, 10, 9 / Fire, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Height: André Malraux is 5' 9" (1m75) tall
Popularity: 28,164 clicks, 1,826th man, 3,089th celebrity
Biography of André Malraux (excerpt)

André Malraux (November 3, 1901 (birth time source: Didier Geslain, acte n° 5225) – November 23, 1976) was a French author, adventurer and statesman, and a dominant figure in French politics and culture. Malraux was born in Paris 18e. His parents separated in 1905 and eventually divorced.

Born:Saturday, November 3, 1973
In:Paris (France)
Sun: 10°53' Scorpio   
Moon:12°58' Aquarius   
Dominants: Scorpio, Aquarius, Sagittarius
Mars, Pluto, Jupiter
Air, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Height: Julia Channel is 5' 1" (1m55) tall
Popularity: 27,882 clicks, 1,281st woman, 3,138th celebrity
Biography of Julia Channel (excerpt)

Julia Channel, sometimes known as Giulia Chanel / Julia Chanel / Julie Chanel / Giulia Channel / Julia Channel / Julia / Giulia Santos / Lady Shanne / Julia Sow / Ute Wolf, born November 3, 1973 in Paris, is French former pornographic actress.

Born:Thursday, November 3, 1955
In:Taglio-Isulaccio, Corsica (France)
Sun: 9°51' Scorpio AS: 17°08' Virgo
Moon:18°34' Gemini MC: 14°48' Gemini
Dominants: Gemini, Libra, Scorpio
Mercury, Moon, Pluto
Houses 2, 10, 12 / Air, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 27,241 clicks, 1,931st man, 3,265th celebrity
Biography of Jean-François Bernardini (excerpt)

Jean-François Bernardini, born November 3, 1955 in Tagliu-Isulaccia, Corsica (source: birth certificate), is a French singer and composer, the founder of I Muvrini, a Corsican folk music group who sing traditional Corsican music in their native Corsican language. History The group was formed in the early 1980s by the brothers Jean-François Bernardini and Alain Bernardini who were born in the village of Tagliu-Isulacciu in the north of Corsica.

Born:Tuesday, November 3, 1987
In:Perth (Australia)
Sun: 10°12' Scorpio   
Moon:8°17' Aries   
Dominants: Scorpio, Aries, Libra
Pluto, Jupiter, Moon
Fire, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Height: Gemma Ward is 5' 9½" (1m77) tall
Popularity: 26,882 clicks, 1,362nd woman, 3,338th celebrity
Biography of Gemma Ward (excerpt)

Gemma Ward (born November 3, 1987) is an Australian supermodel and actress. One of the most well known models in the world, she is considered a model of the moment by many fashion insiders and fans alike, with her baby doll-like look inspiring a new craze in fashion.

Born:Tuesday, November 3, 1953
In:Fort Worth (TX) (United States)
Sun: 11°27' Scorpio AS: 19°17' Cancer
Moon:12°56' Libra MC: 6°18' Aries
Dominants: Libra, Cancer, Scorpio
Uranus, Moon, Venus
Houses 4, 5, 3 / Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Kate Capshaw is 5' 7" (1m70) tall
Popularity: 24,295 clicks, 1,582nd woman, 3,897th celebrity
Biography of Kate Capshaw (excerpt)

Kate Capshaw (born November 3, 1953) is an American actress. She is known for her role in the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and as the wife of director Steven Spielberg. Early life Capshaw was born in 1953 Kathleen Sue Nail in Fort Worth, Texas and moved to St.

Born:Wednesday, November 3, 1982
In:Solnechny, Khabarovsk Krai (Russia)
Sun: 10°07' Scorpio AS: 0°22' Scorpio
Moon:27°57' Taurus MC: 9°13' Leo
Dominants: Libra, Scorpio, Taurus
Pluto, Mercury, Saturn
Houses 1, 12, 8 / Air, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Height: Evgeni Plushenko is 5' 10" (1m78) tall
Popularity: 23,735 clicks, 2,405th man, 4,038th celebrity
Biography of Evgeni Plushenko (excerpt)

Evgeni Viktorovich Plushenko, or Yevgeny Viktorovich Plyushchenko (Russian: Евге́ний Ви́кторович Плю́щенко) (born November 3, 1982 in Solnechny, Khabarovsk Krai, Soviet Union (Russia) (birth time source: http://www.globa.ru/pljuschenko-evgenij/ email on October 15, 2014) is a Russian figure skater, the seven-time National Champion, five-time European Champion, three-time World Champion, 2006 Winter Olympics gold medalist, and four-time Grand Prix Final gold medalist.

Born:Tuesday, November 3, 1931
In:Rome (Italy)
Sun: 10°01' Scorpio AS: 1°05' Capricorn
Moon:11°27' Leo MC: 25°50' Libra
Dominants: Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo
Saturn, Uranus, Pluto
Houses 10, 8, 11 / Water, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Monica Vitti is 5' 7" (1m70) tall
Popularity: 23,553 clicks, 1,649th woman, 4,082nd celebrity
Biography of Monica Vitti (excerpt)

Monica Vitti (born Maria Luisa Ceciarelli, 3 November 1931) is an Italian actress noted for her frosty expressiveness and starring roles in films by Michelangelo Antonioni. Training and early career Vitti was born in Rome. While a teenager she acted in amateur productions, then trained as an actor at Rome's National Academy of Dramatic Arts and at Pitman's, where she played a teen in a charity performance of Niccodemi's La memica.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1929
In:Paris (France)
Sun: 10°08' Scorpio AS: 7°34' Virgo
Moon:28°03' Scorpio MC: 1°16' Gemini
Dominants: Scorpio, Libra, Virgo
Mercury, Neptune, Moon
Houses 3, 2, 12 / Water, Air / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Earth Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 22,574 clicks, 1,769th woman, 4,357th celebrity
Biography of Catherine Anglade (excerpt)

Catherine Anglade was a French TV producer and director.

Born:Friday, November 3, 1989
In:Levallois-Perret (92) (France)
Sun: 11°05' Scorpio AS: 28°58' Capricorn
Moon:5°07' Capricorn MC: 28°32' Scorpio
Dominants: Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer
Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter
Houses 9, 12, 11 / Earth, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Joyce Jonathan is 5' 3" (1m60) tall
Popularity: 22,336 clicks, 1,794th woman, 4,428th celebrity
Biography of Joyce Jonathan (excerpt)

Joyce Jonathan, born on November 3, 1989 in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine)(birth time source: herself, on Twitter https://twitter.com/joycejonathan/status/693122853105987585 but Marc Brun gives 1:45 PM (BC)), is a French musician, singer, and composer. Her first album is produced by My Major Company, http://www.mymajorcompany.com/. Discography Albums 2010 Sur mes gardes Singles * 2010 : Pas besoin de toi * 2010 : Je ne sais pas * 2010 : L'Heure avait sonné

Born:Wednesday, November 3, 1954
In:Marylebone, London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 10°18' Scorpio AS: 2°53' Scorpio
Moon:3°08' Aquarius MC: 14°21' Leo
Dominants: Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo
Mercury, Sun, Pluto
Houses 1, 3, 9 / Water, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Height: Adam Ant is 5' 8" (1m73) tall
Popularity: 21,495 clicks, 2,793rd man, 4,672nd celebrity
Biography of Adam Ant (excerpt)

Adam Ant (born Stuart Leslie Goddard on 3 November 1954) is an English musician who gained popularity as the lead singer of 1980s New Wave/post-punk group Adam & the Ants and later as a solo artist. He is also an actor, having appeared in two dozen films or television episodes between 1985 and 1999.

Born:Tuesday, November 3, 1987
In:Milwaukee (WI) (United States)
Sun: 10°47' Scorpio   
Moon:16°20' Aries   
Dominants: Scorpio, Aries, Libra
Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus
Fire, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Height: Colin Kaepernick is 6' 4" (1m93) tall
Popularity: 19,630 clicks, 3,179th man, 5,295th celebrity
Biography of Colin Kaepernick (excerpt)

Colin Rand Kaepernick (born November 3, 1987) is an American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for the University of Nevada Wolf Pack. At Nevada, Kaepernick twice was named the Western Athletic Conference Offensive Player of the Year, and he was the Most Valuable Player of the 2008 Humanitarian Bowl.

Born:Tuesday, November 3, 1953
In:Sydney (Australia)
Sun: 10°10' Scorpio AS: 22°58' Sagittarius
Moon:27°51' Virgo MC: 3°39' Virgo
Dominants: Sagittarius, Libra, Virgo
Jupiter, Pluto, Venus
Houses 11, 10, 7 / Air, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Rebecca Gilling is 5' 10" (1m78) tall
Popularity: 18,753 clicks, 2,250th woman, 5,678th celebrity
Biography of Rebecca Gilling (excerpt)

Rebecca Gilling, born on November 3, 1953 in Sydney (birth time source: British Entertainers, Franck C. Clifford, Sy Scholfield) is an Australian actress who came to prominence with an appearance in the film version of the controversial soap opera Number 96, followed by roles in television in Glenview High and The Young Doctors (playing Liz Kennedy).

Born:Saturday, November 3, 1973
In:Des Moines (IA) (United States)
Sun: 11°11' Scorpio   
Moon:16°29' Aquarius   
Dominants: Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Mars, Pluto, Jupiter
Air, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Height: Mick Thomson is 6' 2" (1m88) tall
Popularity: 18,609 clicks, 3,468th man, 5,738th celebrity
Biography of Mick Thomson (excerpt)

Mick Thomson (born Mickael Gordon Thomson on November 3, 1973) is the lead guitarist for the nine-piece band Slipknot. Thomson is known as #7 in the band. Before Slipknot, Thomson was in the band Bodypit with former Slipknot members Anders Colsefini, Donnie Steele and current bassist Paul Gray.

Born:Friday, November 3, 1933
In:Berkswell, Warwickshire (United Kingdom)
Sun: 10°37' Scorpio   
Moon:23°53' Taurus   
Dominants: Sagittarius, Taurus, Scorpio
Moon, Venus, Saturn
Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Height: Jeremy Brett is 6' 2" (1m88) tall
Popularity: 17,336 clicks, 3,837th man, 6,328th celebrity
Biography of Jeremy Brett (excerpt)

Peter Jeremy William Huggins (November 3, 1933 – September 12, 1995), better known as Jeremy Brett, was an English actor famous for his portrayal of the detective Sherlock Holmes in the British television series The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Height: 6' 2" (1.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1963
In:Médenine (Tunisia)
Sun: 10°18' Scorpio   
Moon:7°04' Gemini   
Dominants: Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo
Pluto, Moon, Mars
Water, Air / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Height: Afef Jnifen is 5' 5" (1m65) tall
Popularity: 15,191 clicks, 2,990th woman, 7,505th celebrity
Biography of Afef Jnifen (excerpt)

Afef Jnifen, born November 3, 1963 in Médenine, is a former model and actress fromTunisia. She is the wife of Marco Tronchetti Provera.

Born:Wednesday, November 3, 1971
In:Navan (Ireland)
Sun: 10°24' Scorpio   
Moon:19°05' Taurus   
Dominants: Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius
Moon, Jupiter, Saturn
Water, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Dylan Moran is 5' 11" (1m80) tall
Popularity: 14,247 clicks, 4,960th man, 8,232nd celebrity
Biography of Dylan Moran (excerpt)

Dylan Moran (born 3 November 1971) is a BAFTA and Perrier Award-winning Irish comedian, actor and writer. He is most famous for his stand up comedy, the television sitcom Black Books which he co-wrote and starred in, and his work with Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead and Run Fatboy Run.

Born:Saturday, November 3, 1945
In:Nordlingen (Germany)
Sun: 10°13' Scorpio AS: 2°42' Virgo
Moon:18°52' Libra MC: 24°45' Taurus
Dominants: Libra, Scorpio, Virgo
Mercury, Venus, Moon
Houses 2, 4, 3 / Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Height: Gerd Müller is 5' 9½" (1m76) tall
Popularity: 14,137 clicks, 5,004th man, 8,317th celebrity
Biography of Gerd Müller (excerpt)

Gerd Müller (IPA—German: ) (born November 3, 1945 in Nördlingen) is a former (West) German football player and one of the world's most prolific goalscorers of all time. Height 1.76 m (5 ft 9+1⁄2 in) With national records of 68 goals in 62 international appearances, 365 goals in 427 Bundesliga games and the international record of 66 goals in 74 European Club games, he was by far the most successful striker of his day.

Born:Friday, November 3, 1967
In:Kingston upon Thames, Surrey (United Kingdom)
Sun: 10°23' Scorpio   
Moon:28°13' Scorpio   
Dominants: Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn
Mars, Pluto, Uranus
Earth, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Steven Wilson is 5' 9½" (1m77) tall
Popularity: 13,837 clicks, 5,166th man, 8,586th celebrity
Biography of Steven Wilson (excerpt)

Steven John Wilson (born 3 November 1967) is an English musician and producer, best known as the founder, lead guitarist, singer and songwriter of progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. He is involved in many other bands and musical projects both as musician and producer (including No-Man and Blackfield) and also maintains a solo career.

Born:Wednesday, November 3, 1943
In:Soumoulou (64) (France)
Sun: 9°44' Scorpio AS: 3°58' Virgo
Moon:12°25' Capricorn MC: 28°29' Taurus
Dominants: Virgo, Scorpio, Gemini
Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus
Houses 3, 10, 12 / Earth, Air / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 22
Popularity: 13,245 clicks, 5,521st man, 9,149th celebrity
Biography of René Frydman (excerpt)

René Frydman, born November 3, 1943, is a famous French obstetrician. Bibliography L'irrésistible désir de naissance (1986) Guide pour la femme enceinte (1990) Dieu, la médecine et l'embryon Lettre à une mère, aux éditions L’Iconoclaste.

Born:Wednesday, November 3, 1948
In:Lennoxtown (United Kingdom)
Sun: 10°33' Scorpio AS: 10°29' Virgo
Moon:4°13' Sagittarius MC: 2°35' Gemini
Dominants: Sagittarius, Libra, Virgo
Moon, Saturn, Mercury
Houses 4, 2, 12 / Fire, Air / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 13,070 clicks, 3,708th woman, 9,327th celebrity
Biography of Lulu (singer) (excerpt)

Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, OBE, (born 3 November 1948 in Lennoxtown, Stirlingshire), best known by her stage name Lulu, is a Scottish singer, songwriter, actor, model, and television personality who has been successful in the entertainment business from the 1960s through the 2000s.

Born:Thursday, November 3, 1983
In:Miramas (13) (France)
Sun: 10°41' Scorpio AS: 18°19' Taurus
Moon:24°37' Libra MC: 26°36' Capricorn
Dominants: Scorpio, Virgo, Libra
Venus, Mercury, Saturn
Houses 6, 5, 7 / Earth, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 12,875 clicks, 3,793rd woman, 9,576th celebrity
Biography of Sonia Lacen (excerpt)

Sonia Lacen, born November 3, 1983 in Miramas, is a French singer (birth time source: herself on Twitter, copy at www.astrotheme.fr/images/Sonia_Lacen_time_of_birth.jpg). Discography (fr) Singles Au fond de toi Tu me manques depuis longtemps, extrait de la comédie musicale Les Mille et Une Vies d'Ali Baba À quoi bon, extrait de la comédie musicale Les Mille et Une Vies d'Ali Baba Le rêve d'un homme et Reste près de moi extraits de la bande originale du film Vercingétorix Ainsi va la vie, extrait de la comédie musicale Les Mille et Une Vies d'Ali Baba

Born:Tuesday, November 3, 1801
In:Catania, Sicile (Italy)
Sun: 10°31' Scorpio AS: 29°05' Sagittarius
Moon:3°35' Libra MC: 20°01' Libra
Dominants: Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Venus, Jupiter, Pluto
Houses 9, 10, 8 / Air, Water / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 12,839 clicks, 5,811th man, 9,618th celebrity
Biography of Vincenzo Bellini (excerpt)

Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco Bellini (November 3, 1801 – September 23, 1835) was a Sicilian opera composer. Known for his flowing melodic lines, Bellini was the quintessential composer of Bel canto opera. Life Born in Catania, Sicily, Bellini was a child prodigy from a highly musical family and legend has it he could sing an air of Valentino Fioravanti at eighteen months, began studying music theory at two, the piano at three, and by the age of five could, apparently, play well.

Born:Saturday, November 3, 1900
In:Herzogenaurach, Bavière (Germany)
Sun: 10°35' Scorpio   
Moon:21°42' Pisces   
Dominants: Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini
Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto
Fire, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 12,117 clicks, 6,416th man, 10,578th celebrity
Biography of Adi Dassler (excerpt)

Adolf "Adi" Dassler (November 3, 1900 in Herzogenaurach (Germany) - September 6, 1978 in Herzogenaurach), mainly known as Adi Dassler, is the founder of the German sportswear company Adidas. Trained as a baker, Adi Dassler started to produce his own sports shoes in his mother's wash kitchen after his return from World War I.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1907
In:Ivry-la-Bataille (27) (France)
Sun: 10°17' Scorpio AS: 21°35' Cancer
Moon:13°49' Libra MC: 25°50' Pisces
Dominants: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Neptune, Saturn, Moon
Houses 5, 4, 12 / Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 22
Popularity: 11,949 clicks, 6,563rd man, 10,809th celebrity
Biography of Raymond Bussières (excerpt)

Raymond Bussières (3 November 1907 – 29 April 1982), was a French film actor, screenwriter and producer. He appeared in over 160 films between 1933 and 1982. He was born in Ivry-la-Bataille, France and died in Paris, France. Selected filmography Le Roi et l'oiseau (1980) Dracula and Son (1976) Paris - When It Sizzles (1964) Cab Number 13 (1948) The Two Orphans (1947)

Born:Friday, November 3, 1933
In:York (United Kingdom)
Sun: 10°37' Scorpio   
Moon:23°53' Taurus   
Dominants: Sagittarius, Taurus, Scorpio
Moon, Venus, Saturn
Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Height: John Barry is 5' 10" (1m78) tall
Popularity: 11,614 clicks, 6,900th man, 11,334th celebrity
Biography of John Barry (excerpt)

John Barry, OBE (born John Barry Prendergast on 3 November 1933 in York, England) is a renowned Golden Globe and five-time Academy Award-winning English film score composer. He is best known for composing 11 James Bond movies and was hugely influential on the 007 series' distinctive style.

Born:Tuesday, November 3, 1500 (Julian cal.)
In:Florence (Italy)
Sun: 21°03' Scorpio AS: 28°42' Cancer
Moon:25°18' Aries MC: 10°45' Aries
Dominants: Scorpio, Aries, Cancer
Moon, Pluto, Mars
Houses 4, 5, 10 / Water, Fire / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Popularity: 11,558 clicks, 6,955th man, 11,421st celebrity
Biography of Benvenuto Cellini (excerpt)

Benvenuto Cellini (November 3, 1500 – February 13, 1571) was an Italian goldsmith, painter, sculptor, soldier and musician of the Renaissance, who also wrote a famous autobiography. Benvenuto Cellini was born in Florence, Italy, where his family had been landowners in the Val d'Ambra for three generations.

Born:Tuesday, November 3, 1903
In:Le Vesinet (France)
Sun: 10°06' Scorpio AS: 20°58' Taurus
Moon:21°23' Aries MC: 24°43' Capricorn
Dominants: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Saturn, Venus, Mars
Houses 6, 8, 12 / Earth, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Height: Charles Rigoulot is 5' 8" (1m73) tall
Popularity: 11,539 clicks, 6,980th man, 11,457th celebrity
Biography of Charles Rigoulot (excerpt)

Charles Rigoulot (November 3, 1903 – August 22, 1962) was an French weightlifter, professional wrestler, race car driver, and actor who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics. Born in in Le Vésinet, Rigoulot became French champion in 1923 and won a gold medal in the light-heavyweight class in 1924.

Born:Friday, November 3, 1939
In:Jamaica (NY) (United States)
Sun: 10°21' Scorpio AS: 11°08' Capricorn
Moon:29°02' Cancer MC: 5°48' Scorpio
Dominants: Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn
Sun, Moon, Saturn
Houses 7, 10, 3 / Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 11,433 clicks, 7,087th man, 11,631st celebrity
Biography of Adi Da (excerpt)

Adi Da Samraj, (born Franklin Albert Jones, November 3, 1939, in Jamaica, Queens, New York City), is a contemporary and controversial guru, spiritual writer, and artist who is also the founder of the new religious movement currently known as Adidam.

Born:Wednesday, November 3, 1852
In:Kyoto (Japan)
Sun: 10°55' Scorpio AS: 12°44' Aquarius
Moon:18°54' Cancer MC: 29°46' Scorpio
Dominants: Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius
Jupiter, Mars, Mercury
Houses 10, 9, 3 / Water, Earth / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 11,420 clicks, 7,100th man, 11,646th celebrity
Biography of Emperor Meiji (excerpt)

Emperor Meiji (明治天皇, Meiji-tennō.) (November 3, 1852 — July 30, 1912) was the 122nd emperor of Japan according to the traditional order of succession, reigning from February 3, 1867 until his death. His personal name was Mutsuhito (睦仁, Mutsuhito.). Like all his predecessors, he has been known by a posthumous name since his death.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1912
In:Paris (France)
Sun: 10°30' Scorpio AS: 13°05' Scorpio
Moon:25°32' Leo MC: 27°17' Leo
Dominants: Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius
Sun, Mars, Moon
Houses 12, 10, 2 / Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 11,065 clicks, 4,768th woman, 12,319th celebrity
Biography of Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier (excerpt)

Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier, (November 3, 1912 in Paris - December 11, 1996 in Paris), whose real name was Marie-Claude Vogel, was a member of the French Resistance. Photographer Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier's father, Lucien Vogel, an editor, created the magazine Vu in 1928; her mother, Cosette de Brunhoff, sister of the creator of Babar the Elephant, was a fashion photographer.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1957
In:Lorient (France)
Sun: 10°46' Scorpio   
Moon:24°33' Pisces   
Dominants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra
Pluto, Neptune, Venus
Water, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 10,937 clicks, 7,722nd man, 12,564th celebrity
Biography of Marc Le Mené (excerpt)

Marc Le Mené, born in November 3 in 1957 in Lorient, France, is a French photographer and multimedia artist.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1974
In:Maisons-Alfort (94) (France)
Sun: 10°16' Scorpio AS: 16°48' Virgo
Moon:17°50' Gemini MC: 13°17' Gemini
Dominants: Scorpio, Gemini, Libra
Mercury, Moon, Neptune
Houses 2, 3, 10 / Air, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Tariq Abdul-Wahad is 6' 6" (1m98) tall
Popularity: 10,843 clicks, 7,859th man, 12,771st celebrity
Biography of Tariq Abdul-Wahad (excerpt)

Tariq Abdul-Wahad (born Olivier Michael Saint-Jean; November 3, 1974, in Maisons-Alfort, Val-de-Marne (birth time source: Didier Geslain)) is a French professional basketball player. Height 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) Weight 235 lb (107 kg) Abdul-Wahad was born in France from parents who migrated from French Guiana.

Born:Tuesday, November 3, 1987
In:Salt Lake City (UT) (United States)
Sun: 10°52' Scorpio AS: 0°58' Aquarius
Moon:17°30' Aries MC: 23°48' Scorpio
Dominants: Scorpio, Aries, Aquarius
Pluto, Uranus, Venus
Houses 9, 2, 11 / Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 10,805 clicks, 4,935th woman, 12,842nd celebrity
Biography of Elizabeth A. Smart (excerpt)

Elizabeth Ann Smart (born November 3, 1987) is an American female activist and contributor for ABC News. She first gained widespread attention at age 14 when she was kidnapped from her home and recovered nine months later. The source for her time of birth 1:03 PM in Salt Lake City, Utah comes from her aunt (astrodatabank).

Born:Saturday, November 3, 1979
In:Rio Cuarto (Argentina)
Sun: 10°08' Scorpio AS: 20°37' Cancer
Moon:25°35' Aries MC: 9°53' Taurus
Dominants: Scorpio, Aries, Cancer
Sun, Moon, Uranus
Houses 4, 9, 2 / Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 4
Height: Pablo Aimar is 5' 7" (1m70) tall
Popularity: 10,792 clicks, 7,926th man, 12,868th celebrity
Biography of Pablo Aimar (excerpt)

Pablo César Aimar (born November 3, 1979 in Rio Cuarto (birth time source: Castellanos, Astrodatabank, from a biography http://masdeporte.as.com/masdeporte/2002/06/11/polideportivo/1023768960_850215.html).) is an Argentine football player, who currently plays attacking midfielder for Real Zaragoza of the Spanish La Liga. He holds a Spanish passport.

Born:Friday, November 3, 1933
In:Santiniketan (India)
Sun: 10°24' Scorpio   
Moon:21°04' Taurus   
Dominants: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus
Venus, Saturn, Sun
Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 10,763 clicks, 7,971st man, 12,929th celebrity
Biography of Amartya Sen (excerpt)

Amartya Kumar Sen CH (Hon) (Bengali : অমর্ত্য কুমার সেন, Ômorto Kumar Shen) (born 3 November 1933), is an Indian born Nobel Prize-winning economist. He is known "for his contributions to welfare economics" for his work on famine, human development theory, welfare economics, the underlying mechanisms of poverty, gender inequality, and political liberalism.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1963
In:Bourges (France)
Sun: 10°18' Scorpio   
Moon:7°04' Gemini   
Dominants: Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo
Pluto, Moon, Mars
Water, Air / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 10,651 clicks, 5,025th woman, 13,151st celebrity
Biography of Hélèna Villovitch (excerpt)

French writer, but also painter and photographer.

Born:Monday, November 3, 1913
In:Cairo (Egypt)
Sun: 10°23' Scorpio   
Moon:13°09' Capricorn   
Dominants: Cancer, Capricorn, Libra
Venus, Uranus, Saturn
Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 10,383 clicks, 5,254th woman, 13,823rd celebrity
Biography of Marika Rökk (excerpt)

Marika Rökk (November 3, 1913 - May 16, 2004) was an Egyptian-born singer, dancer and actress of Hungarian descent. Life and work Rökk was born in Cairo as the daughter of an Hungarian architect. She spent her childhood in Budapest, but in 1924 her family moved to Paris.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1974
In:Saint-François (Guadeloupe) (France)
Sun: 10°51' Scorpio   
Moon:25°57' Gemini   
Dominants: Scorpio, Libra, Gemini
Sun, Mercury, Jupiter
Water, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Véronique de la Cruz is 5' 9" (1m75) tall
Popularity: 10,196 clicks, 5,419th woman, 14,297th celebrity
Biography of Véronique de la Cruz (excerpt)

Véronique de la Cruz, born November 3, 1974 in Saint-François (Guadeloupe), is a French stylist, and was Miss France 1993.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1901
In:Brussels (Belgium)
Sun: 10°30' Scorpio AS: 6°27' Aries
Moon:14°24' Leo MC: 2°33' Capricorn
Dominants: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Saturn, Mars, Jupiter
Houses 9, 10, 7 / Fire, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 10,167 clicks, 8,934th man, 14,376th celebrity
Biography of Leopold III of Belgium (excerpt)

Leopold III (born as Léopold Philippe Charles Albert Meinrad Hubertus Marie Miguel (French) or Leopold Filips Karel Albert Meinrad Hubertus Maria Miguel (Dutch); 3 November 1901 – 25 September 1983) reigned as King of the Belgians from 1934 until 1951, when he abdicated in favour of the Heir Apparent, his son Baudouin.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1918
In:Barcelona (Spain)
Sun: 10°16' Scorpio   
Moon:6°10' Scorpio   
Dominants: Scorpio, Leo, Cancer
Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 10,141 clicks, 8,983rd man, 14,448th celebrity
Biography of Raimon Panikkar (excerpt)

Raimon Panikkar (born Raimundo Pániker Alemany on November 3, 1918 in Barcelona, Spain) is one of the most prestigious proponents of inter-religious dialogue. He continues to work as a Roman Catholic priest, even after his marriage and a scholar specialized in comparative philosophy of religion

Born:Tuesday, November 3, 1953
In:Pittsburgh (PA) (United States)
Sun: 10°59' Scorpio   
Moon:7°29' Libra   
Dominants: Libra, Scorpio, Leo
Venus, Pluto, Neptune
Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Dennis Miller is 5' 5½" (1m66) tall
Popularity: 9,727 clicks, 9,792nd man, 15,636th celebrity
Biography of Dennis Miller (excerpt)

Dennis Miller (born November 3, 1953) is an American stand-up comedian, political commentator and sports commentator, and television/radio personality. He rose to fame as a cast member of Saturday Night Live in the late 1980s, and subsequently hosted a string of his own talk shows on HBO, CNBC and in syndication.

Born:Sunday, November 3, 1985
In:Poplar Bluff (MI) (United States)
Sun: 11°16' Scorpio   
Moon:16°59' Cancer   
Dominants: Scorpio, Libra, Cancer
Pluto, Moon, Sun
Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Tyler Hansbrough is 6' 9" (2m06) tall
Popularity: 9,624 clicks, 10,025th man, 15,970th celebrity
Biography of Tyler Hansbrough (excerpt)

Andrew Tyler Hansbrough (born November 3, 1985 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri) is an American basketball player for the Indiana Pacers. Hansbrough completed a college basketball career with the North Carolina Tar Heels men's basketball team in 2009, and was drafted into the NBA by the Indiana Pacers with the 13th pick of the 1st round of the 2009 NBA Draft.

Born:Friday, November 3, 1961
In:London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 10°47' Scorpio AS: 21°42' Sagittarius
Moon:14°02' Virgo MC: 25°24' Libra
Dominants: Libra, Scorpio, Virgo
Venus, Mercury, Saturn
Houses 9, 8, 1 / Air, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 22
Popularity: 9,472 clicks, 10,382nd man, 16,487th celebrity
Biography of David Armstrong-Jones (excerpt)

David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley (born 3 November 1961), known professionally as David Linley, a bespoke furniture maker and chairman of Christie's UK, the international auction house. The son of Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, he is thirteenth in the line of succession to the British Throne and heir to the Earldom of Snowdon.

Born:Monday, November 3, 1760
In:Saint-Fargeau (89) (France)
Sun: 11°33' Scorpio   
Moon:23°11' Virgo   
Dominants: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Virgo
Pluto, Moon, Neptune
Fire, Water / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 9,377 clicks, 10,610th man, 16,825th celebrity
Biography of Michel Regnaud de Saint-Jean d'Angély (excerpt)

Michel-Louis-Étienne Regnaud de Saint-Jean d'Angély, born in Saint-Fargeau November 3, 1760 and died in Paris, March 19, 1819, was a French politician, lawyer, attorney, journalist and politician, member of the Académie française (1803-1816).

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