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Horoscope of celebrities born on July, 3

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157 celebrities or events were found for July, 3.

Born:July 3, 1962
In:Syracuse (NY) (United States)
Sun: 11°21' Cancer AS: 2°12' Scorpio
Moon:2°43' Leo MC: 9°15' Leo
Dominants: Leo, Scorpio, Cancer
Saturn, Moon, Neptune
Houses 9, 10, 4 / Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Tom Cruise is 5' 7" (1m70) tall
Popularity: 306,593 clicks, 21st man, 48th celebrity
Biography of Tom Cruise

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (born July 3, 1962 (birth time source: is an American actor and film producer. Counted as one of the most successful movie stars in Hollywood, he is tied with Tom Hanks as the only actors to have seven consecutive US$100 million plus blockbusters on their resume. Forbes ranked him as the world's most powerful celebrity in 2006. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards and he has won the Golden Globe Award. His first leading role in a blockbuster movie was 1983's Risky Business. After that, he starred in many top films and became an iconic celebrity of Hollywood. Cruise is also known for his support of Scientology and his related criticism of psychiatry. In 1990, 1991 and 1997, Peopl...

Born:July 3, 1996
In:Saint-Astier (24) (France)
Sun: 11°54' Cancer AS: 2°03' Scorpio
Moon:16°20' Aquarius MC: 9°58' Leo
Dominants: Aquarius, Cancer, Gemini
Uranus, Pluto, Moon
Houses 9, 3, 8 / Air, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Kendji Girac is 5' 5½" (1m67) tall
Popularity: 85,858 clicks, 199th man, 362nd celebrity
Biography of Kendji Girac

Kendji Girac, born on July 3, 1996 in Saint-Astier in Dordogne (birth time source: Didier Geslain), is a French singer, the winner of The Voice: la plus belle voix, third season (January 11, 2014 - May 10, 2014)....

Born:July 3, 1883
In:Prague (Czech Republic)
Sun: 10°55' Cancer AS: 14°13' Leo
Moon:23°01' Gemini MC: 27°51' Aries
Dominants: Gemini, Cancer, Leo
Mercury, Sun, Mars
Houses 11, 10, 2 / Air, Fire / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 58,552 clicks, 333rd man, 585th celebrity
Biography of Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka (IPA: ) (July 3, 1883 – June 3, 1924) was one of the major German-language fiction writers of the 20th century. A middle-class Jew based in Prague, his unique body of writing — many incomplete and most published posthumously — has become amongst the most influential in Western literature. Kafka's works – including the stories Das Urteil (1913, "The Judgement"), In der Strafkolonie (1920, "In the Penal Colony"); the novella Die Verwandlung ("The Metamorphosis"); and unfinished novels Der Prozess ("The Trial") and Das Schloß ("The Castle") – have come to embody the blend of absurd, surreal and mundane which gave rise to the adjective "kafkaesque". Life Family Kafka was born into a middle-class, German-speaking Jewish family in Prague, the capital of Bohemia. His father...

Born:July 3, 1944
In:Nérac (47) (France)
Sun: 10°51' Cancer AS: 2°30' Pisces
Moon:29°14' Scorpio MC: 16°07' Sagittarius
Dominants: Cancer, Leo, Pisces
Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus
Houses 5, 6, 9 / Water, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Michel Polnareff is 5' 7½" (1m72) tall
Popularity: 45,277 clicks, 470th man, 836th celebrity
Biography of Michel Polnareff

Michel Polnareff, born in Nérac, France on July 3, 1944 (birth time source: Didier Geslain), is a French singer who was very popular from the mid-60s until the early 80s. While his commercial success is considerably smaller nowadays, he is still active and critically respected. Michel was born into an artistic family: his mother, Simone Lane, was a dancer and his father, Leib Polnareff or Léo Poll worked with Édith Piaf. He learned piano by age five and was a very good music student. He learned the guitar, and after his studies, military service, and a brief time in insurance, he began to play his guitar on the steps of the Sacré Cœur. Early Successes In 1965, Polnareff won the Disco Revue prize in Paris. This victory let him record a disc at Barclay, but as part of the countercul...

Born:July 3, 1971
In:Townsville, Queensland (Australia)
Sun: 10°38' Cancer AS: 2°00' Sagittarius
Moon:7°43' Scorpio MC: 19°58' Leo
Dominants: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer
Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn
Houses 12, 7, 1 / Water, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Julian Assange is 6' 1½" (1m87) tall
Popularity: 41,459 clicks, 550th man, 976th celebrity
Biography of Julian Assange

Julian Paul Assange (play /əˈsɑːnʒ/ ə-SAHNZH; born July 3, 1971 in Townsville, Queensland (birth time source: Sy Scholfield, Astrodatabank) is an Australian internet activist, best known as the spokesperson and editor-in-chief for WikiLeaks, a whistleblower website. Before working with the website, he was a physics and mathematics student, hacker, and computer programmer. Assange founded WikiLeaks in 2006 and sits on the website's advisory board. In this capacity, he has come to widespread public attention for his role in the release of classified material documenting the involvement of the United States in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Assange has lived in several countries and has told reporters he is constantly on the move. He makes irregular publ...

Born:July 3, 1979
In:Saint-Cloud (92) (France)
Sun: 10°27' Cancer AS: 19°23' Pisces
Moon:13°55' Libra MC: 25°28' Sagittarius
Dominants: Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra
Neptune, Venus, Jupiter
Houses 4, 7, 6 / Fire, Air / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Earth Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Height: Ludivine Sagnier is 5' 3" (1m60) tall
Popularity: 25,103 clicks, 902nd woman, 2,141st celebrity
Biography of Ludivine Sagnier

Ludivine Sagnier (born 3 July 1979 (birth time source: Didier Excoffon, acte n° 534) is a French actress and model, who has appeared in films since 1989. She was nominated for two César Awards for Best Supporting Actress in Swimming Pool (2003) and Un secret (2007). Personal life Sagnier was born in Saint-Cloud, in the département of Yvelines, France; her mother is a retired secretary and her father is a professor of English at the Paris University. She started taking acting classes at a young age and made her film debut at age 10 in I Want to Go Home and Les maris, les femmes, les amants (both released in 1989). She is a supporter of the Socialist Party in France. She has a daughter, Bonnie, with former partner actor Nicolas Duvauchelle. She is in a relationship with director Kim...

Born:July 3, 1962
In:Fort Worth (TX) (United States)
Sun: 11°37' Cancer AS: 14°14' Capricorn
Moon:6°12' Leo MC: 3°15' Scorpio
Dominants: Leo, Cancer, Scorpio
Sun, Neptune, Saturn
Houses 6, 7, 1 / Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Hunter Tylo is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Popularity: 24,070 clicks, 965th woman, 2,301st celebrity
Biography of Hunter Tylo

Hunter Tylo (born Deborah Jo Hunter on July 3, 1962 in Fort Worth, Texas (birth time source: Stephen Przybylowski, Astrodatabank)) is an American actress of half Cherokee descent. She is also credited as Deborah Morehart; Morehart was the last name of her first husband. She made her career acting on soap operas. She debuted on All My Children as pickpocket Robin McCall in 1985. She met her future husband Michael Tylo on the set; she played his love interest. She left the show in 1987 and married Michael that same year. She insisted that her husband leave his storyline on All My Children, lest she divorce him, as she perceived that series co-star Taylor Miller, who played Tylo's love interest at the time, to be coming on to him in real life; she makes the accusation in her autobiography ...

Born:July 3, 1942
In:Paris (France)
Sun: 10°50' Cancer AS: 17°43' Virgo
Moon:17°16' Pisces MC: 14°27' Gemini
Dominants: Gemini, Virgo, Pisces
Mercury, Moon, Saturn
Houses 10, 9, 7 / Air, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Eddy Mitchell is 6' ½" (1m84) tall
Popularity: 23,992 clicks, 1,340th man, 2,312th celebrity
Biography of Eddy Mitchell

Claude Moine (born July 3, 1942 in Paris (birth time source: Steinbrecher, Lescaut, Astrodatabank)), better known by his stage name Eddy Mitchell, is a French singer and actor. He began his career in the late 1950s, with the group Les Chaussettes Noires (The Black Socks), taking his name from the American expatriate tough-guy actor Eddie Constantine (later the star of Jean-Luc Godard's Alphaville). The band performed at the Parisian nightclub Golf-Drouot before signing to Barclay Records and finding almost instant success; in 1961 it sold two million records. Heavily influenced by American rock & roll, Mitchell (who went solo in 1963) has often recorded outside France, at first in London, but later in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. Guitarist Big Jim Sullivan, Jimmy Page and drummer B...

Born:July 3, 1980
In:Oklahoma City (OK) (United States)
Sun: 11°35' Cancer AS: 15°05' Gemini
Moon:16°16' Pisces MC: 24°14' Aquarius
Dominants: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo
Venus, Neptune, Uranus
Houses 2, 1, 10 / Air, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Olivia Munn is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Popularity: 23,639 clicks, 990th woman, 2,352nd celebrity
Biography of Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn (born Lisa Olivia Munn; July 3, 1980 (birth time source: A forum user pointed to a tweet from her verified Twitter account where she wrote: "My astrology sign is Cancer with Gemini rising....". The time is chosen to give the middle of Gemini; it has to be between 3:40 and 5:30., Astrodatabank)) is an American actress, model, and television personality. She began her career being credited as Lisa Munn. However, since 2006, she has been using the name Olivia Munn personally and professionally. Also since 2006, Munn has been one of the faces of the cable network G4, hosting a number of shows for the network, the most prominent being Attack of the Show!, with co-host Kevin Pereira. Early life Lisa Olivia Munn was born in Oklahoma. She is of Chinese descent on her mother's ...

Born:July 3, 1960
In:South Woodford, Essex (United Kingdom)
Sun: 11°30' Cancer   
Moon:27°38' Libra   
Dominants: Cancer, Libra, Taurus
Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune
Water, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Vince Clarke is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Popularity: 21,569 clicks, 1,612th man, 2,755th celebrity
Biography of Vince Clarke

Vince Clarke (born Vincent John Martin in South Woodford, London, on July 3, 1960) is an English pop musician and songwriter, who has been involved with a number of successful pop groups, including Depeche Mode, Yazoo, The Assembly and Erasure. Raised in Basildon, Essex, Clarke initially studied the violin and then the piano. In the late 1970s Clarke and schoolmate Andrew Fletcher formed the short-lived band "No Romance in China". In 1979 he teamed up with Fletcher to form "French Look", an early incarnation of Depeche Mode which was later re-named "Composition of Sound", following the addition of Martin Gore. Vince Clarke initially handled vocals. Depeche Mode In 1980 singer David Gahan was drafted in to complete the line up and the band was re-named Depeche Mode. The band init...

Born:July 3, 1964
In:Raleigh (NC) (United States)
Sun: 11°46' Cancer   
Moon:22°37' Aries   
Dominants: Cancer, Gemini, Aries
Pluto, Uranus, Neptune
Water, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Dragon
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 21,562 clicks, 1,615th man, 2,760th celebrity
Biography of Peyton Reed

Peyton Reed (born 3 July 1964) is an American television and film director, screenwriter, and actor. Reed was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Reed directed the motion pictures Bring It On, Down with Love, and The Break-Up; all comedy films. He has also acted in small roles in some films including his own and has written a few original songs for his soundtracks. He has also produced a few music videos. Most recently Reed directed Yes Man, starring Jim Carrey. Yes Man is an adaptation of Danny Wallace's autobiography about his decision to say "yes" to whatever offer, invitation, challenge, and opportunity that are presented to him. Reed is divorced and lives in the Los Angeles area. Filmography Feature Films Br...

Born:July 3, 1866
In:Saint-Denis, La Réunion (France)
Sun: 11°22' Cancer AS: 25°21' Capricorn
Moon:16°24' Pisces MC: 20°25' Libra
Dominants: Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus
Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn
Houses 7, 6, 4 / Water, Earth / Cardinal
Numerology: Birthpath 4
Popularity: 21,062 clicks, 1,669th man, 2,848th celebrity
Biography of Ambroise Vollard

Ambroise Vollard (3 July 1866, Saint-Denis, La Réunion (birth time source: Emmanuel Le Bret, Didier Geslain, civil registrar, and also in the biography of Jean Pierre Morel "C'était Ambroise Vollard" Editions Fayard 2007) – 21 July 1939 in Versailles, France) is regarded as one of the most important dealers in French contemporary art at the beginning of the twentieth century. He is credited with providing exposure and emotional support to numerous notable and unknown artists, including Paul Cézanne, Aristide Maillol, Renoir, Louis Valtat, Pablo Picasso, Georges Rouault, Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh. He is also well-known as an avid art collector and publisher. Background Born and raised in a French colony, after his matura (final exams) in La Réunion, he went to study jurispruden...

Born:July 3, 1965
In:Elling (Denmark)
Sun: 11°17' Cancer   
Moon:10°47' Virgo   
Dominants: Virgo, Leo, Cancer
Moon, Saturn, Uranus
Earth, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 4
Height: Connie Nielsen is 5' 10" (1m78) tall
Popularity: 19,488 clicks, 1,357th woman, 3,270th celebrity
Biography of Connie Nielsen

Connie Inge-Lise Nielsen (born July 3, 1965) is a Danish actress. Height 5' 10" (1.78 m) Early life Nielsen was born in Frederikshavn, Denmark, and raised nearby in a small seaside village named Elling. She began her acting career working alongside her mother on the local revue and variety scene. At 18, she travelled to Paris, France where she worked as an actress and model, which led to further work and study in Italy — at drama school in Rome and in master classes with Lydia Styx, a teacher at il Piccolo Teatro di Milano in Milan. She lived in Italy for many years, before moving to the United States, where she still resides. Career Her feature film debut was the French film, Par où t'es rentré? On t'a pas vu sortir in 1984, followed by a role in the Italian mini-series Coll...

Born:July 3, 1948
In:Neuilly-sur-Seine (92) (France)
Sun: 11°39' Cancer AS: 10°25' Sagittarius
Moon:29°50' Taurus MC: 6°59' Libra
Dominants: Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra
Jupiter, Neptune, Venus
Houses 7, 1, 6 / Air, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 18,786 clicks, 2,041st man, 3,493rd celebrity
Biography of Gérard Miller

French psychoanalyst, writer and TV host....

Born:July 3, 1973
In:Norfolk (VA) (United States)
Sun: 11°34' Cancer   
Moon:25°34' Leo   
Dominants: Leo, Aries, Cancer
Mars, Mercury, Venus
Fire, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Height: Patrick Wilson (actor) is 6' 1" (1m85) tall
Popularity: 18,240 clicks, 2,165th man, 3,680th celebrity
Biography of Patrick Wilson (actor)

Patrick Wilson (born July 3, 1973) is a Tony, Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated American theater and film actor and singer. Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m) Wilson was born in Norfolk, Virginia to Mary K. a voice teacher and professional singer, and John Wilson, who works as news anchor for FOX affiliate WTVT in Tampa, Florida (as does Wilson's brother, Mark). Wilson graduated from Shorecrest Preparatory School in St. Petersburg, Florida and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In March 2007, Wilson appeared with his Evening costar Claire Danes in a television commercial for Gap in which the pair dances to the song "Anything You Can Do" from the musical Annie Get Your Gun. In June 2005, Wilson married Polish-American actress Dagmara Dominczyk, also a Carnegie Mellon gra...

Born:July 3, 1987
In:Heppenheim (Germany)
Sun: 10°58' Cancer   
Moon:0°03' Libra   
Dominants: Cancer, Libra, Gemini
Pluto, Venus, Neptune
Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Sebastian Vettel is 5' 9½" (1m76) tall
Popularity: 17,461 clicks, 2,340th man, 3,962nd celebrity
Biography of Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel (German pronunciation: ; born 3 July 1987) is a German Formula One racing driver, currently driving for Red Bull Racing. He is the current World Champion, having won in the 2011 season. In his first year driving for Red Bull in 2009, Vettel finished the season as the youngest-ever championship runner-up. He also secured Red Bull's first pole position and race win in the team's history. The following year he went on to become the youngest driver ever to win the World Drivers' Championship. In the same year he helped Red Bull win the team's first World Constructors' Championship, along with teammate Mark Webber. Vettel is also the youngest Formula One driver to drive at a Grand Prix meeting, at 19 years and 53 days, to score championship points (on his race debut at th...

Born:July 3, 1969
In:Munich (Germany)
Sun: 11°19' Cancer   
Moon:2°08' Pisces   
Dominants: Taurus, Pisces, Virgo
Venus, Neptune, Mercury
Water, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Gedeon Burkhard is 5' 10" (1m78) tall
Popularity: 16,523 clicks, 2,559th man, 4,305th celebrity
Biography of Gedeon Burkhard

Gedeon Burkhard (born July 3, 1969 in Munich, Germany) is a German film and television actor. Although he has appeared in numerous films and TV series in both Europe and the US, he is probably best recognised for his role as Alexander Brandtner in the Austrian/German television series Kommissar Rex (1998-2001), which has been aired on television in numerous countries around the world. He was considered the most handsome man in Germany in 1998. Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m) Gedeon is the son of the famous German actress Elisabeth von Molo and was educated at a boarding school in England. He began his acting career in 1979 in the German TV film Blut und Ehre. His father, Wolfgang Burkhard, is his manager. During the 1990s, he lived in the U.S., working in several productions but without m...

Born:July 3, 1909
In:Athens (Greece)
Sun: 10°51' Cancer AS: 19°09' Libra
Moon:10°19' Capricorn MC: 21°48' Cancer
Dominants: Cancer, Capricorn, Libra
Venus, Neptune, Uranus
Houses 9, 3, 10 / Water, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Popularity: 16,223 clicks, 2,633rd man, 4,424th celebrity
Biography of Stavros Niarchos

Stavros Spyros Niarchos (3 July 1909 – 16 April 1996) was a billionaire Greek shipping tycoon, sometimes known as "The Golden Greek." In 1952, Stavros Niarchos built the first supertankers capable of transporting large quantities of oil, and subsequently earned millions of dollars as global demand for his ships increased. Early life He was born in Athens, son of Spyros Niarchos and his wife, the former Eugenia Coumandaros. His parents were naturalized Americans and had owned a department store in Buffalo, New York before returning to Greece, three months prior to his birth. He studied law at the University of Athens, after which he went to work in the Coumandaros family's grain business. During this period, he became involved in shipping by convincing his relatives that greater profits...

Born:July 3, 1952
In:Brewster (NY) (United States)
Sun: 11°38' Cancer   
Moon:19°18' Scorpio   
Dominants: Cancer, Scorpio, Leo
Saturn, Jupiter, Sun
Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Dragon
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Height: Laura Branigan is 5' 7" (1m70) tall
Popularity: 15,552 clicks, 1,888th woman, 4,700th celebrity
Biography of Laura Branigan

Laura Ann Branigan (July 3, 1952 in Brewster, New York – August 26, 2004 in East Quogue, New York) was an American singer, songwriter, and actress known for her powerful, husky alto singing voice which spanned four octaves. She is best remembered for her 1982 platinum-certified hit Gloria and for the top-5 single Self Control. Branigan is also remembered for the top-10 song Solitaire, and for the No. 1 Adult Contemporary (AC) hit How Am I Supposed to Live Without You, as well as several other U.S. top-40 songs. Branigan also contributed songs to notable motion picture and television soundtracks, including the Grammy and Academy Award-winning Flashdance soundtrack (1983), the Ghostbusters soundtrack (1984), and the Baywatch soundtrack (1994). Her signature song "Gloria" by Umberto Toz...

Event:July 3, 1962
In:Algiers (Algeria)
Sun: 10°57' Cancer AS: 6°00' Virgo
Moon:27°28' Cancer MC: 2°47' Gemini
Dominants: Virgo, Cancer, Gemini
Pluto, Mercury, Mars
Houses 11, 10, 9 / Water, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 15,550 clicks, 85th event
Born:July 3, 1962
In:Charleston (SC) (United States)
Sun: 11°16' Cancer   
Moon:1°37' Leo   
Dominants: Leo, Cancer, Gemini
Saturn, Sun, Venus
Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Thomas Gibson is 6' 2" (1m88) tall
Popularity: 13,420 clicks, 3,530th man, 5,851st celebrity
Biography of Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson (born on July 3, 1962, in Charleston, South Carolina, USA) is an American actor currently starring in the CBS series Criminal Minds, as Agt. Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner, the head of the BAU team. He previously starred in two popular series of the 1990s: the CBS medical drama Chicago Hope as Dr. Danny Nyland from 1994 to 1997, and the ABC sitcom Dharma & Greg as Gregory Clifford Montgomery. Gibson has been married to Cristina Gibson since 1993 and they have three children, sons J.P. (born in 1999) and Travis Carter (born in 2002) and daughter Agatha Marie (born in 2004). He and his family reside in San Antonio, Texas. Filmography I'll Believe You (2007) Criminal Minds (2005-present) (TV series) In From the Night (2005) (TV) Come Away Home (2005) Berkeley (2005) ...

Born:July 3, 1949
In:Grenoble (France)
Sun: 11°33' Cancer AS: 6°10' Aquarius
Moon:18°29' Libra MC: 0°40' Sagittarius
Dominants: Leo, Gemini, Libra
Venus, Jupiter, Uranus
Houses 6, 5, 8 / Air, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 13,404 clicks, 3,536th man, 5,864th celebrity
Biography of Roland Magdane

Roland Magdane is a French humorist and actor, born July 1949 in Grenoble, Isère. Filmography Movies 1980 : Cherchez l'erreur de Serge Korber : Paul 1999 : Les Enfants du marais : Felix 2001 : Un crime au paradis : Le patron du café Le Pacte : François Television 1979 : Collaroshow 1984 : Cocoricocoboy 1987 : Diamonds : René Francour 1989 : Navarro : Dimitri (épisode Le Parfum du danger) 1993 : Les Cordier, juge et flic : Millard (épisode L'Œil du Cyclope) 1997 : Une patronne de charme : Docteur Sabatier 1998 : Une sirène dans la nuit : Jean 1998 : Le Choix d'une mère : Christian 1999 : L'Arlésien : François Ferrand 2001 : Le Regard de l'autre : Antoine Meyer 2001 : Cavalcade : Julien Faraday 2003-2007 : Le Tuteur: François Etchegarray, héros r...

Born:July 3, 1905
In:Atlanta (TX) (United States)
Sun: 10°43' Cancer AS: 27°13' Taurus
Moon:18°10' Cancer MC: 9°06' Aquarius
Dominants: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio
Venus, Jupiter, Moon
Houses 12, 3, 1 / Earth, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Height: J. Erlich is 8' 6" (2m59) tall
Popularity: 13,351 clicks, 3,554th man, 5,897th celebrity
Biography of J. Erlich

J. Erlich, born July 3, 1905 in Atlanta, Texas, was a giant. He worked in the Ringling Brothers Circus. The Ringling Brothers Circus was a circus founded in the United States in 1884. Ringling Brothers Circus eventually joined with the Barnum & Bailey Circus to become "Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, the Greatest Show on Earth". The Circus was founded by seven Ringling brothers, Albert (1852-1916), August (1854-1907), Otto (1858-1911), Alfred T. (1862-1919), Charles (1863-1926), John (1866-1936), and Henry (1869-1918). History The Ringling Brothers Circus began in 1884 in Baraboo, Wisconsin using the title "Yankee Robinson and Ringling Brothers", the only time the Ringlings ever gave themselves second billing. It was a small circus at first, conveyed by wagons, and diffe...

Born:July 3, 1969
In:Orangeburg (SC) (United States)
Sun: 11°31' Cancer   
Moon:5°06' Pisces   
Dominants: Taurus, Pisces, Virgo
Venus, Neptune, Mercury
Earth, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Shawnee Smith is 5' 3" (1m60) tall
Popularity: 12,339 clicks, 2,597th woman, 6,478th celebrity
Biography of Shawnee Smith

Shawnee Rebecca Smith (born July 3, 1969) is an American film and television actress and singer. Smith is best known for her roles as Meg Penny in The Blob (1988), Amanda Young in the Saw films, and as Linda in the CBS sitcom Becker. Smith once fronted the metal band Fydolla Ho, with which she toured the US and the UK. She was half of Smith & Pyle, a desert country-rock band, with actress Missi Pyle. She starred as Jennifer Goodson, the ex-wife of Charlie Goodson (Charlie Sheen), on the FX sitcom Anger Management, which ended in 2014 after 100 episodes; Smith appeared in 94 of the episodes. Early life Smith was born at Orangeburg Regional Hospital, Orangeburg, South Carolina, the second child of Patricia Ann (née Smoak), an oncology nurse, and James H. Smith, a financial planner and ...

Born:July 3, 1423 (Julian cal.)
In:Bourges (18) (France)
Sun: 19°03' Cancer AS: 23°08' Scorpio
Moon:21°52' Taurus MC: 10°30' Virgo
Dominants: Cancer, Virgo, Taurus
Moon, Jupiter, Mercury
Houses 8, 6, 9 / Water, Earth / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 2
Popularity: 12,041 clicks, 4,013th man, 6,695th celebrity
Biography of Louis XI of France

Louis XI (July 3, 1423 – August 30, 1483), called the Prudent (French: le Prudent) and the Universal Spider (Old French: l'universelle aragne) or the Spider King, was the King of France from 1461−83. He was the son of Charles VII of France and Mary of Anjou, a member of the House of Valois, grandson of Charles VI and Isabeau de Bavière and one of the most successful kings of France in terms of uniting the country. His 22-year reign was marked by political machinations, spinning a spider's web of plot and intrigue which earned him his nickname. His scheming and love for intrigue made him many enemies, in particular those who bore the name "Charles": Charles VII, his own father, Charles de Valois, Duc de Berry, his brother, and Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, who was to b...

Born:July 3, 1941
In:Batna (Algeria)
Sun: 11°06' Cancer   
Moon:27°53' Libra   
Dominants: Cancer, Leo, Libra
Mars, Venus, Moon
Fire, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 10,368 clicks, 4,935th man, 8,177th celebrity
Biography of Liamine Zéroual

Liamine Zéroual (born 3 July 1941 in Batna) was President of Algeria from 31 January 1994 to 27 April 1999. He joined the National Liberation Army in 1957, at the age of 16, to fight French rule of Algeria. After independence, he received training in Cairo, Moscow, and Paris. In 1975, he took command of a military school in Batna, then in 1981 of the Cherchell Military Academy. He was then made commander of the Tamanrasset military region in 1982, then the Moroccan border in 1984, then Constantine in 1987. He became a general in 1988, then head of ground forces in 1989. After disagreeing with President Chadli Bendjedid about proposals for army reorganisation, he quit in 1990, and briefly became ambassador to Romania. However, after Bendjedid was deposed by the military coup of January 1...

Born:July 3, 1951
In:Port-au-Prince (Haiti)
Sun: 11°02' Cancer AS: 14°19' Scorpio
Moon:5°20' Cancer MC: 14°57' Leo
Dominants: Cancer, Leo, Scorpio
Pluto, Moon, Sun
Houses 8, 10, 5 / Water, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 9,927 clicks, 5,258th man, 8,696th celebrity
Biography of Jean-Claude Duvalier

Jean-Claude Duvalier (French: ), nicknamed "Bébé Doc" or "Baby Doc" (July 3, 1951 (birth time source: ASTRODATABANK° – October 4, 2014), was the President of Haiti from 1971 until his overthrow by a popular uprising in 1986. He succeeded his father François "Papa Doc" Duvalier as the ruler of Haiti after the latter's death in 1971. After assuming power, he introduced cosmetic changes to his father's regime and delegated much authority to his advisors, though thousands of Haitians were killed or tortured, and hundreds of thousands fled the country. He maintained a notoriously lavish lifestyle (including a state-sponsored US$2 million wedding in 1980), and made millions from involvement in the drug trade and from selling body parts from dead Haitians while poverty among his people remained t...

Born:July 3, 1984
In:Ajax, Ontario (Canada)
Sun: 11°53' Cancer   
Moon:12°22' Virgo   
Dominants: Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo
Moon, Venus, Saturn
Water, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Corey Sevier is 6' 1" (1m85) tall
Popularity: 9,561 clicks, 5,579th man, 9,202nd celebrity
Biography of Corey Sevier

Corey Daniel Sevier (born July 3, 1984 in Ajax, Ontario) is a Canadian actor. He is perhaps best known for his role on the Fox television series North Shore as Gabriel McKay. Sevier first scored a modelling job at the mere age of six months, winning a baby beauty pageant. As a child actor, he notably appeared on the Goosebumps television series A Night in Terror Tower, Cry Of The Cat, and in the theatrical release Summer of the Monkeys. As a teenager, he played the role of Timmy Cabot in the 1997-1998 remake of the Lassie TV series and later starred in the Canadian series 2030 CE as Hart Greyson. He briefly starred in the failed WB series Black Sash before landing his role on North Shore. He starred in the movie Decoys and its sequel Decoys 2: Alien Seduction. He also starred in the 200...

Born:July 3, 1944
In:Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
Sun: 11°44' Cancer AS: 4°40' Capricorn
Moon:11°32' Sagittarius MC: 17°17' Scorpio
Dominants: Cancer, Leo, Capricorn
Saturn, Sun, Venus
Houses 7, 6, 11 / Water, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 9,414 clicks, 5,712th man, 9,408th celebrity
Biography of Paul Young (actor)

Paul Young (born 3 July 1944 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK) is a Scottish television actor. He is the son of the actor John Young. Some of his credits include The Tales of Para Handy, No Job for a Lady, Coronation Street and Still Game. Paul has gone on to find long-lasting fame among the fishing community, fronting a series of fishing TV shows, which began with "Hooked On Scotland" on the BBC in 1991. The show enjoyed somewhat unexpected success, winning a BAFTA for the first series. After two series, the show switched to ITV (Scottish TV), with the name changing to Hooked on Scottish and Paul's brief widening to include trips to fishing hot-spots around the world. In 1999, Paul was hooked by Scottish, and the show - with much the same format of Paul catching fish in lots of interes...

Born:July 3, 1923
In:Quimper (France)
Sun: 10°50' Cancer AS: 7°34' Capricorn
Moon:15°54' Pisces MC: 9°07' Scorpio
Dominants: Cancer, Scorpio, Gemini
Jupiter, Pluto, Sun
Houses 7, 6, 2 / Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 8,985 clicks, 6,135th man, 10,091st celebrity
Biography of Charles Hernu

Charles Hernu (July 3, 1923, Quimper - January 17, 1990) was a French politician, most notably serving as Minister of Defense from 1981-85. Hernu began his career in the national Center from the foreign trade (C.N.C.E.). In 1953, he created the “Club of the Jacobins”, near to the radical left and which supported Pierre Mendès France. On January 2, 1956, he was elected to the French Parliament from the 6th sector of the Seine (Aubervilliers, Saint-Denis, Montreuil, Vincennes), on the Republican Front ticket. After the accession of Charles de Gaulle to the presidency, he lost his seat in Parliament. In 1962, he took part in the founding of the PSU and allied with François Mitterrand. He joined the Socialist Party and, in the 1970s, became the party's specialist on defense affairs, m...

Born:July 3, 1906
In:Saint Petersburg (Russia)
Sun: 10°18' Cancer AS: 11°03' Leo
Moon:28°13' Scorpio MC: 11°30' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Cancer, Scorpio
Venus, Sun, Mercury
Houses 12, 1, 5 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: George Sanders is 6' 3½" (1m92) tall
Popularity: 8,945 clicks, 6,181st man, 10,159th celebrity
Biography of George Sanders

George Sanders (born George Henry Sanders) (July 3, 1906 – April 25, 1972) was an Academy Award-winning English film and television actor. Early life Sanders was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, of British parents. In 1917, at the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, when Sanders was 11, the family returned to Britain and, like his brother, he attended Brighton College, a boys' independent school in Brighton. He then attended Manchester Technical College in Manchester, England. After graduation he worked in an advertising agency. It was there that the company secretary, an aspiring actress named Greer Garson, suggested to him a career in acting. Sanders' lookalike older brother, Tom Conway, was also a movie actor, to whom Sanders later handed over the role of The Falcon in The Falcon's...

Born:July 3, 1950
In:Vítkov (Opava District) (Czech Republic)
Sun: 10°28' Cancer AS: 3°40' Taurus
Moon:21°50' Aquarius MC: 14°40' Capricorn
Dominants: Cancer, Taurus, Gemini
Sun, Uranus, Venus
Houses 3, 6, 2 / Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 8,762 clicks, 6,377th man, 10,471st celebrity
Biography of Jan Zajíc

Jan Zajíc (July 3, 1950 – February 25, 1969) was a Czech student who committed suicide by self-immolation as a political protest. He was a student at the technical college, specializing in railroads, and was also interested in poetry and humanities. In 1969 he took part in a hunger strike and a commemoration ceremony by students for Jan Palach near the statue of Saint Wenceslas in Prague. On the day of the twenty-first anniversary of the Communist takeover (25 February 1969), he travelled to Prague accompanied by three other students. His intention was to warn the public against the forthcoming political "normalization" of the country. He had several letters challenging the people to fight against the Soviet military occupation of the Czechoslovak Republic. Around 1:30 in the afterno...

Born:July 3, 1930
In:Berlin (Germany)
Sun: 10°47' Cancer   
Moon:14°27' Libra   
Dominants: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
Saturn, Moon, Jupiter
Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 8,377 clicks, 6,876th man, 11,240th celebrity
Biography of Carlos Kleiber

Carlos Kleiber (July 3, 1930 - July 13, 2004) was an Austrian-Argentine conductor. Early career Kleiber was born Karl Ludwig Kleiber in Berlin, the son of the Austrian conductor Erich Kleiber and Ruth Goodrich, an American.. In 1935, the Kleiber family emigrated to Buenos Aires, after Erich Kleiber had resigned his post at the Berlin Opera in protest over the Nazi Party's policies. Karl's name became Carlos. As a youth, he had an English governess, grew up in English boarding schools in Argentina and later studied in New York and Zurich. He also composed, sang, and played piano and timpani. While his father noticed his son's musical talents, Erich Kleiber nevertheless dissuaded Carlos from pursuing a musical career: "What a pity the boy is musically talented," wrote his father to a fri...

Born:July 3, 1941
In:Philadelphia (PA) (United States)
Sun: 11°44' Cancer AS: 27°58' Aquarius
Moon:7°24' Scorpio MC: 12°04' Sagittarius
Dominants: Cancer, Aquarius, Taurus
Uranus, Mars, Jupiter
Houses 3, 5, 6 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 8,130 clicks, 4,556th woman, 11,813th celebrity
Biography of Gloria Allred

Gloria Rachel Allred (born Gloria Rachel Bloom on July 3, 1941) is an American lawyer. She is also the mother of Court TV hostess Lisa Bloom. Early life Allred was born in Philadelphia, on July 3, 1941. After high school, she attended the University of Pennsylvania. There she met her first husband and got married. At age 20, she gave birth to a baby whom she named Lisa. Soon after Lisa's birth, Allred and her husband divorced. Unable to collect child support from her former husband, she was forced to return to her parents' home.. A newly single mother, Allred moved back in with her parents and continued her studies in school, graduating with honors with a bachelor's degree in English in 1963. She tried her hand at a variety of jobs before she decided to become a teacher. After taki...

Born:July 3, 1933
In:Nancy (54) (France)
Sun: 11°14' Cancer AS: 26°13' Scorpio
Moon:17°23' Scorpio MC: 16°19' Virgo
Dominants: Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer
Jupiter, Pluto, Moon
Houses 8, 10, 12 / Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 8,071 clicks, 4,598th woman, 11,950th celebrity
Biography of Jocelyne François

Jocelyne François (born 1933 in Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle) is a French writer. She is the author of five lesbian novels, and winner of the Prix Femina. Career François was born in Nancy as the eldest of three children; early on in her schooling she gave evidence of great memory and a gift for writing. After six years in Catholic boarding school, where she met her future partner Marie-Claire Pichaud, she studied philosophy in Nancy and married, more or less for convenience: the two oldest children of this marriage were raised by their father, the youngest by François and her partner. Her partner is a painter, whose artistic sensitivities greatly influenced François, who embarked on a career as a writer. A turning moment was meeting poet René Char in the 1960s. François and Pichaud liv...

Born:July 3, 1960
In:Boulogne-Billancourt (92) (France)
Sun: 11°06' Cancer AS: 25°12' Taurus
Moon:22°02' Libra MC: 27°30' Capricorn
Dominants: Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn
Venus, Saturn, Mercury
Houses 3, 6, 4 / Earth, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Perrine Pelen is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Popularity: 7,947 clicks, 4,696th woman, 12,305th celebrity
Biography of Perrine Pelen

Perrine Pelen (born July 3, 1960 in Boulogne-Billancourt (birth time source: Ed Steinbrecher collection, Astrodatabank, birth certificate)) was a French Alpine skier. Achievements 1980 Olympics – bronze in slalom 1982 World Championships – silver in slalom, silver in alpine combined 1984 Olympics – silver medal in slalom, bronze in the giant slalom 1985 World Championships – gold medal in the slalom Perrine Pelen won 14 competitions in the World Cup. And won the overall slalom World Cup in the 1980 World Cup (second overall in the 1977 World Cup and in the 1978 World Cup World Cup victories Date Location Race 26 January 1977 Crans-Montana Slalom 28 January 1977 Saint-Gervais Slalom 5 March 1977 Sun Valley Slalom 10 December 1977 Cervinia Slalom 8 February ...

Born:July 3, 1854
In:Hukvaldy, Moravia (Czech Republic)
Sun: 11°07' Cancer   
Moon:10°11' Libra   
Dominants: Gemini, Libra, Cancer
Neptune, Saturn, Moon
Air, Water / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 7,862 clicks, 7,789th man, 12,575th celebrity
Biography of Leoš Janacek

Leoš Janáček (Czech pronunciation: ( listen)) (baptised Leo Eugen Janáček) (July 3, 1854 – August 12, 1928), was a Czech composer, musical theorist, folklorist, publicist and teacher. He was inspired by Moravian and all Slavic folk music to create an original, modern musical style. Until 1895 he devoted himself mainly to folkloristic research and his early musical output was influenced by contemporaries such as Antonín Dvořák. His later, mature works incorporate his earlier studies of national folk music in a modern, highly original synthesis, first evident in the opera Jenůfa, which was premiered in 1904 in Brno. The success of Jenůfa (often called the "Moravian national opera") at Prague in 1916 gave Janáček access to the world's great opera stages. Janá...

Born:July 3, 1886
In:Noumea, Nouvelle-Calédonie (France)
Sun: 10°39' Cancer AS: 3°40' Gemini
Moon:21°30' Cancer MC: 9°03' Pisces
Dominants: Gemini, Cancer, Leo
Venus, Pluto, Neptune
Houses 2, 1, 4 / Air, Water / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 7,841 clicks, 7,827th man, 12,632nd celebrity
Biography of Francis Carco

Francis Carco (1886-1958) was a French author, born at Nouméa, New Caledonia. He was a poet, belonging to the Fantaisiste school, a novelist, a dramatist, and art critic for L'Homme libre and Gil Blas. During the War he became aviation pilot at Etampes, after studying at the aviation school there. His works are picturesque, painting as they do the street life of Montmartre, and being written often in the argot of Paris. He has been called the "romancier des apaches." Carco held the ninth seat at Académie Goncourt from 1937-1958. He is buried in Cimetière de Bagneux. He was the author of: Instincts (1911) Jésus-la-Caille (novel, 1914) Les Innocents (1917) Au coin des rues (tales, 1918, 1922) Les Malheurs de Fernande (sequel to Jésus-la-Caille 1918) Les Mystères de la Morgue ou ...

Born:July 3, 1937
In:Zlín (Czech Republic)
Sun: 11°05' Cancer   
Moon:6°13' Taurus   
Dominants: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio
Venus, Moon, Mars
Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 7,720 clicks, 8,088th man, 13,027th celebrity
Biography of Tom Stoppard

Sir Tom Stoppard, OM, CBE (born as Tomáš Straussler on July 3, 1937) is a British Academy Award winning screenwriter and Tony Award winning playwright. Born in Zlín, Czechoslovakia, he is famous for plays such as The Coast of Utopia, Arcadia, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Rock 'N' Roll, and also for co-writing screenplays for Brazil and Shakespeare in Love. Stoppard was born on July 3, 1937 in Zlín, Czechoslovakia and moved to Singapore with other Jews on March 15, 1939, the day the Nazis invaded. In 1941, the family was evacuated to Darjeeling, India, to escape the Japanese invasion of Singapore. His father, Eugene Straussler, remained behind as a British army volunteer, and died in a Japanese prison camp after capture. In India, Stoppard received an English education at the ...

Born:July 3, 1967
In:Amiens (France)
Sun: 10°50' Cancer   
Moon:21°03' Taurus   
Dominants: Cancer, Taurus, Leo
Moon, Neptune, Venus
Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 7,659 clicks, 8,239th man, 13,235th celebrity
Biography of Arnaud Giovaninetti

Arnaud Giovaninetti, born July 2, 1967 in Amiens. He is the son of conductor Reynald Giovaninetti. Filmography (source: ) Rencontre avec un tueur (2008) (TV) (filming) .... Stéphane Hermant Mitterrand à Vichy (2008) (TV) .... Antoine Mauduit Villa Jasmin (2008) (TV) .... Serge Père Mort prématurée (2007) (TV) .... Vincent Valenti "Voici venir l'orage..." (2007) TV mini-series .... Anatole Ratner Affaire Ben Barka, L' (2007) (TV) .... Chtouki Caravaggio (2007) (TV) .... Vincenzo Giustiniani Lettres de la mer rouge (2006) (TV) .... Henry de Monfreid "Dalida" (2005) TV mini-series .... Bruno/Orlando Fautes d'orthographe, Les (2004) .... Gianni Salvadori ... aka Bad Spelling (International: English title) Au secours, j'ai trente ans...

Born:July 3, 1943
In:Essendon (Australia)
Sun: 9°49' Cancer AS: 4°12' Aries
Moon:10°24' Cancer MC: 4°44' Capricorn
Dominants: Cancer, Aries, Gemini
Moon, Mars, Sun
Houses 4, 3, 1 / Fire, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 7,526 clicks, 5,149th woman, 13,704th celebrity
Biography of Judith Durham

Judith Durham, OAM (born Judith Mavis Cock on July 3, 1943, in Essendon, Victoria, Australia) is a jazz singer who became the lead vocalist for the Australian popular folk music group The Seekers in 1963. She left the group in mid 1968 to pursue her solo career. In 1993, Durham began to make sporadic recordings and performances with The Seekers, continuing into the 2000s. Early life Judith Durham was born July 3, 1943, at Essendon, Victoria, Australia to William Alexander Cock DFC, a Navigator and World War II Pathfinder, and his wife Hazel. Durham lived in Hobart, Tasmania where she attended The Fahan School before moving back to Melbourne in 1956. In Melbourne she was educated at Ruyton Girls' School, and following matriculation, enroled at RMIT. Durham at first planned to be a pi...

Born:July 3, 1970
In:Helsinki (Finland)
Sun: 11°04' Cancer   
Moon:8°34' Cancer   
Dominants: Cancer, Libra, Leo
Moon, Uranus, Saturn
Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Height: Teemu Selänne is 6' (1m83) tall
Popularity: 7,503 clicks, 8,613th man, 13,785th celebrity
Biography of Teemu Selänne

Teemu Ilmari Selänne (Finnish pronunciation: ) nicknamed "The Finnish Flash" (born July 3, 1970) is a Finnish professional ice hockey winger with the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League (NHL). An offensive player known for his skill and speed, Selanne has led the NHL in goal-scoring three times and has been named to the league's First All-Star Team on two occasions. He has won the Stanley Cup once with the Ducks in 2007. While playing junior with Finnish club Jokerit, Selanne was selected 10th overall in the 1988 NHL Entry Draft by the Winnipeg Jets. Continuing to play with Jokerit following his draft, he played two-and-a-half seasons in Finland's premier league, the SM-liiga. In 1992–93, he joined the Jets and set NHL records with 76 goals and 132 points, en route to the Calder...

Born:July 3, 1927
In:Southampton (United Kingdom)
Sun: 10°03' Cancer AS: 17°59' Pisces
Moon:24°38' Leo MC: 25°15' Sagittarius
Dominants: Leo, Pisces, Cancer
Neptune, Jupiter, Moon
Houses 6, 1, 4 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Ken Russell is 5' 7½" (1m71) tall
Popularity: 7,465 clicks, 8,712th man, 13,924th celebrity
Biography of Ken Russell

Henry Kenneth Alfred "Ken" Russell (3 July 1927 – 27 November 2011) was an English film director, known for his pioneering work in television and film and for his flamboyant and controversial style. He attracted criticism as being obsessed with sexuality and the church. His films often dealt with the lives of famous composers or were based on other works of art which he adapted loosely. Russell began directing for the BBC, where he made creative adaptations of composers' lives which were unusual for the time. He also directed many feature films independently and for studios. He is best known for his Oscar-winning film Women in Love (1969), The Devils (1971), The Who's Tommy (1975), and the science fiction film Altered States (1980). Classical musicians and conductors held him in high re...

Born:July 3, 1950
In:Paris (France)
Sun: 10°56' Cancer AS: 28°43' Virgo
Moon:28°26' Aquarius MC: 28°23' Gemini
Dominants: Cancer, Virgo, Gemini
Mercury, Uranus, Sun
Houses 10, 1, 5 / Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Height: Elie Chouraqui is 6' ½" (1m84) tall
Popularity: 7,446 clicks, 8,762nd man, 13,992nd celebrity
Biography of Elie Chouraqui

Élie Chouraqui (born July 3, 1950, Paris, France) is a French film director and scriptwriter. Filmography Qu'est-ce qui fait courir David? (1982) Man on Fire (1987) Harrison's Flowers (2000)...

Born:July 3, 1946
In:Kremlin Bicetre (France)
Sun: 10°43' Cancer AS: 7°30' Leo
Moon:5°20' Virgo MC: 18°39' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Virgo, Cancer
Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter
Houses 1, 2, 12 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 7,330 clicks, 5,348th woman, 14,401st celebrity
Biography of Diane Lucifera

Nicole l'Hotellier, best known as Diane Lucifera, born Diane Martin, July 3, 1946 in Kremlin Bicêtre (Val-de-Marne), died in March 1995 (suicide or murder), was a member of "Wicca internationale", an unofficial group of Wicca (IPA: /ˈwɪkə/), a nature-based religion popularised in 1954 by Gerald Gardner, a retired British civil servant. He said that the religion, of which he was an initiate, was a modern revival of an old witchcraft religion which had existed in secret for hundreds of years, originating in the pre-Christian paganism of Europe. The veracity of Gardner's statements cannot be independently proven, however, and it is possible that Wiccan theology began to be compiled no earlier than the 1920s. Various Wiccan traditions have since evolved from that established ...

Born:July 3, 1911
In:Paris 16e (France)
Sun: 10°39' Cancer AS: 9°38' Sagittarius
Moon:14°36' Libra MC: 5°52' Libra
Dominants: Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius
Moon, Jupiter, Venus
Houses 7, 10, 8 / Fire, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 22
Popularity: 7,299 clicks, 9,132nd man, 14,529th celebrity
Biography of Jean Fournier

Jean Fournier, born July 3, 1911 in Paris 16e (birth time source: Didier Geslain, birth certificate) and died July 9, 2003 in Caen (Calvados), was a French musician and violinist. External link (in French):

Born:July 3, 1947
In:Big Spring (TX) (United States)
Sun: 10°59' Cancer AS: 8°58' Libra
Moon:14°39' Capricorn MC: 9°38' Cancer
Dominants: Cancer, Libra, Gemini
Neptune, Sun, Moon
Houses 10, 4, 9 / Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 4
Height: Betty Buckley is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Popularity: 7,134 clicks, 5,608th woman, 15,196th celebrity
Biography of Betty Buckley

Betty Lynn Buckley (born July 3, 1947) is an American theater, film, and television actress, composer and producer. Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m) Early life Buckley was born in Fort Worth, Texas, the daughter of Betty Bob (née Diltz), a dancer and journalist, and Ernest Buckley, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force and dean of engineering. She is the eldest of their four children. She has three brothers - brother Norman Buckley is a movie and television producer. She was crowned "Miss Fort Worth" in 1966 and was runner-up in the Miss Texas competition. Buckley was then invited to perform at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City. For a time she worked as a reporter for the Fort Worth newspaper, but went to New York City in 1969 at the age of 21, where she landed a part in 1776. ...

Born:July 3, 1946
In:Bordeaux (France)
Sun: 11°05' Cancer AS: 20°31' Scorpio
Moon:10°42' Virgo MC: 4°59' Virgo
Dominants: Virgo, Leo, Scorpio
Mars, Moon, Pluto
Houses 10, 9, 8 / Earth, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Fire Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 7,105 clicks, 9,689th man, 15,338th celebrity
Biography of Roger Miremont

Roger Miremont, born July 3, 1946 in Bordeaux, is a French theater, movies and television actor. Filmography (source: Coeur des hommes 2, Le (2007) .... Le psy "Marion Jourdan" .... Richer (1 épisode, 2006) - Tueur de flics (2006) TV Episode .... Richer Équilibre de la terreur, L' (2006) (as Roger Mirmont) .... Marcel Tabard Peindre ou faire l'amour (2005) .... Roger ... autre titre : To Paint or Make Love (International: English title) Mon vrai père (2004) (TV) (as Roger Mirmont) .... Jacques Table rase (2004) (TV) (as Roger Mirmont) .... Hervé "Nestor Burma" .... Commissaire Gallois (1 épisode, 2003) ... autre titre : Une aventure de Nestor Burma (France) - Maquereaux aux vingt planques (2003) TV Episode (as Roger Mirmont) ....

Born:July 3, 1942
In:Quintin (22) (France)
Sun: 10°52' Cancer   
Moon:17°49' Pisces   
Dominants: Gemini, Cancer, Pisces
Moon, Mercury, Jupiter
Water, Air / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 7,093 clicks, 9,730th man, 15,397th celebrity
Biography of René André

René André, born on July 3, 1942 in Quintin (Côtes-d'Armor), is a French politician and a former member of Parliament (1983-2006) ; he was the Mayor of Avranches (1989 - 2001)....

Born:July 3, 1937
In:Deisswil (Switzerland)
Sun: 11°05' Cancer   
Moon:6°13' Taurus   
Dominants: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio
Venus, Moon, Mars
Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 6,991 clicks, 10,043rd man, 15,853rd celebrity
Biography of Peter Stämpfli

Peter Stämpfli, born on July 3, 1937 in Deisswil, is a Swiss painter and pop art artist. Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the mid 1950s in Britain and in the late 1950s in the United States. Pop art presented a challenge to traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular culture such as advertising, news, etc. In Pop art, material is sometimes visually removed from its known context, isolated, and/or combined with unrelated material. The concept of pop art refers not as much to the art itself as to the attitudes that led to it....

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