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Horoscope of celebrities born on November 11

You will find on this page all the celebrity horoscopes for a birth on November 11, sorted by decreasing popularity.


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153 celebrities or events were found for November, 11.

Born:Monday, November 11, 1974
In:Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 18°40' ScorpioAS: 3°07' Libra
Moon:15°44' Libra MC: 3°24' Cancer
Dominants: Libra, Scorpio, Cancer
Pluto, Venus, Moon
Houses 2, 1, 6 / Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Tiger
Numerology: Birth Path 7
Height: Leonardo DiCaprio is 6' (1m83) tall
Pageviews: 1,070,109
Biography of Leonardo DiCaprio (excerpt)

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (born November 11, 1974 (birth time source: birth certificate, Frank C. Clifford )) is an American actor, film producer and environmentalist. He has often played unconventional roles, particularly in biopics and period films. As of 2019, his films have grossed US$7.

Born:Sunday, November 11, 1962
In:Roswell (NM) (United States)
Sun: 19°00' ScorpioAS: 22°25' Pisces
Moon:18°33' Taurus MC: 25°26' Sagittarius
Dominants: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus
Neptune, Moon, Pluto
Houses 8, 6, 2 / Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birth Path 22
Height: Demi Moore is 5' 5" (1m65) tall
Pageviews: 272,481
Biography of Demi Moore (excerpt)

Demi Guynes Kutcher (pron.: /dəˈmiː/ de-MEE; born November 11, 1962 (birth time source: Basil Fearrington, Howard Sheldon, Penfield, from memory)), known professionally as Demi Moore, is an American actress, film producer, film director, former songwriter, and model. Moore dropped out of high school at age 16 to pursue an entertainment career, and posed for a nude pictorial in Oui magazine in 1980.

Born:Sunday, November 11, 1821
In:Moscow (Russia)
Sun: 18°37' ScorpioAS: 11°38' Sagittarius
Moon:10°56' Gemini MC: 18°22' Libra
Dominants: Sagittarius, Aries, Capricorn
Jupiter, Moon, Mercury
Houses 4, 1, 7 / Fire, Air / Cardinal
Numerology: Birth Path 7
Pageviews: 111,008
Biography of Fyodor Dostoyevsky (excerpt)

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky (Russian: Фёдор Миха́йлович Достое́вский, IPA: , sometimes transliterated Dostoyevsky, Dostoievsky, or Dostoevski listen (help·info)) (November 11 1821 – February 9 1881) is considered one of two greatest prose writers of Russian literature, alongside close contemporary Leo Tolstoy.

Born:Wednesday, November 11, 1964
In:Freeport (IL) (United States)
Sun: 19°16' ScorpioAS: 16°25' Sagittarius
Moon:9°26' Aquarius MC: 8°21' Libra
Dominants: Libra, Sagittarius, Virgo
Venus, Jupiter, Pluto
Houses 9, 10, 11 / Air, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Dragon
Numerology: Birth Path 6
Height: Calista Flockhart is 5' 5½" (1m66) tall
Pageviews: 63,884
Biography of Calista Flockhart (excerpt)

Calista Kay Flockhart (born on November 11, 1964) is an Emmy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winning American actress, primarily on soap operas and television. She is best known for her role as the title character in the 1997-2002 television show, Ally McBeal.

Born:Wednesday, November 11, 1885
In:San Gabriel (CA) (United States)
Sun: 19°55' ScorpioAS: 20°26' Gemini
Moon:19°29' Capricorn MC: 0°44' Pisces
Dominants: Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn
Mars, Neptune, Mercury
Houses 6, 4, 12 / Earth, Air / Mutable
Numerology: Birth Path 8
Height: George Patton is 6' 1½" (1m87) tall
Pageviews: 50,554
Biography of George Patton (excerpt)

George Smith Patton Jr. (November 11, 1885 – December 21, 1945) was a leading U.S. Army general in World War II in campaigns in North Africa, Sicily, France, and Germany, 1943–1945. In World War I he was a senior commander of the new tank corps and saw action in France.

Born:Saturday, November 11, 1922
In:Indianapolis (IN) (United States)
Sun: 18°05' ScorpioAS: 5°50' Virgo
Moon:4°40' Leo MC: 1°49' Gemini
Dominants: Scorpio, Leo, Virgo
Mercury, Uranus, Venus
Houses 3, 11, 4 / Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Dog
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Height: Kurt Vonnegut is 6' 2" (1m88) tall
Pageviews: 34,996
Biography of Kurt Vonnegut (excerpt)

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (November 11, 1922 – April 11, 2007) (pronounced /ˈvɒnəgət/) was a prolific and genre-bending American novelist known for works blending satire, black comedy, and science fiction, such as Slaughterhouse-Five (1969), Cat's Cradle (1963), and Breakfast of Champions (1973).

Born:Wednesday, November 11, 1987
In:Staten Island (NY) (United States)
Sun: 18°46' Scorpio  
Moon:28°09' Cancer   
Dominants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra
Moon, Pluto, Jupiter
Water, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rabbit
Numerology: Birth Path 11
Height: Vinny Guadagnino is 5' 7½" (1m71) tall
Pageviews: 33,653
Biography of Vinny Guadagnino (excerpt)

Vinny Guadagnino (born November 11, 1987) is an American reality television personality and actor. He is a cast member on MTV's Jersey Shore. Early life Guadagnino was born and raised in Staten Island, New York, and comes from a traditional Italian-American family. His mother was born in Sicily, and his family's farm is visited during an episode in Jersey Shore's fourth season.

Born:Friday, November 11, 1960
In:Peekskill (NY) (United States)
Sun: 19°19' Scorpio  
Moon:20°46' Leo   
Dominants: Scorpio, Leo, Capricorn
Saturn, Sun, Pluto
Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rat
Numerology: Birth Path 2
Height: Stanley Tucci is 5' 8" (1m73) tall
Pageviews: 29,087
Biography of Stanley Tucci (excerpt)

Stanley Tucci, Jr. (born November 11, 1960) is an American actor, writer, film producer and film director. Life and career Early life Tucci, an Italian American, was born in Peekskill, New York, the son of Joan (née Tropiano), a retired secretary and writer, and Stanley Tucci, Sr.

Born:Friday, November 11, 1966
In:Dublin (Ireland)
Sun: 18°39' Scorpio  
Moon:3°44' Scorpio   
Dominants: Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces
Pluto, Saturn, Uranus
Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Horse
Numerology: Birth Path 8
Height: Alison Doody is 5' 9" (1m75) tall
Pageviews: 26,409
Biography of Alison Doody (excerpt)

Alison Doody (born November 11, 1966 in Dublin, Ireland) is an Irish actress and model. She is a former pupil of Mount Anville Convent in South Dublin. She studied the fine arts in college before veering towards a modelling career. She was very popular as a model in Europe, but was snubbed by American agencies, who thought she was too short.

Born:Sunday, November 11, 1934
In:Nice (06) (France)
Sun: 18°04' ScorpioAS: 14°53' Libra
Moon:9°10' Capricorn MC: 17°51' Cancer
Dominants: Scorpio, Cancer, Libra
Pluto, Venus, Moon
Houses 2, 3, 1 / Water, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Dog
Numerology: Birth Path 3
Pageviews: 24,756
Biography of Nadine Trintignant (excerpt)

Nadine Trintignant (born Nadine Marquand) is a French cineast and author, born in Nice in 1934. She is also a film director, producer, and screenwriter with extensive film credits from the 1960s to the present. She's the sister of Christian Marquand, the wife of Jean-Louis Trintignant(married 1960-1976) and the mother of Marie Trintignant, who was killed in 2003.

Born:Friday, November 11, 1859
In:Selbu, Trondheim (Norway)
Sun: 18°34' Scorpio  
Moon:29°38' Taurus   
Dominants: Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer
Moon, Jupiter, Neptune
Water, Earth / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Height: Belle Gunness is 6' (1m83) tall
Pageviews: 22,567
Biography of Belle Gunness (excerpt)

Belle Sorenson Gunness (born as Brynhild Paulsdatter Størseth, November 11, 1859, Selbu, Norway- probably died circa 1931, Los Angeles, California, United States) was one of America's most profligate known female serial killers. At 6 ft (1.83 m) tall and over 200 lb (91 kg), she was a powerful Norwegian-born woman.

Born:Thursday, November 11, 1948
In:Boston (MA) (United States)
Sun: 18°59' ScorpioAS: 13°11' Scorpio
Moon:19°02' Pisces MC: 23°21' Leo
Dominants: Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius
Pluto, Sun, Jupiter
Houses 1, 2, 9 / Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rat
Numerology: Birth Path 8
Pageviews: 20,986
Biography of Susanna Kaysen (excerpt)

Susanna Kaysen (born 11 November 1948) is an American author. Kaysen was born in Boston and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Kaysen attended high school at the Commonwealth School in Boston and the Cambridge School before being sent to McLean Hospital in 1967 to undergo psychiatric treatment for depression.

Born:Monday, November 11, 1968
In:Nancy (54) (France)
Sun: 19°07' ScorpioAS: 10°45' Capricorn
Moon:27°34' Cancer MC: 13°02' Scorpio
Dominants: Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn
Pluto, Sun, Moon
Houses 8, 10, 7 / Water, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Monkey
Numerology: Birth Path 1
Pageviews: 19,745
Biography of Jérôme Anthony (excerpt)

Jérôme Finkelstejn better known as Jérôme Anthony is a French television presenter. Born in Nancy, France on 11 November 1968 (birth certificate n° 4786, Astrotheme), he has presented many entertainment and reality shows on RTL9, TF1, France 2, Disney Channel, W9 and M6.

Born:Monday, November 11, 1901
In:Berlin (Germany)
Sun: 17°55' ScorpioAS: 11°05' Virgo
Moon:14°31' Scorpio MC: 4°45' Gemini
Dominants: Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo
Mercury, Saturn, Pluto
Houses 3, 4, 10 / Earth, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Ox
Numerology: Birth Path 6
Pageviews: 19,645
Biography of Magda Goebbels (excerpt)

Johanna Maria Magdalena "Magda" Goebbels (11 November 1901 – 1 May 1945) was the wife of Nazi Germany's Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. A prominent member of the Nazi party, she was a close ally and political supporter of Adolf Hitler. As Berlin was being overrun by the Red Army at the end of World War II, she murdered her six children with Goebbels and then committed suicide.

Born:Wednesday, November 11, 1981
In:Tuapse (Russia)
Sun: 18°53' Scorpio  
Moon:10°54' Taurus   
Dominants: Scorpio, Libra, Taurus
Moon, Pluto, Mercury
Earth, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rooster
Numerology: Birth Path 5
Height: Natalie Glebova is 5' 11" (1m80) tall
Pageviews: 18,316
Biography of Natalie Glebova (excerpt)

Natalie Glebova, (born November 11, 1981) is a Russian Canadian beauty queen who has held the title Miss Universe 2005. Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m) Glebova was born in Tuapse, Russia. She is also a classical pianist and has won various regional gymnastic championships.

Born:Saturday, November 11, 1899
In:Montluçon (03) (France)
Sun: 19°12' ScorpioAS: 2°48' Cancer
Moon:5°18' Pisces MC: 4°09' Pisces
Dominants: Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini
Moon, Neptune, Saturn
Houses 6, 10, 12 / Water, Fire / Mutable
Numerology: Birth Path 4
Pageviews: 18,114
Biography of Marcelle Auclair (excerpt)

Marcelle Auclair, born November 11, 1899, was a French writer and journalist. Marcelle Auclair co-founded the magazine Marie Claire. Works Le bonheur est en vous (1951) La pratique du bonheur (1956) "La bonne nouvelle annoncée aux enfants" (1953), "La vie de jaurès" (1954),

Born:Thursday, November 11, 1971
In:Columbus (GA) (United States)
Sun: 18°39' Scorpio  
Moon:9°10' Virgo   
Dominants: Sagittarius, Virgo, Scorpio
Jupiter, Saturn, Mars
Fire, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Pig
Numerology: Birth Path 22
Height: Rhonda Adams is 5' 7" (1m70) tall
Pageviews: 18,045
Biography of Rhonda Adams (excerpt)

Rhonda Adams (born November 11, 1971 in Columbus, Georgia) is an American model and actress. She was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its June 1995 issue. Her centerfold was photographed by Richard Fegley.

Born:Wednesday, November 11, 1433 (Julian cal.)
In:Dijon (21) (France)
Sun: 27°36' ScorpioAS: 26°06' Virgo
Moon:16°07' Scorpio MC: 25°10' Gemini
Dominants: Scorpio, Virgo, Aquarius
Mercury, Venus, Pluto
Houses 3, 5, 11 / Water, Air / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 6
Pageviews: 17,228
Biography of Charles the Bold (excerpt)

Charles the Bold or Charles the Rash (French: Charles le Téméraire), also Charles, Duke of Burgundy (20 November 1433 (11 November New Style) – 5 January 1477) was Duke of Burgundy from 1467 to 1477. Known as Charles the Terrible to his detractors, he was the last Valois Duke of Burgundy and his early death was a pivotal, if under-recognised, moment in European history.

Born:Monday, November 11, 1985
In:Novi Sad (Serbia)
Sun: 19°00' Scorpio  
Moon:2°50' Scorpio   
Dominants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter
Water, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Ox
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Height: Nina Senicar is 5' 9½" (1m76) tall
Pageviews: 16,954
Biography of Nina Senicar (excerpt)

Nina Senicar, born November 11, 1985 in Novi Sad , Serbia, is a Serbian model. She won Miss Yugoslavia in 2001. Nina Senicar graduated from international Economy and she signed a contract with Champion d' Equitazione in years 2001 and 2002.

Born:Saturday, November 11, 1961
In:Rome (Italy)
Sun: 18°43' ScorpioAS: 16°44' Sagittarius
Moon:25°03' Sagittarius MC: 8°25' Libra
Dominants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Jupiter, Moon, Saturn
Houses 2, 10, 1 / Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Ox
Numerology: Birth Path 3
Height: Luca Zingaretti is 5' 5" (1m65) tall
Pageviews: 16,763
Biography of Luca Zingaretti (excerpt)

Luca Zingaretti (born November 11, 1961 is an Italian actor, known for playing Salvo Montalbano in Il commissario Montalbano mystery series based on the character and novels created by Andrea Camilleri. Zingaretti is a native of Rome. He is the older brother of politician Nicola Zingaretti.

Born:Tuesday, November 11, 1958
In:Boimorto, Corogne (Spain)
Sun: 18°33' Scorpio  
Moon:21°10' Scorpio   
Dominants: Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius
Pluto, Mars, Sun
Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Dog
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Pageviews: 16,503
Biography of Luz Casal (excerpt)

Luz Casal (born November 11, 1958 at Boimorto, Galicia) is a Spanish pop singer. She grew up in Asturias, took singing, piano and ballet classes, and moved to Madrid to pursue a career as a musician. She became famous in the early 1980s, and remained as an important figure in Spanish pop music all through said decade and beyond, with her sound gradually maturing towards soft adult pop.

Born:Friday, November 11, 1966
In:Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Sun: 18°51' Scorpio  
Moon:6°47' Scorpio   
Dominants: Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces
Pluto, Saturn, Uranus
Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Horse
Numerology: Birth Path 8
Height: Peaches (musician) is 5' 8" (1m73) tall
Pageviews: 16,057
Biography of Peaches (musician) (excerpt)

Merrill Beth Nisker (born November 11, 1966), better known as Peaches, is a Canadian-born electronic musician and performance artist currently residing in Berlin, Germany, whose songs are noted for questioning traditional gender norms and use of sexually explicit lyrics. Her songs have been featured in movies such as Mean Girls, Waiting.

Born:Monday, November 11, 1907
In:Toulouse (31) (France)
Sun: 18°17' ScorpioAS: 11°45' Cancer
Moon:6°38' Aquarius MC: 18°03' Pisces
Dominants: Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces
Neptune, Saturn, Uranus
Houses 5, 8, 1 / Water, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Goat
Numerology: Birth Path 3
Pageviews: 16,022
Biography of Raymond Abellio (excerpt)

Raymond Abellio is the pseudonym of French writer Georges Soulès. He was born November 11, 1907 in Toulouse, and died August 26, 1986 in Nice. Abellio went to the Ecole Polytechnique and then took part in the X-Crise Group. He advocated far-left ideas, but like many other technocrats, he joined the Vichy regime during the Second World War and became in 1942 a member of Eugène Deloncle's far-right MSR party.

Born:Friday, November 11, 1729
In:Paris (France)
Sun: 19°08' Scorpio  
Moon:21°06' Cancer   
Dominants: Libra, Scorpio, Cancer
Moon, Venus, Pluto
Water, Air / Cardinal
Numerology: Birth Path 5
Pageviews: 15,800
Biography of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville (excerpt)

Louis-Antoine, comte de Bougainville (November 11, 1729 Paris - August 31, 1811 Paris) was a French navigator and military commander. Early career Bougainville was born in Paris, the son of a notary, on either 11 or 12 November 1729. In early life, he studied law, but soon abandoned the profession, and in 1753 entered the army in the corps of musketeers.

Born:Sunday, November 11, 1945
In:La Libertad, Chontales (Nicaragua)
Sun: 18°36' ScorpioAS: 2°27' Libra
Moon:29°13' Capricorn MC: 2°15' Cancer
Dominants: Libra, Cancer, Capricorn
Venus, Neptune, Moon
Houses 1, 4, 10 / Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Rooster
Numerology: Birth Path 5
Pageviews: 15,653
Biography of Daniel Ortega (excerpt)

José Daniel Ortega Saavedra (born 11 November 1945) is a Nicaraguan revolutionary and politician serving as President of Nicaragua since 2007. Previously he was leader of Nicaragua from 1979 to 1990, first as coordinator of the Junta of National Reconstruction (1979–1985) and then as President of Nicaragua (1985–1990).

Born:Sunday, November 11, 1928
In:Panama City (Panama)
Sun: 19°04' Scorpio  
Moon:11°33' Scorpio   
Dominants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Cancer
Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury
Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Dragon
Numerology: Birth Path 6
Pageviews: 14,606
Biography of Carlos Fuentes (excerpt)

Carlos Fuentes Macías (November 11, 1928 – May 15, 2012) was a Mexican writer and one of the best-known novelists and essayists in the Spanish-speaking world. Among his most celebrated works are: The Death of Artemio Cruz (1962), Aura (1962), The Old Gringo (1985) and Christopher Unborn (1987).

Born:Saturday, November 11, 1944
In:Paris 8e (France)
Sun: 19°24' ScorpioAS: 11°40' Leo
Moon:4°35' Libra MC: 25°05' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Scorpio, Libra
Pluto, Sun, Mars
Houses 4, 3, 1 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Monkey
Numerology: Birth Path 22
Pageviews: 14,559
Biography of Marie-France Stirbois (excerpt)

Marie-France Stirbois is a French politician of the Front National, a French far-right, nationalist political party.

Born:Sunday, November 11, 1951
In:Salt Lake City (UT) (United States)
Sun: 18°35' Scorpio  
Moon:26°43' Aries   
Dominants: Libra, Aries, Scorpio
Saturn, Pluto, Venus
Fire, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rabbit
Numerology: Birth Path 2
Pageviews: 14,112
Biography of Kim Peek (excerpt)

Kim Peek (born November 11, 1951), is a savant though he is not autistic. He has a photographic or eidetic memory and developmental disabilities, possibly resulting from congenital brain abnormalities. He was the inspiration for the character of Raymond Babbit, played by Dustin Hoffman, in the movie Rain Man.

Born:Sunday, November 11, 1979
In:Sombor (Serbia)
Sun: 18°27' Scorpio  
Moon:16°00' Leo   
Dominants: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Sun, Uranus, Mars
Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Goat
Numerology: Birth Path 3
Height: Radivoje Bukvic is 6' 3" (1m91) tall
Pageviews: 14,106
Biography of Radivoje Bukvic (excerpt)

Radivoje Bukvic (or Rasha Bukvic) , born November 11, 1979 in Sombor, is a Serbian actor. Filmography (source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1366568/ ) Largo Winch (2008) (post-production) . Goran Femme invisible, La (2008) (post-production) . Jean "Cour des grands, La" . Vlad (1 episode, 2008) - Félix (2008) TV episode (as Rasha Bukvic) .

Born:Thursday, November 11, 1869
In:Naples (Italy)
Sun: 19°34' ScorpioAS: 7°13' Leo
Moon:28°00' Aquarius MC: 24°39' Aries
Dominants: Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius
Neptune, Sun, Mars
Houses 4, 5, 8 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 1
Height: Victor Emmanuel III of Italy is 5' (1m53) tall
Pageviews: 13,901
Biography of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy (excerpt)

Victor Emmanuel III (Italian: Vittorio Emanuele III; 11 November 1869 (birth time source: Sy Scholfield, News report) – 28 December 1947) was a member of the House of Savoy and King of Italy (29 July 1900 – 9 May 1946). In addition, he was Emperor of Ethiopia (1936–43) and King of Albania (1939–43).

Born:Tuesday, November 11, 1952
In:Luebo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Sun: 19°00' Scorpio  
Moon:8°29' Virgo   
Dominants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Mars, Pluto, Jupiter
Earth, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Dragon
Numerology: Birth Path 3
Height: Kama Sywor Kamanda is 6' 5" (1m95) tall
Pageviews: 13,893
Biography of Kama Sywor Kamanda (excerpt)

Kama Sywor KAMANDA is an award-winning Congolese French-speaking writer, poet, novelist, playwright, speaker, essayist and storyteller from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is also a committed intellectual who contributes to the evolution of ideas and the history of Africa.

Born:Monday, November 11, 1935
In:Kungsholmen, Stockholm (Sweden)
Sun: 18°08' Scorpio  
Moon:29°29' Taurus   
Dominants: Taurus, Scorpio, Libra
Jupiter, Moon, Venus
Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Pig
Numerology: Birth Path 22
Height: Bibi Andersson is 5' 5½" (1m66) tall
Pageviews: 13,703
Biography of Bibi Andersson (excerpt)

Berit Elisabeth Andersson (11 November 1935 – 14 April 2019), known professionally as Bibi Andersson (Swedish: ), was a Swedish actress who was best known for her frequent collaborations with filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. In the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, Andersson starred in ten motion pictures and three television films directed by Bergman.

Born:Tuesday, November 11, 1986
In:Montpellier (34) (France)
Sun: 18°48' ScorpioAS: 1°59' Aquarius
Moon:21°15' Pisces MC: 26°31' Scorpio
Dominants: Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces
Mercury, Pluto, Sun
Houses 9, 1, 2 / Water, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Tiger
Numerology: Birth Path 1
Height: François Trinh-Duc is 6' 1" (1m86) tall
Pageviews: 13,440
Biography of François Trinh-Duc (excerpt)

François Trinh-Duc (born 11 November 1986 in Montpellier, Hérault, France (birth time source: Astrotheme, civil registrar, birth certificate n°5169)) is a rugby union player for Montpellier Hérault RC in France's top division of rugby union, the Top 14. Trinh-Duc's regular position is at fly-half or outside centre

Born:Wednesday, November 11, 1863
In:Paris 2e (France)
Sun: 18°45' ScorpioAS: 11°29' Aries
Moon:22°26' Scorpio MC: 4°54' Capricorn
Dominants: Scorpio, Libra, Aries
Saturn, Venus, Mars
Houses 7, 6, 12 / Water, Air / Cardinal
Numerology: Birth Path 22
Pageviews: 13,232
Biography of Paul Signac (excerpt)

Paul Signac (November 11, 1863 (birth time source: Arno Müller) - August 15, 1935) was a French neo-impressionist painter who, working with Georges Seurat, helped develop the pointillist style. Paul Victor Jules Signac was born in Paris on November 11, 1863 He started his career in architecture, but he abandoned this at the age of 18 to pursue a career as a painter.

Born:Wednesday, November 11, 1925
In:Dayton (OH) (United States)
Sun: 19°11' ScorpioAS: 20°11' Cancer
Moon:27°39' Virgo MC: 2°28' Aries
Dominants: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio
Moon, Pluto, Jupiter
Houses 5, 3, 6 / Water, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Ox
Numerology: Birth Path 3
Height: Jonathan Winters is 5' 11" (1m80) tall
Pageviews: 13,127
Biography of Jonathan Winters (excerpt)

Jonathan Harshman Winters III (November 11, 1925 (birth time source: Bob Jansky,, birth certificate) – April 11, 2013) was an American comedian, actor, author, television host, and artist. Beginning in 1960, Winters recorded many classic comedy albums for the Verve Records label.

Born:Friday, November 11, 1983
In:Munich (Germany)
Sun: 18°41' ScorpioAS: 27°29' Taurus
Moon:7°53' Aquarius MC: 29°38' Capricorn
Dominants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra
Venus, Mercury, Moon
Houses 6, 10, 7 / Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Pig
Numerology: Birth Path 7
Height: Philipp Lahm is 5' 7" (1m70) tall
Pageviews: 12,797
Biography of Philipp Lahm (excerpt)

Philipp Lahm (born 11 November 1983 (birth time source: Jannis Okun, astroarena.org)) is a German footballer who plays for and captains both Bayern Munich and the Germany national football team. Lahm is considered one of the best full backs in the world, and was included in the World Cup team of the tournament in 2006 and 2010, the UEFA Team of the Tournament in 2008 and 2012 and in the FIFA Team of the Year 2008.

Born:Friday, November 11, 1898
In:Paris 1er (France)
Sun: 19°14' ScorpioAS: 10°28' Pisces
Moon:17°21' Libra MC: 21°33' Sagittarius
Dominants: Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra
Neptune, Venus, Pluto
Houses 9, 7, 4 / Fire, Air / Mutable
Numerology: Birth Path 3
Pageviews: 12,575
Biography of René Clair (excerpt)

René Clair (November 11, 1898 in Paris (birth time source: Didier Geslain, birth certificate n° 846/CR – March 15, 1981) was a French filmmaker and author. He first established his reputation in the 1920s as a director of silent films in which comedy was often mingled with fantasy.

Born:Tuesday, November 11, 1642
In:Paris (France)
Sun: 19°14' Scorpio  
Moon:15°22' Cancer   
Dominants: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces
Moon, Uranus, Pluto
Water, Earth / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 8
Pageviews: 12,247
Biography of André-Charles Boulle (excerpt)

André-Charles Boulle (11 November 1642 – 28 February 1732), was the French cabinetmaker who is generally considered to be the preeminent artist in the field of marquetry. His fame in marquetry led to his name being given to a fashion of inlaying known as Boulle (or, in 19th-century Britain, Buhl work).

Born:Tuesday, November 11, 1952
In:Helsinki (Finland)
Sun: 18°48' ScorpioAS: 18°31' Scorpio
Moon:6°09' Virgo MC: 18°06' Virgo
Dominants: Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius
Sun, Pluto, Jupiter
Houses 1, 9, 2 / Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Dragon
Numerology: Birth Path 3
Pageviews: 12,139
Biography of Antero Alli (excerpt)

Antero Alli, born November 11, 1952 in Helsinki, is an astrologer, author and journalist of American and Finnish descent.

Born:Monday, November 11, 1946
In:Bergamo (Italy)
Sun: 18°37' ScorpioAS: 28°10' Aries
Moon:21°10' Gemini MC: 13°41' Capricorn
Dominants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries
Mars, Saturn, Pluto
Houses 7, 8, 5 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Dog
Numerology: Birth Path 6
Pageviews: 11,637
Biography of Federico Fachinetti (excerpt)

Federico Fachinetti, born November 11, 1946 in Bergamo, is an Italian entrepreneur, former husband of Italian actress Ornella Muti.

Born:Monday, November 11, 1991
In:Třebíč (Czech Republic)
Sun: 18°33' Scorpio  
Moon:14°43' Capricorn   
Dominants: Scorpio, Capricorn, Libra
Pluto, Venus, Neptune
Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Goat
Numerology: Birth Path 6
Height: Jitka Válková is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Pageviews: 11,507
Biography of Jitka Válková (excerpt)

Jitka Válková, born on November 11, 1991 in Třebíč, is a Czech beauty pageant contestant from Třebíč who won Česká Miss 2010 on March 20, 2010. Early life She is student of Catholic Grammar School, Třebíč Jitka. Válková became the 6th Česká Miss and was crowned by Iveta Lutovská, Česká Miss 2009.

Born:Wednesday, November 11, 1987
In:Yokohama, Kanagawa (Japan)
Sun: 18°11' Scorpio  
Moon:21°10' Cancer   
Dominants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra
Moon, Pluto, Jupiter
Water, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rabbit
Numerology: Birth Path 11
Height: Yuya Tegoshi is 5' 7" (1m70) tall
Pageviews: 11,440
Biography of Yuya Tegoshi (excerpt)

Yuya Tegoshi (手越祐也, Tegoshi Yūya.) is a member of the J-pop group NEWS and the subgroup Tegomass, both under Johnny & Associates. Profile * Birthday: 1987 November 11 (Age 22) * Hometown: Yokohama, Kanagawa * Blood Type: B * Star Sign: Scorpio * Height: 1.

Born:Monday, November 11, 1991
In:Wildomar (CA) (United States)
Sun: 19°01' ScorpioAS: 22°00' Pisces
Moon:20°11' Capricorn MC: 25°12' Sagittarius
Dominants: Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces
Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter
Houses 8, 11, 10 / Water, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Goat
Numerology: Birth Path 6
Height: Christa B. Allen is 5' 5" (1m65) tall
Pageviews: 11,120
Biography of Christa B. Allen (excerpt)

Christa Brittany Allen (born November 11, 1991) is an American actress, best known for her role as Charlotte Grayson on the ABC drama series Revenge. Early life Christa Brittany Allen was born in Wildomar, California. She is the youngest of five siblings, with four elder brothers as well as four elder stepbrothers.

Born:Saturday, November 11, 1972
In:Rome (Italy)
Sun: 19°17' ScorpioAS: 29°10' Pisces
Moon:19°12' Capricorn MC: 29°34' Sagittarius
Dominants: Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter
Houses 7, 10, 8 / Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Rat
Numerology: Birth Path 5
Height: Alessia Marcuzzi is 5' 11" (1m80) tall
Pageviews: 10,978
Biography of Alessia Marcuzzi (excerpt)

Alessia Marcuzzi (born November 11, 1972 in Rome) is an Italian television host and actress. Biography Born in Rome, she has debuted in Telemontecarlo hosting Attenti al dettaglio and then Qui si gioca, with Josè Altafini, in the 1991/1992 season. In march 1992 also presented the kids show Amici mostri.

Born:Saturday, November 11, 1911
In:Santiago (Chile)
Sun: 18°09' ScorpioAS: 17°15' Aquarius
Moon:26°38' Cancer MC: 11°28' Scorpio
Dominants: Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius
Sun, Uranus, Moon
Houses 10, 6, 4 / Water, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Pig
Numerology: Birth Path 7
Pageviews: 10,784
Biography of Roberto Matta (excerpt)

Roberto Antonio Sebastián Matta Echaurren (November 11, 1911, Santiago, Chile (birth time source: email) – November 23, 2002), usually known as Matta, was one of Chile's and France's and America's best-known painters and a seminal figure in 20th century art. Born in Santiago, he initially studied architecture at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago, but became disillusioned with this occupation and left for Paris in 1933.

Born:Saturday, November 11, 1882
In:Stockholm (Sweden)
Sun: 19°10' ScorpioAS: 16°07' Gemini
Moon:26°50' Scorpio MC: 27°52' Capricorn
Dominants: Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini
Mercury, Saturn, Venus
Houses 6, 12, 7 / Water, Earth / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 5
Pageviews: 10,617
Biography of Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden (excerpt)

Gustaf VI Adolf (Oskar Fredrik Vilhelm Olaf Gustaf Adolf) (11 November 1882 - 15 September 1973) was King of Sweden from 1950 until his death. He was the eldest son of King Gustaf V and his wife Victoria of Baden. He was born in Stockholm and at birth created Duke of Skåne.

Born:Tuesday, November 11, 1941
In:Porto (Portugal)
Sun: 18°38' ScorpioAS: 20°29' Sagittarius
Moon:9°26' Leo MC: 12°34' Libra
Dominants: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Mars, Jupiter, Venus
Houses 3, 8, 7 / Fire, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Snake
Numerology: Birth Path 1
Pageviews: 10,614
Biography of Fernando Ribeiro de Mello (excerpt)

Fernando Ribeiro Bento de Mello, born on November 11, 1941 in Porto, died on February 27, 1992, was a Portuguese poet and writer. Publications (extract) Lista de publicações Na Colecção Afrodite: - Kama-Sutra: Manual do Erotismo Hindú, séc. v d. c. - Vatsyayana, 1965 - Antologia de Poesia Portuguesa Erótica e Satírica: dos cancioneiros medievais à actualidade – Selecção, prefácio e notas de Natália Correia e ilustrações de Artur do Cruzeiro Seixas, 1966

Born:Sunday, November 11, 1962
In:Plymouth (United Kingdom)
Sun: 18°37' Scorpio  
Moon:12°44' Taurus   
Dominants: Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo
Moon, Pluto, Mercury
Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birth Path 22
Height: Judi Trott is 5' 7½" (1m71) tall
Pageviews: 10,602
Biography of Judi Trott (excerpt)

Judi Trott (born 11 November 1962, in Plymouth) is an English actress, best known for her portrayal of the Lady Marion of Leaford in the popular 1980s series Robin of Sherwood. Trott started her career as a ballet dancer, having attended the Royal Ballet School in England.

Born:Saturday, November 11, 1978
In:São Paulo (Brazil)
Sun: 18°50' ScorpioAS: 10°30' Aquarius
Moon:9°01' Aries MC: 7°21' Scorpio
Dominants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Uranus, Jupiter, Venus
Houses 10, 6, 3 / Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Horse
Numerology: Birth Path 11
Pageviews: 10,586
Biography of Jane Canoletti (excerpt)

Jane Canoletti, born November 11, 1978 in São Paulo, is a Brazilian model and actress.

Born:Monday, November 11, 1974
In:Pawtucket (RI) (United States)
Sun: 18°55' Scorpio  
Moon:19°22' Libra   
Dominants: Scorpio, Libra, Pisces
Sun, Jupiter, Neptune
Water, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Tiger
Numerology: Birth Path 7
Pageviews: 10,474
Biography of Jon B. (excerpt)

Jon B. (born Jonathan David Buck November 11, 1974 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA) is a Grammy nominated American R&B singer and songwriter. Brought up in Rhode Island, Buck was born to a musical family, with his father David a professor of music, his mother Linda, a concert pianist and his siblings Deborah, a violinist and his brother Kevin, a cellist.

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