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Find out the dominant Elements in your chart

The correct way to interpret an astrological chart is to consider it in its entirety. It is the astrologer's job to carry out this synthesis work. One of the tools used, known as « the Dominants », is based on planets, elements, houses, signs etc.

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Astrotheme computes and delineates 11 different dominants - as well as the classical interpretation of the chart - positions, aspects, rulerships, etc.

In the application we offer, you can find out the dominant « Elements » of your natal chart, i.e., discover the proportions in which Fire, Air, Earth or Water are represented and what they mean.

You could also be interested in our method to calculate the dominant elements and other dominants.

N.B.: for the city of birth, just enter the first letters of the name of the city (nothing else), then select it, and click Next.