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Born:Friday, May 29, 1908
In:Phnom-Penh (Cambodia)
Sun: 7°24' Gemini   
Moon:26°15' Taurus   
Dominants: Gemini, Cancer, Taurus
Mercury, Venus, Uranus
Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 8,383 clicks, 12,484th man, 19,502nd celebrity
Biography of René-Jacques (excerpt)

René-Jacques, born René Giton on May 29, 1908 in Phnom Penh, died on July 6, 2003 in Torcy, was a French photographer.

Born:Monday, May 29, 1939
In:Albuquerque (NM) (United States)
Sun: 7°21' Gemini AS: 21°36' Cancer
Moon:24°36' Libra MC: 7°43' Aries
Dominants: Aries, Cancer, Taurus
Jupiter, Pluto, Mars
Houses 11, 4, 10 / Air, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Popularity: 8,190 clicks, 13,132nd man, 20,433rd celebrity
Biography of Al Unser (excerpt)

Alfred Unser (born May 29, 1939 in Albuquerque, New Mexico) is a former American automobile racing driver, the younger brother of Bobby Unser and father of Al Unser, Jr. He is the second of three men to have won the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race four times, the fourth of five to have won the race in consecutive years, and is the only person to have both a sibling (Bobby) and child (Al Jr.

Born:Wednesday, May 29, 1963
In:Littlefield (TX) (United States)
Sun: 8°00' Gemini AS: 19°51' Sagittarius
Moon:6°57' Virgo MC: 6°05' Libra
Dominants: Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius
Jupiter, Venus, Sun
Houses 5, 9, 6 / Earth, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Lisa Whelchel is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Popularity: 8,122 clicks, 7,417th woman, 20,788th celebrity
Biography of Lisa Whelchel (excerpt)

Lisa Diane Whelchel (born May 29, 1963 (birth time source: family source, birth certificate sent) is an American actress, singer-songwriter, author, and speaker known for her appearances as a Mouseketeer on The New Mickey Mouse Club and her nine-year role as the preppy and wealthy Blair Warner on The Facts of Life.

Born:Thursday, May 29, 1980
In:Izmir (Turkey)
Sun: 8°06' Gemini   
Moon:1°32' Sagittarius   
Dominants: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius
Mercury, Jupiter, Moon
Air, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 8,082 clicks, 7,467th woman, 20,980th celebrity
Biography of Petek Dinçöz (excerpt)

Petek Dinçöz, born on May 29, 1980 in Izmir, is a Turkish model, singer, dancer, actress, and TV host. Discography 2001 : Bende Kaldı (C'est resté en moi) 2002 : Aşkın Tam Sırası (Le moment de l'amour) 2003 : Sen Değmezsin (Tu ne le vaut pas) 2004 : Şaka Gibi (Comme une blague) 2005 : Doktor Tavsiyesi (Conseil de docteur) 2006 : Kördüğüm (Boucle) 2006 : Remixlere Nonstop İstanbul Geceleri (Avec les remix non-stop des soirées d'Istanbul) 2007 : Yolun Açık Olsun (Bonne Route)

Born:Tuesday, May 29, 1894
In:Vienna (Austria)
Sun: 8°01' Gemini   
Moon:26°41' Pisces   
Dominants: Gemini, Pisces, Libra
Mercury, Neptune, Mars
Air, Water / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Josef von Sternberg is 5' 5" (1m65) tall
Popularity: 8,011 clicks, 13,761st man, 21,338th celebrity
Biography of Josef von Sternberg (excerpt)

Josef von Sternberg aka Jonas Sternberg (29 May 1894 – 22 December 1969) was an Austrian-American film director. He is one of the earliest examples of 'auteur' filmmakers, and practised many other skills while making his films including cinematographer, writer, and editor.

Born:Friday, May 29, 1716
In:Montbard (21) (France)
Sun: 8°05' Gemini   
Moon:23°59' Virgo   
Dominants: Gemini, Virgo, Cancer
Mercury, Saturn, Sun
Air, Earth / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 4
Popularity: 7,959 clicks, 13,967th man, 21,637th celebrity
Biography of Louis Jean-Marie Daubenton (excerpt)

Louis-Jean-Marie Daubenton (May 29, 1716 – December 31, 1799) was a French naturalist. Daubenton was born at Montbard (Côte d'Or). His father, Jean Daubenton, a notary, intended him for the church, and sent him to Paris to study theology, but Louis-Jean-Marie was more interested in medicine.

Born:Friday, May 29, 1981
In:Evanston (IL) (United States)
Sun: 8°13' Gemini   
Moon:15°08' Aries   
Dominants: Libra, Gemini, Aries
Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter
Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Anders Holm is 6' 4" (1m93) tall
Popularity: 7,801 clicks, 14,589th man, 22,500th celebrity
Biography of Anders Holm (excerpt)

Anders Holm (born May 29, 1981) is an American comedy writer and one of the stars and creators of the Comedy Central show Workaholics. Originally from Evanston, Illinois, Holm graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he was also a member of the swim team, and the Second City Conservatory in Los Angeles.

Born:Saturday, May 29, 1976
In:Tokyo (Japan)
Sun: 7°52' Gemini   
Moon:8°27' Gemini   
Dominants: Gemini, Taurus, Leo
Sun, Mercury, Moon
Air, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Fire Dragon
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Height: Yusuke Iseya is 5' 11" (1m80) tall
Popularity: 7,779 clicks, 14,669th man, 22,615th celebrity
Biography of Yusuke Iseya (excerpt)

Yusuke Iseya (伊勢谷 友介 ,Iseya Yūsuke.) (born 29 May 1976) is a Japanese actor. He was born in Tokyo, Japan. With his modeling career (Japan), Yusuke is known in instances for: Loreal (Japan), Men's Nonno Magazine, Prada (Milan), and Asahi Aqua Blue respectively.

Born:Saturday, May 29, 1627
In:Paris (France)
Sun: 7°37' Gemini   
Moon:0°28' Sagittarius   
Dominants: Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Mercury, Jupiter, Moon
Air, Fire / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 7,773 clicks, 7,961st woman, 22,661st celebrity
Biography of Anne Marie Louise d'Orléans (excerpt)

Anne Marie Louise d'Orléans, Duchess of Montpensier, (29 May 1627 – 5 April 1693) known as La Grande Mademoiselle, was the eldest daughter of Gaston d'Orléans, and his first wife Marie de Bourbon. One of the greatest heiresses in history, she died unmarried and childless, leaving her vast fortune to her cousin, Philippe of France.

Born:Wednesday, May 29, 1974
In:Chicago (IL) (United States)
Sun: 7°57' Gemini   
Moon:23°00' Virgo   
Dominants: Cancer, Virgo, Gemini
Mercury, Uranus, Moon
Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 7,634 clicks, 15,305th man, 23,500th celebrity
Biography of Aaron McGruder (excerpt)

Aaron McGruder (born May 29, 1974) is an American cartoonist best known for writing and drawing The Boondocks, a Universal Press Syndicate comic strip about two young African American brothers from inner-city Chicago now living with their grandfather in a sedate suburb, as well as being the creator and executive producer of The Boondocks TV series based on his strip.

Born:Tuesday, May 29, 1979
In:Fairfax (VA) (United States)
Sun: 7°41' Gemini   
Moon:20°50' Cancer   
Dominants: Gemini, Taurus, Cancer
Moon, Mercury, Uranus
Earth, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Height: Brian Kendrick is 5' 8" (1m73) tall
Popularity: 7,572 clicks, 15,573rd man, 23,860th celebrity
Biography of Brian Kendrick (excerpt)

Brian David Kendrick (born May 29, 1979) is an American professional wrestler currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment performing on its SmackDown brand as The Brian Kendrick. Billed height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) Billed weight 184 lb (83 kg/13.1 st) Kendrick has wrestled for numerous promotions in his career.

Born:Saturday, May 29, 1982
In:La Tronche (38) (France)
Sun: 7°43' Gemini   
Moon:2°26' Virgo   
Dominants: Gemini, Libra, Virgo
Mercury, Moon, Sun
Air, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Height: Geoffroy Messina is 6' 2½" (1m89) tall
Popularity: 7,512 clicks, 15,879th man, 24,286th celebrity
Biography of Geoffroy Messina (excerpt)

Geoffroy Messina, born May 29, 1982 in La Tronche (Isère), is a French rugby player.

Born:Tuesday, May 29, 1945
In:Hackney, London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 7°39' Gemini   
Moon:4°31' Capricorn   
Dominants: Gemini, Aries, Taurus
Neptune, Mars, Mercury
Earth, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Gary Brooker is 5' 11" (1m80) tall
Popularity: 7,419 clicks, 16,318th man, 24,918th celebrity
Biography of Gary Brooker (excerpt)

Gary Brooker, MBE, (born 29 May 1945) is an English singer, songwriter, pianist and founder of the rock band Procol Harum. Brooker was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen's Birthday Honours on 14 June 2003, in recognition of his charitable services.

Born:Wednesday, May 29, 1912
In:Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 8°02' Gemini   
Moon:24°49' Scorpio   
Dominants: Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio
Venus, Uranus, Jupiter
Earth, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Iris Adrian is 5' 4" (1m63) tall
Popularity: 7,390 clicks, 8,648th woman, 25,110th celebrity
Biography of Iris Adrian (excerpt)

Iris Adrian (May 29, 1912 – September 17, 1994) was an American film actress. Born in Los Angeles, California as Iris Adrian Hofstadter, Adrian won a beauty pageant and worked with the Ziegfeld Follies, before she entered films at the end of the silent era in Chasing Husbands (1928).

Born:Thursday, May 29, 1902
In:Bouy (51) (France)
Sun: 7°09' Gemini AS: 14°10' Virgo
Moon:25°15' Aquarius MC: 9°49' Gemini
Dominants: Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius
Mercury, Sun, Pluto
Houses 10, 9, 6 / Air, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 7,296 clicks, 16,997th man, 25,836th celebrity
Biography of Henri Guillaumet (excerpt)

Henri Guillaumet (29 May 1902 in Bouy, Marne - 27 November 1940 in the Mediterranean) was a French aviator. He was a pioneer of French aviation in the Andes, the South Atlantic and the North Atlantic. He contributed to the opening up of numerous new routes and is regarded by some as the best pilot of his age.

Born:Tuesday, May 29, 1962
In:Aberdeen, Scotland (United Kingdom)
Sun: 7°57' Gemini AS: 1°32' Sagittarius
Moon:18°25' Aries MC: 5°10' Libra
Dominants: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces
Jupiter, Sun, Venus
Houses 7, 3, 8 / Air, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 7,215 clicks, 17,461st man, 26,475th celebrity
Biography of Michael Clark (dancer) (excerpt)

Michael Clark (born on May 29, 1962) is a Scottish dancer and choreographer. Early life Michael Clark was born in Aberdeen and began traditional Scottish dancing at the age of four. In 1975 he left home to study at the Royal Ballet School in London, and on his final day at the school he was presented with the Ursula Moreton Choreographic Award.

Born:Thursday, May 29, 1890
In:Brussels (Belgium)
Sun: 7°34' Gemini AS: 10°14' Pisces
Moon:1°17' Libra MC: 22°04' Sagittarius
Dominants: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces
Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter
Houses 3, 7, 4 / Air, Water / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 7,187 clicks, 17,641st man, 26,720th celebrity
Biography of Francis de Bourguignon (excerpt)

Francis de Bourguignon, born May 29, 1890 in Brussels, died April 11, 1961, was a Belgian musician, composer and music teacher. Selected works * 1927 Dans l'île de Pinang op. 13 voor (klein) orkest * 1927 En Floride op.

Born:Friday, May 29, 1987
In:Palo Alto (CA) (United States)
Sun: 7°53' Gemini   
Moon:2°01' Cancer   
Dominants: Gemini, Cancer, Taurus
Mercury, Moon, Pluto
Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Alessandra Torresani is 5' 3½" (1m61) tall
Popularity: 7,140 clicks, 9,177th woman, 27,101st celebrity
Biography of Alessandra Torresani (excerpt)

Alessandra Torresani (born Alessandra Olivia Toreson, May 29, 1987), is an American actress. She is best known for the portrayal of Zoe Graystone in the science fiction television series Caprica. Prior to 2007, she was credited as Alessandra Toreson. Early life Torresani was born in Palo Alto, California, the daughter of Italian immigrants.

Born:Wednesday, May 29, 1929
In:Wallsend, Tyne and Wear (United Kingdom)
Sun: 7°34' Gemini   
Moon:12°22' Aquarius   
Dominants: Gemini, Leo, Aquarius
Mercury, Uranus, Saturn
Air, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 7,109 clicks, 18,103rd man, 27,348th celebrity
Biography of Peter Higgs (excerpt)

Peter Ware Higgs, CH, FRS, FRSE (born 29 May 1929) is a British theoretical physicist and emeritus professor at the University of Edinburgh. He is best known for his 1960s proposal of broken symmetry in electroweak theory, explaining the origin of mass of elementary particles in general and of the W and Z bosons in particular.

Born:Monday, May 29, 1950
In:Gary (IN) (United States)
Sun: 7°23' Gemini AS: 15°41' Aries
Moon:6°13' Scorpio MC: 8°12' Capricorn
Dominants: Aries, Virgo, Gemini
Neptune, Uranus, Mars
Houses 7, 6, 1 / Earth, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 4
Height: Rebbie Jackson is 5' 2" (1m57) tall
Popularity: 7,094 clicks, 9,277th woman, 27,476th celebrity
Biography of Rebbie Jackson (excerpt)

Maureen Reillette "Rebbie" Brown (née Jackson; born May 29, 1950 (birth time source: source: Katherine Scruse Jackson’s autobiography The Jackson's: My Family)) is an American singer professionally known as Rebbie Jackson (play /ˈriːbi ˈdʒæksən/). Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, she is the eldest child of the Jackson family of musicians.

Born:Sunday, May 29, 1904
In:Saint-Dizier (52) (France)
Sun: 8°03' Gemini AS: 9°52' Capricorn
Moon:14°43' Sagittarius MC: 12°08' Scorpio
Dominants: Gemini, Taurus, Sagittarius
Saturn, Mercury, Neptune
Houses 5, 4, 1 / Air, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Dragon
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Height: Marcel Thil is 5' 8" (1m73) tall
Popularity: 7,091 clicks, 18,213th man, 27,498th celebrity
Biography of Marcel Thil (excerpt)

Marcel Thil, born May 25, 1904 in Saint-Dizier, died August 14, 1968 in Cannes, was a French boxer and world champion. Born in Saint-Dizier, Haute-Marne in the Champagne-Ardenne Region of France, Marcel Thil started boxing at a very young age and turned professional at the age of sixteen.

Born:Thursday, May 29, 1930
In:Brooklyn (NY) (United States)
Sun: 7°14' Gemini AS: 12°09' Taurus
Moon:22°03' Gemini MC: 24°04' Capricorn
Dominants: Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn
Saturn, Pluto, Mercury
Houses 1, 3, 2 / Earth, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Popularity: 7,083 clicks, 18,275th man, 27,574th celebrity
Biography of Irwyn Greif (excerpt)

Irwyn Greig, born May 29, 1930 in Brooklyn, New York, is an American psychic, medium and author.

Born:Saturday, May 29, 1982
In:Kabul (Afghanistan)
Sun: 7°37' Gemini   
Moon:1°01' Virgo   
Dominants: Gemini, Libra, Virgo
Mercury, Sun, Neptune
Air, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 7,040 clicks, 9,377th woman, 27,912th celebrity
Biography of Fatima Bhutto (excerpt)

Fatima Bhutto (Urdu: فاطمہ بھٹو) born, Fatima Murtaza Bhutto (Urdu: فاطمہ مُرتضیٰ بھُٹّو) on 29 May 1982, is a Pakistani poet, writer and journalist. She is granddaughter of former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the niece of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, and daughter of Murtaza Bhutto.

Born:Tuesday, May 29, 1894
In:Cobourg, Ontario (Canada)
Sun: 8°08' Gemini AS: 5°46' Leo
Moon:28°17' Pisces MC: 20°29' Aries
Dominants: Gemini, Pisces, Aries
Saturn, Sun, Mercury
Houses 11, 3, 10 / Air, Fire / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Beatrice Lillie is 5' 4" (1m63) tall
Popularity: 7,039 clicks, 9,378th woman, 27,914th celebrity
Biography of Beatrice Lillie (excerpt)

Bea Lillie (May 29, 1894 – January 20, 1989) was a comic actress. She was born as Beatrice Gladys Lillie in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Following her marriage in 1920 to Sir Robert Peel, she was known in private life as Lady Peel.

Born:Thursday, May 29, 1947
In:Coalville (UT) (United States)
Sun: 7°33' Gemini   
Moon:9°53' Libra   
Dominants: Gemini, Taurus, Libra
Venus, Mercury, Saturn
Air, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Anthony Geary is 6' 2" (1m88) tall
Popularity: 7,022 clicks, 18,630th man, 28,041st celebrity
Biography of Anthony Geary (excerpt)

Anthony Geary (born May 29, 1947) is an American actor. He has starred on the ABC daytime drama General Hospital as Luke Spencer from 1978 to 1984 and from 1993 to present. Life and career Geary was born in Coalville, Utah, the son of a homemaker and a contractor.

Born:Tuesday, May 29, 1883
In:Madoc (Canada)
Sun: 7°50' Gemini AS: 13°56' Leo
Moon:8°00' Pisces MC: 1°28' Taurus
Dominants: Taurus, Gemini, Aries
Venus, Mars, Sun
Houses 10, 11, 8 / Earth, Fire / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 6,961 clicks, 18,998th man, 28,552nd celebrity
Biography of Allen Roy Dafoe (excerpt)

Doctor Allan Roy Dafoe OBE (29 May 1883 - 2 June 1943) was a Canadian obstetrician, best known for delivering and caring for the Dionne quintuplets, the first quintuplets known to survive early infancy. Dafoe was born in Madoc, Ontario, the son of a physician.

Born:Monday, May 29, 1911
In:Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Sun: 7°16' Gemini   
Moon:28°52' Gemini   
Dominants: Gemini, Taurus, Cancer
Mercury, Jupiter, Mars
Water, Air / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Armida (actress) is 4' 11" (1m50) tall
Popularity: 6,941 clicks, 9,604th woman, 28,736th celebrity
Biography of Armida (actress) (excerpt)

Armida, born Armida Vendrell, (29 May 1911 – 23 October 1989) was an American actress, singer, dancer, and vaudevillian born in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Early life Armida came from a theatrical family; her father Joaquin Vendrell was a well known magician "The Great Arnold" who immigrated to Mexico from Barcelona, Spain.

Born:Tuesday, May 29, 1906
In:Budapest (Hungary)
Sun: 7°09' Gemini   
Moon:15°29' Leo   
Dominants: Gemini, Cancer, Leo
Saturn, Neptune, Moon
Air, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Fire Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 6,894 clicks, 19,454th man, 29,162nd celebrity
Biography of Paul Almasy (excerpt)

Paul Almasy, born on May 29, 1906 in Budapest, died on September 23, 2003 in Jouars-Pontchartrain, Yvelines, France, was a French photographer. Bibliography (in French): Terre d'images, numéro 27, 3 juin 1966 Eves de Paris, préface de P.

Born:Tuesday, May 29, 1962
In:Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 7°55' Gemini   
Moon:17°49' Aries   
Dominants: Gemini, Aries, Taurus
Mercury, Jupiter, Sun
Air, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Height: Eric Davis (baseball) is 6' 2" (1m88) tall
Popularity: 6,890 clicks, 19,490th man, 29,205th celebrity
Biography of Eric Davis (baseball) (excerpt)

Eric Keith Davis (born May 29, 1962 in Los Angeles, California) is a former center fielder for several Major League Baseball teams. Davis was 21 years old when he broke into the big leagues on May 19, 1984, with the Cincinnati Reds, the team for which he is most remembered.

Born:Wednesday, May 29, 1963
In:Tokyo (Japan)
Sun: 7°03' Gemini   
Moon:24°33' Leo   
Dominants: Leo, Taurus, Gemini
Mercury, Saturn, Venus
Earth, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 6,872 clicks, 19,631st man, 29,401st celebrity
Biography of Ukyo Katayama (excerpt)

Ukyo Katayama (片山 右京 Katayama Ukyō., born May 29, 1963) is a Japanese racing driver, most notable for competing six years in Formula One. Despite struggling with under-funded teams throughout his career, Katayama's performances impressed on several occasions, and was popular in the F1 paddock for his unshakeably sunny disposition and self-deprecating sense of humour ("It is possible to do more with this car - the only problem is my driving!") He participated in 97 Grands Prix, debuting on March 1, 1992.

Born:Tuesday, May 29, 1984
In:Nevers (58) (France)
Sun: 7°59' Gemini AS: 15°23' Gemini
Moon:19°56' Taurus MC: 15°06' Aquarius
Dominants: Gemini, Taurus, Scorpio
Uranus, Mercury, Sun
Houses 12, 6, 8 / Air, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Gauthier Grumier is 6' 1" (1m86) tall
Popularity: 6,850 clicks, 19,779th man, 29,602nd celebrity
Biography of Gauthier Grumier (excerpt)

Gauthier Grumier (born 29 May 1984 in Nevers (birth time source: Didier Geslain, birth certificate)) is a French épée fencer. Career Grumier won the gold medal in the épée team event at the 2006 World Fencing Championships after beating Spain in the final.

Born:Sunday, May 29, 1966
In:Mont-de-Marsan (France)
Sun: 7°10' Gemini AS: 12°01' Aquarius
Moon:28°40' Virgo MC: 3°48' Sagittarius
Dominants: Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius
Mercury, Mars, Sun
Houses 4, 7, 3 / Air, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Fire Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Jean Van de Velde is 5' 11" (1m80) tall
Popularity: 6,814 clicks, 20,048th man, 29,939th celebrity
Biography of Jean Van de Velde (excerpt)

Jean Van de Velde (born 29 May 1966 in Mont-de-Marsan, Landes) is a French golfer who is known mainly for his loss at The Open Championship in 1999. Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m) Weight 168 lb (76 kg) Van de Velde turned professional in 1987 and his rookie season on the European Tour was 1989.

Born:Wednesday, May 29, 1935
In:Paris (France)
Sun: 7°09' Gemini   
Moon:0°36' Taurus   
Dominants: Gemini, Taurus, Cancer
Mercury, Moon, Saturn
Air, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 6,796 clicks, 20,185th man, 30,124th celebrity
Biography of Jacques Ebner (excerpt)

Jacques Ebner, born May 29, 1935 in Paris and died December 13, 1999, was a French comedian and actor. Theater * 1965 : Andorra de Max Frish, mise en scène Gabriel Garran, Théâtre de la Commune, Théâtre Antoine * 1981 : Bent de Martin Sherman, mise en scène Peter Chatel, Théâtre de Paris Filmography (source: http://www.

Born:Friday, May 29, 1908
In:Rennes (France)
Sun: 7°43' Gemini AS: 20°48' Virgo
Moon:0°33' Gemini MC: 18°29' Gemini
Dominants: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo
Mercury, Pluto, Sun
Houses 10, 9, 4 / Air, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Earth Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 6,774 clicks, 20,343rd man, 30,325th celebrity
Biography of Pierre-Henri Teitgen (excerpt)

Pierre-Henri Teitgen (May 29, 1908 - April 6, 1997) was a French lawyer, professor and politician. Teitgen was born in Rennes, Brittany. Made prisoner of war in 1940, he played a major role in the French Resistance. Member of French Parliament from 1945 to 1958 for Ille-et-Vilaine, he presided the Mouvement Républican Populaire (Christian Democratic Party) from 1952 to 1956.

Born:Sunday, May 29, 1938
In:Kenadsa (Algeria)
Sun: 7°27' Gemini   
Moon:6°17' Gemini   
Dominants: Gemini, Taurus, Cancer
Mercury, Jupiter, Mars
Air, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Earth Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 6,769 clicks, 20,394th man, 30,392nd celebrity
Biography of Pierre Rabhi (excerpt)

Pierre Rabhi (b. Kenadsa, French Algeria, May 29, 1938 (birth date source: "PIERRE RABHI SEMEUR D'ESPOIRS - ENTRETIENS" de Olivier Le Naire - Ed. ACTES SUD (2013) - page 15, copy at is a French writer, farmer and environmentalist. Originally a Muslim, he converted to Christianity for some years before rejecting all religions.

Born:Tuesday, May 29, 1945
In:Grants Pass (OR) (United States)
Sun: 7°50' Gemini AS: 1°38' Cancer
Moon:6°48' Capricorn MC: 6°41' Pisces
Dominants: Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini
Moon, Saturn, Neptune
Houses 11, 7, 12 / Earth, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 6,731 clicks, 20,700th man, 30,772nd celebrity
Biography of David Gaines (excerpt)

David Gaines, born May 29, 1945 in Grants Pass, Oregon, is an American affichist artist.

Born:Sunday, May 29, 1977
In:Pesaro (Italy)
Sun: 7°55' Gemini   
Moon:19°43' Libra   
Dominants: Libra, Gemini, Aries
Mars, Neptune, Moon
Air, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 4
Height: Massimo Ambrosini is 5' 11½" (1m82) tall
Popularity: 6,631 clicks, 21,476th man, 31,767th celebrity
Biography of Massimo Ambrosini (excerpt)

Massimo Ambrosini (born 29 May 1977 in Pesaro, Marche) is a former Italian professional footballer. He is most well known for his time at A.C. Milan, where he spent eighteen years of his career and captained the side from 2009 to 2013 following the retirement of Paolo Maldini.

Born:Thursday, May 29, 1947
In:Lexington (KY) (United States)
Sun: 7°24' Gemini AS: 9°41' Leo
Moon:7°45' Libra MC: 29°37' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Gemini, Taurus
Pluto, Mars, Saturn
Houses 11, 10, 3 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 6,612 clicks, 21,608th man, 31,932nd celebrity
Biography of Gene Robinson (excerpt)

V. Gene Robinson (born May 29, 1947 in Lexington, Kentucky) is the ninth bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire in the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Robinson was elected bishop in 2003 and entered office in March 2004.

Born:Monday, May 29, 1911
In:Lamar (MO) (United States)
Sun: 6°49' Gemini AS: 20°09' Pisces
Moon:21°43' Gemini MC: 24°27' Sagittarius
Dominants: Gemini, Pisces, Cancer
Mars, Moon, Neptune
Houses 3, 5, 2 / Water, Air / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 6,584 clicks, 10,380th woman, 32,207th celebrity
Biography of Ondine Tharp (excerpt)

Ondine Tharp, born May 29, 1911 in Lamar, is an American minister, educated in fundamentalist Christian theology.

Born:Sunday, May 29, 1904
In:Saint-Florentin (89) (France)
Sun: 7°39' Gemini   
Moon:9°10' Sagittarius   
Dominants: Gemini, Taurus, Sagittarius
Uranus, Jupiter, Venus
Air, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Dragon
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 6,577 clicks, 21,875th man, 32,267th celebrity
Biography of Louis Bugette (excerpt)

Louis Bugette, born on May 29, 1904 in Saint-Florentin, Yonne, died on March 18, 1975 in Paris, was a French actor. Filmography 1948 : Plus jolie qu'en un rêve, court métrage de Roger Blanc 1949 : On ne triche pas avec la vie de René Delacroix et Paul Vandenberghe 1949 : Le Parfum de la dame en noir de Louis Daquin 1949 : Un certain monsieur de Yves Ciampi 1949 : Drame au Vel d'Hiv' de Maurice Cam 1950 : Dieu a besoin des hommes de Jean Delannoy

Born:Friday, May 29, 1981
In:Irvine (CA) (United States)
Sun: 8°18' Gemini   
Moon:16°21' Aries   
Dominants: Libra, Gemini, Aries
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
Air, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Justin Chon is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Popularity: 6,569 clicks, 21,936th man, 32,348th celebrity
Biography of Justin Chon (excerpt)

Justin Jitae Chon (29 May 1981 in Irvine, California) is an American actor. Life and career Chon was born in Irvine, California. He is fluent in Korean, and his father was an actor in South Korea. He started acting in 2005 in shows such as Jack & Bobby and Taki & Luci.

Born:Monday, May 29, 1944
In:Thiaucourt-Regniéville (54) (France)
Sun: 7°53' Gemini   
Moon:1°30' Virgo   
Dominants: Gemini, Leo, Virgo
Mercury, Uranus, Neptune
Air, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 6,530 clicks, 22,229th man, 32,739th celebrity
Biography of Denis Jacquat (excerpt)

Denis Jacquat (born May 29, 1944) is a member of the National Assembly of France. He represents the Moselle department, and is a member of the Union for a Popular Movement. He is a former physician.

Born:Wednesday, May 29, 1935
In:Folgensbourg (68) (France)
Sun: 7°09' Gemini   
Moon:0°36' Taurus   
Dominants: Gemini, Taurus, Cancer
Mercury, Moon, Saturn
Air, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 6,420 clicks, 23,186th man, 33,967th celebrity
Biography of Jean Ueberschlag (excerpt)

Jean Ueberschlag (born May 29, 1935) is a member of the National Assembly of France since 1986. He represents the Haut-Rhin department, and is a member of the Union for a Popular Movement. This is the mayor of Saint-Louis (Haut-Rhin) since 1989.

Born:Monday, May 29, 1916
In:Springfield (MA) (United States)
Sun: 7°49' Gemini AS: 3°01' Leo
Moon:12°20' Taurus MC: 18°04' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Gemini, Aries
Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury
Houses 12, 11, 10 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Dragon
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 6,382 clicks, 23,491st man, 34,354th celebrity
Biography of Lee Sannella (excerpt)

Lee Sannella, born May 29, 1916 in Springfield, Massachusetts, is an American psychiatrist, writer and spiritual researcher.

Born:Sunday, May 29, 1921
In:New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 7°45' Gemini   
Moon:5°34' Pisces   
Dominants: Gemini, Pisces, Virgo
Mercury, Uranus, Neptune
Air, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Clifton James is 5' 11" (1m80) tall
Popularity: 6,342 clicks, 23,820th man, 34,758th celebrity
Biography of Clifton James (excerpt)

George Clifton James (born May 29, 1921) is an American actor. He is probably best known for his role as the bumbling Sheriff J.W. Pepper alongside Roger Moore in the James Bond films Live and Let Die (1973) and The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) and his role alongside Sean Connery in The Untouchables (1987).

Born:Sunday, May 29, 1932
In:Recklinghausen (Germany)
Sun: 8°03' Gemini AS: 6°14' Scorpio
Moon:5°37' Aries MC: 19°17' Leo
Dominants: Taurus, Leo, Cancer
Jupiter, Pluto, Mars
Houses 9, 7, 8 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 4
Popularity: 6,341 clicks, 23,823rd man, 34,763rd celebrity
Biography of Karl Ridderbusch (excerpt)

Karl Ridderbusch (29 May, 1932 - 21 June, 1997) was a German operatic bass, associated in particular with the music of Wagner. He was recognised as a notable exponent of the role of Hans Sachs. Background and early career Karl Ridderbusch was born in Recklinghausen, Germany, and was discovered at an amateur music competition by the tenor Rudolf Schock who helped pay for the younger singer's training.

Born:Wednesday, May 29, 1935
In:New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 7°21' Gemini   
Moon:3°30' Taurus   
Dominants: Gemini, Taurus, Cancer
Mercury, Moon, Saturn
Air, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 6,289 clicks, 11,058th woman, 35,327th celebrity
Biography of Sylvia Robinson (excerpt)

Sylvia Robinson (née Vanterpool; May 29, 1935 – September 29, 2011) was an American singer, musician, record producer, and record label executive. Robinson was best known for her work as founder/CEO of the hip hop label Sugar Hill Records. Robinson is credited as the driving force behind two landmark singles in the genre; "Rapper's Delight" (1979) by the Sugarhill Gang, and "The Message" (1982) by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five; which caused her to be dubbed "The Mother of Hip–Hop".

Born:Monday, May 29, 1780
In:Commercy (55) (France)
Sun: 8°34' Gemini   
Moon:13°53' Aries   
Dominants: Gemini, Aries, Libra
Jupiter, Sun, Mars
Air, Fire / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 6,288 clicks, 24,278th man, 35,338th celebrity
Biography of Henri Braconnot (excerpt)

Henri Braconnot (May 29, 1780, Commercy, Meuse - January 15, 1855, Nancy) was a French chemist and pharmacist. He was born in Commercy, his father being a counsel at the local parliament. At the death of his father, in 1787, Henri began his instruction in an elementary school in Commercy and then with private teachers.

Born:Monday, May 29, 1978
In:Fagersta, Västmanland County (Sweden)
Sun: 7°43' Gemini   
Moon:11°41' Pisces   
Dominants: Cancer, Pisces, Leo
Neptune, Uranus, Mercury
Water, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Earth Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Pelle Almqvist is 6' 1" (1m85) tall
Popularity: 6,226 clicks, 24,820th man, 36,009th celebrity
Biography of Pelle Almqvist (excerpt)

Howlin' Pelle Almqvist (born 29 May 1978 in Fagersta, Västmanland County) is the lead singer of Swedish garage rock band The Hives. Like the rest of the band, Almqvist hails from Fagersta, a small town in central Sweden with about 11,000 residents.

Born:Sunday, May 29, 1921
In:Rome (Italy)
Sun: 7°52' Gemini AS: 26°43' Sagittarius
Moon:7°04' Pisces MC: 20°52' Libra
Dominants: Gemini, Pisces, Virgo
Mercury, Jupiter, Venus
Houses 7, 6, 2 / Air, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Popularity: 6,220 clicks, 24,857th man, 36,052nd celebrity
Biography of Alessandro Bausani (excerpt)

Alessandro Bausani, born in Rome May 29, 1921 and died in Rome in 1988, was an Italian historian and author, specialist on Islam.

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