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The Moon in Leo and the Ascendant in Leo

You will find on these pages hundred of celebrities with the Moon in Leo and the Ascendant in Leo.

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Born:Sunday, January 5, 1969
In:Canton (OH) (United States)
Sun: 15°33' CapricornAS: 20°51' Leo
Moon:10°43' Leo MC: 12°45' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Capricorn, Scorpio
Venus, Sun, Mars
Houses 5, 2, 7 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Monkey
Numerology: Birth Path 4
Height: Marilyn Manson is 6' 1" (1m85) tall
Pageviews: 285,453
Biography of Marilyn Manson (excerpt)

Brian Hugh Warner (born January 5, 1969), known professionally as Marilyn Manson, is an American singer, songwriter, actor, painter, and writer. He is known for his controversial stage personality and image as the lead singer of the band of the same name, which he co-founded with guitarist Daisy Berkowitz in 1989 and of which he remains the only constant member.

Author: MC1 Chad J. McNeeley, U.S. Navy
Credits: http://www.defenseimagery.mil; VIRIN: 090524-N-0696M-260 (Released)
Licence: Public domain
Born:Monday, December 18, 1978
In:Toledo (OH) (United States)
Sun: 26°50' SagittariusAS: 22°19' Leo
Moon:17°12' Leo MC: 14°15' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Moon, Venus, Uranus
Houses 4, 12, 5 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Horse
Numerology: Birth Path 1
Height: Katie Holmes is 5' 9" (1m75) tall
Pageviews: 214,283
Biography of Katie Holmes (excerpt)

Kate Noelle Holmes (born December 18, 1978) is an American actress. She first achieved fame as Joey Potter on the television series Dawson's Creek (1998–2003). Holmes made her film debut with a supporting role in Ang Lee's The Ice Storm (1997). A mixture of parts in big-budget and small-scale film projects came next, including Disturbing Behavior (1998), Go, Teaching Mrs.

Born:Friday, June 10, 1921
In:Mon Repos (Greece)
Sun: 18°53' GeminiAS: 18°39' Leo
Moon:15°08' Leo MC: 10°29' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Taurus, Gemini
Venus, Moon, Neptune
Houses 11, 12, 9 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rooster
Numerology: Birth Path 2
Height: Philip Mountbatten is 6' 2" (1m88) tall
Pageviews: 133,205
Biography of Philip Mountbatten (excerpt)

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, 10 June 1921), died on April 9, 2021), is the husband of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms. Philip was born into the Greek and Danish royal families.

Author: Georges Biard
Credits: Own work
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Born:Friday, April 30, 1982
In:Point Pleasant (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 10°01' TaurusAS: 19°46' Leo
Moon:12°37' Leo MC: 11°41' Taurus
Dominants: Taurus, Leo, Libra
Sun, Venus, Moon
Houses 10, 3, 12 / Earth, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Dog
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Height: Kirsten Dunst is 5' 5" (1m65) tall
Pageviews: 123,917
Biography of Kirsten Dunst (excerpt)

Kirsten Caroline Dunst ( born April 30, 1982) is an American actress. She gained recognition for her portrayal of the child vampire Claudia in the horror film Interview with the Vampire (1994), which earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Author: Unknown photographer
Credits: Anne Frank, 1942
Licence: Public domain
Born:Wednesday, June 12, 1929
In:Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
Sun: 20°48' GeminiAS: 0°06' Leo
Moon:26°00' Leo MC: 6°50' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Gemini, Aries
Uranus, Sun, Mercury
Houses 11, 2, 10 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Snake
Numerology: Birth Path 3
Height: Anne Frank is 5' 4" (1m63) tall
Pageviews: 85,662
Biography of Anne Frank (excerpt)

Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank (June 12, 1929 – early March 1945) was a Jewish girl who wrote a diary while in hiding with her family and four friends in Amsterdam during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II.

Born:Wednesday, May 3, 1933
In:Barnwell (SC) (United States)
Sun: 12°48' TaurusAS: 15°44' Leo
Moon:21°44' Leo MC: 9°41' Taurus
Dominants: Taurus, Leo, Virgo
Sun, Venus, Saturn
Houses 10, 1, 7 / Earth, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Rooster
Numerology: Birth Path 6
Height: James Brown is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Pageviews: 74,859
Biography of James Brown (excerpt)

James Joseph Brown (May 3, 1933(birth time source: Sy Scholfield, rectified from approx. time)– December 25, 2006), commonly referred to as "The Godfather of Soul" and "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business," was an American entertainer recognized as one of the most influential figures in 20th century popular music.

Born:Monday, April 8, 1968
In:Chicago (IL) (United States)
Sun: 18°57' AriesAS: 4°03' Leo
Moon:19°47' Leo MC: 19°40' Aries
Dominants: Aries, Leo, Taurus
Sun, Saturn, Mars
Houses 10, 9, 1 / Fire, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Monkey
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Height: Patricia Arquette is 5' 2" (1m57) tall
Pageviews: 68,762
Biography of Patricia Arquette (excerpt)

Patricia T. Arquette (born April 8, 1968) is an American actress and director. She plays the lead character in the supernatural drama series Medium. Early life and family Arquette was born in Chicago, Illinois, the daughter of Lewis Arquette, an actor, and Brenda "Mardi" Olivia (née Nowak), an actress, poet, theater operator, activist, acting teacher and therapist.

Author: TheMatthewSlack from Alnwick, GB
Credits: Pippa
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0
Born:Tuesday, September 6, 1983
In:Reading, Berkshire (United Kingdom)
Sun: 12°59' VirgoAS: 23°58' Leo
Moon:29°25' Leo MC: 11°08' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius
Venus, Moon, Sun
Houses 1, 2, 3 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Pig
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Height: Pippa Middleton is 5' 5½" (1m66) tall
Pageviews: 63,809
Biography of Pippa Middleton (excerpt)

Philippa Charlotte "Pippa" Middleton (born 6 September 1983 (birth time source: Ana Rakovic , according to Paddy de Jabrun, no original source)) is an English party planner, socialite and sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. On 29 April 2011, she was the maid of honour at her sister's wedding to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, second in the line of succession to Queen Elizabeth II.

Author: US Embassy London
Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/usembassylondon/27595569992/
Licence: Public domain
Born:Saturday, August 24, 1957
In:Hampstead (United Kingdom)
Sun: 0°46' VirgoAS: 29°50' Leo
Moon:12°35' Leo MC: 19°29' Taurus
Dominants: Virgo, Leo, Libra
Sun, Pluto, Venus
Houses 1, 2, 12 / Earth, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rooster
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Height: Stephen Fry is 6' 4½" (1m94) tall
Pageviews: 61,748
Biography of Stephen Fry (excerpt)

Stephen John Fry (born 24 August 1957 (birth time source: Sy Scholfield)) is an English comedian, writer, actor, novelist, filmmaker and television personality. The former comedic collaborator of Hugh Laurie, he is perhaps best known for his recurring role in the BBC TV series Blackadder.

Author: Georges Biard
Credits: Own work
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Born:Sunday, February 22, 1959
In:Yakima (WA) (United States)
Sun: 3°35' PiscesAS: 6°13' Leo
Moon:28°14' Leo MC: 19°04' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Pisces, Gemini
Sun, Jupiter, Mars
Houses 8, 2, 11 / Fire, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Earth Pig
Numerology: Birth Path 3
Height: Kyle MacLachlan is 6' ½" (1m84) tall
Pageviews: 50,031
Biography of Kyle MacLachlan (excerpt)

Kyle MacLachlan (born February 22, 1959, in Yakima, Washington) is a Golden Globe award winning American actor. He is a graduate of the University of Washington and moved to Hollywood, California to pursue his career soon after his 1982 graduation. He is best known for his roles in Blue Velvet, " Dune ", Showgirls, Twin Peaks, Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives.

Born:Tuesday, June 6, 2000
In:Seoul (Korea, South)
Sun: 15°38' GeminiAS: 16°50' Leo
Moon:5°02' Leo MC: 9°07' Taurus
Dominants: Gemini, Leo, Taurus
Uranus, Sun, Venus
Houses 11, 12, 7 / Air, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Dragon
Numerology: Birth Path 5
Height: Haechan is 5' 8½" (1m74) tall
Pageviews: 49,963
Biography of Haechan (excerpt)

Lee Dong-hyuk (Hangul: 이동혁, RR: Idonghyeog), better known by his stage name Haechan (Hangul: 해찬, RR: Haechan), is a South Korean singer and dancer, member of the group NCT and its subs. - NCT 127, NCT Dream and NCT U units.

Author: Unknown authorUnknown author
Credits: Original publication: Журнал «Прожектор» №1 (23) 15 января 1924 года
Immediate source: postcard at auction
Licence: Public domain
Born:Friday, November 7, 1879
In:Yanovka (Kirovohrad) (Ukraine)
Sun: 15°06' ScorpioAS: 19°09' Leo
Moon:22°36' Leo MC: 6°33' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Taurus, Scorpio
Neptune, Sun, Moon
Houses 4, 10, 1 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 7
Height: Leon Trotsky is 5' 8½" (1m74) tall
Pageviews: 49,022
Biography of Leon Trotsky (excerpt)

Leon Trotsky (November 7 1879 – August 21, 1940), born Leon Davidovich Bronstein, was a Ukrainian-born Bolshevik revolutionary and Marxist theorist. He was an influential politician in the early days of the Soviet Union, first as People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs and later as the founder and commander of the Red Army and People's Commissar of War.

Born:Friday, December 2, 1966
In:Soissons (02) (France)
Sun: 10°13' SagittariusAS: 11°06' Leo
Moon:8°54' Leo MC: 23°49' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Sagittarius, Virgo
Moon, Sun, Jupiter
Houses 12, 5, 3 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Horse
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Height: Philippe Etchebest is 5' 10" (1m78) tall
Pageviews: 42,107
Biography of Philippe Etchebest (excerpt)

Philippe Etchebest (born 2 December 1966 in Soissons (birth time source: Astrotheme, birth certificate n° 1607)) is a French chef. He was awarded two Michelin stars at the Hostellerie de Plaisance in Saint-Emilion, France. He appears on French television in Cauchemar en cuisine, the French-language version of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

Author: AFP staff
Credits: AFP
Licence: Public domain
Born:Thursday, November 14, 1889
In:Allahabad (India)
Sun: 22°36' ScorpioAS: 22°35' Leo
Moon:10°28' Leo MC: 20°35' Taurus
Dominants: Scorpio, Leo, Libra
Sun, Venus, Saturn
Houses 3, 4, 10 / Air, Water / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 6
Height: Jawaharlal Nehru is 5' 10" (1m78) tall
Pageviews: 41,361
Biography of Jawaharlal Nehru (excerpt)

Jawaharlal Nehru (Hindi: जवाहरलाल नेहरू, IPA: , from Persian Javâher-e La'al, meaning 'Red Jewel') (November 14, 1889 (birth time source: Ramon, a letter from Nehru's secretary 6/62, "Notable Horoscopes." (11:30 PM Madras time (-5 h 21 m from Greenwich) is equal to 11:36 PM LMT) – May 27, 1964) was a political leader of the Indian National Congress, a pivotal figure in the Indian independence movement and the first Prime Minister of Independent India.

Born:Monday, February 12, 1968
In:Inglewood (CA) (United States)
Sun: 23°21' AquariusAS: 7°45' Leo
Moon:7°25' Leo MC: 29°19' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Aquarius, Virgo
Moon, Mars, Sun
Houses 7, 1, 9 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Monkey
Numerology: Birth Path 11
Height: Christopher McCandless is 5' 8" (1m73) tall
Pageviews: 40,075
Biography of Christopher McCandless (excerpt)

Christopher Johnson McCandless (February 12, 1968 (birth time source: Viktor E., birth certificate) – August 18, 1992) was an American adventurer who adopted the alias Alexander Supertramp and hiked into the Alaskan wilderness in April 1992 with little food and equipment, hoping to live simply for a time in solitude.

Author: Georges Biard
Credits: Own work
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Born:Wednesday, November 22, 1978
In:Paris 16e (France)
Sun: 0°12' SagittariusAS: 4°44' Leo
Moon:29°52' Leo MC: 14°56' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Sagittarius, Libra
Jupiter, Pluto, Sun
Houses 5, 4, 2 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Horse
Numerology: Birth Path 4
Height: Mélanie Doutey is 5' 6½" (1m69) tall
Pageviews: 39,445
Biography of Mélanie Doutey (excerpt)

Mélanie Doutey (born November 1978, France (birth time source: Paddy de Jabrun, BC)) is a French actress best known for her role in Claude Chabrol's La Fleur du Mal, which also starred Nathalie Baye, and El Lobo, the true story of a mole within the Basque terrorist organisation ETA.

Junge, Heinz

Logo Bundesarchiv This image was provided to Wikimedia Commons by the German Federal Archive (Deutsches Bundesarchiv) as part of a cooperation project. The German Federal Archive guarantees an authentic representation only using the originals (negative and/or positive), resp. the digitalization of the originals as provided by the Digital Image Archive.

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 de
Born:Sunday, April 15, 1894
In:Kursk (Russia)
Sun: 25°25' AriesAS: 18°43' Leo
Moon:26°46' Leo MC: 3°14' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Aries, Pisces
Sun, Mars, Venus
Houses 9, 8, 1 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 5
Height: Nikita Khrushchev is 5' 3" (1m60) tall
Pageviews: 39,188
Biography of Nikita Khrushchev (excerpt)

Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev (Russian: Ники́та Серге́евич Хрущёв (help·info), Nikita Sergeevič Khruščjov; IPA: , in English, , or , occasionally ); surname more accurately romanized as Khrushchyov; April 15, 1894 – September 11, 1971) was the chief director of the Soviet Union after the death of Joseph Stalin.

Born:Tuesday, February 9, 1971
In:Paris 15e (France)
Sun: 20°14' AquariusAS: 2°58' Leo
Moon:12°44' Leo MC: 12°21' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius
Uranus, Mercury, Moon
Houses 5, 1, 7 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Pig
Numerology: Birth Path 11
Height: Adeline Blondieau is 5' 7" (1m70) tall
Pageviews: 38,048
Biography of Adeline Blondieau (excerpt)

Adeline Blondieau, born on February 9, 1971 in Paris (birth time source: Daisy Van De Vin, André Dekoster) is a French actress, comedian, and screenwriter, former wife of Johnny Hallyday. Filmography Television 1994 : Les Filles d'à côté (Série TV) : Adeline

Author: Georges Biard
Credits: Own work
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Born:Sunday, February 25, 1945
In:Strasbourg (67) (France)
Sun: 6°40' PiscesAS: 16°41' Leo
Moon:21°18' Leo MC: 2°34' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Pisces, Aquarius
Sun, Moon, Pluto
Houses 8, 1, 6 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Rooster
Numerology: Birth Path 1
Height: Herbert Léonard is 5' 11½" (1m81) tall
Pageviews: 34,850
Biography of Herbert Léonard (excerpt)

Herbert Léonard (born 25 February 1945; Strasbourg, France (birth time source: Didier Geslain)) né Hubert Loenhard is principally known as a singer, however, he is also a specialist of Russian airplanes from World War II. His first success "Quelque chose tient mon cœur" (Somethings Got A Hold Of My Heart) opened the doors of the hit-parade to him in 1968.

Author: Jon Schmidt
Credits: Jon Schmidt, photographe, collaborateur de Matthieu Ricard (sujet de la photo) au sein de l'association Karuna-Shechen, résidant en Suisse.
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0
Born:Friday, February 15, 1946
In:Aix-les-Bains (73) (France)
Sun: 26°21' AquariusAS: 8°13' Leo
Moon:19°34' Leo MC: 22°39' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Aquarius, Libra
Pluto, Jupiter, Sun
Houses 1, 8, 7 / Air, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Dog
Numerology: Birth Path 1
Pageviews: 34,579
Biography of Matthieu Ricard (excerpt)

Matthieu Ricard (born on February 15, 1946 in Aix-les-Bains (birth time source: birth certificate, Jacques Sage)) is a Buddhist monk who resides at Shechen Tennyi Dargyeling Monastery in Nepal. Born in Aix-les-Bains he is the son of the late Jean-François Revel (born Jean-François Ricard), a renowned French philosopher, and grew up among the personalities and ideas of French intellectual circles.

Born:Monday, September 1, 1986
In:Paris 20e (France)
Sun: 8°23' VirgoAS: 12°51' Leo
Moon:0°52' Leo MC: 26°49' Aries
Dominants: Virgo, Leo, Capricorn
Venus, Pluto, Sun
Houses 2, 4, 3 / Fire, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Fire Tiger
Numerology: Birth Path 7
Height: Gaël Monfils is 6' 4" (1m93) tall
Pageviews: 33,559
Biography of Gaël Monfils (excerpt)

Gaël Monfils (pronounced ) (born on September 1, 1986 in Paris (birth time source: Didier Geslain)) is a professional male tennis player from France. As of March 2008, he is ranked 65th in the world. In his career, he has won one ATP singles final: 2005 Sopot (beat Florian Mayer of Germany).

Born:Tuesday, September 20, 1949
In:Paris 15e (France)
Sun: 26°43' VirgoAS: 0°45' Leo
Moon:22°04' Leo MC: 9°07' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Libra, Virgo
Mars, Sun, Mercury
Houses 4, 3, 1 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Ox
Numerology: Birth Path 7
Height: Sabine Azéma is 5' 5½" (1m67) tall
Pageviews: 33,085
Biography of Sabine Azéma (excerpt)

Sabine Azéma (born September 20, 1949 in Paris (birth time source: Didier Geslain)) is a French actress.Born in Paris, she graduated from the Paris Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. Career Her film career began in 1975. Azéma appeared in A Sunday in the Country (1984), for which she won a César Award for Best Actress, and numerous films of Alain Resnais, including Life Is a Bed of Roses (1983), L'Amour à mort (1984), Mélo (which won her a second César Award for Best Actress), Smoking/No Smoking (1993), On connaît la chanson (1997), Pas sur la bouche (2003), and Cœurs (2006).

Author: JesterWr
Credits: Own work
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Born:Sunday, June 18, 1961
In:Billericay (United Kingdom)
Sun: 26°52' GeminiAS: 20°57' Leo
Moon:23°46' Leo MC: 6°36' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Taurus, Gemini
Venus, Mars, Moon
Houses 1, 11, 10 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Ox
Numerology: Birth Path 5
Height: Alison Moyet is 5' 10" (1m78) tall
Pageviews: 32,971
Biography of Alison Moyet (excerpt)

Alison Moyet (born Genevieve Alison Jane Moyet on 18 June 1961), is an English pop singer/songwriter noted for her bluesy voice. Early life and career Moyet was born in Billericay, Essex, England to a French father and English mother. She grew up in Basildon, where she attended school.

Born:Thursday, January 19, 1984
In:Helsingborg (Sweden)
Sun: 28°44' CapricornAS: 1°33' Leo
Moon:13°31' Leo MC: 1°34' Aries
Dominants: Capricorn, Leo, Scorpio
Sun, Pluto, Mars
Houses 6, 4, 5 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Pig
Numerology: Birth Path 6
Height: Gina-Therese Pettersson is 5' 9" (1m75) tall
Pageviews: 32,411
Biography of Gina-Therese Pettersson (excerpt)

Swedish model. Date, time and city of birth on various sites, original source for the time not specified.

Author: premier.gov.ru
Credits: page, photo
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Born:Monday, March 22, 1948
In:Westminster (United Kingdom)
Sun: 1°54' AriesAS: 28°18' Leo
Moon:27°04' Leo MC: 17°20' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Taurus, Aries
Venus, Moon, Sun
Houses 12, 10, 1 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rat
Numerology: Birth Path 11
Height: Andrew Lloyd Webber is 5' 11" (1m80) tall
Pageviews: 30,992
Biography of Andrew Lloyd Webber (excerpt)

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd-Webber (born March 22, 1948 (birth time source: Pamela Crane)) is a highly successful English composer of musical theatre, and also the elder brother of cellist Julian Lloyd Webber. Lloyd Webber has enjoyed great popular success, with several musicals that have run for more than a decade both in the West End and on Broadway.

Author: Photographer not credited.
Credits: Naval Historical Center; Direct link. Photo #: USA C-2413 (Color), photograph from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U.S. National Archives.
Licence: Public domain
Born:Monday, January 26, 1880
In:Little Rock (AR) (United States)
Sun: 6°30' AquariusAS: 21°05' Leo
Moon:1°53' Leo MC: 15°37' Taurus
Dominants: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius
Mars, Neptune, Sun
Houses 6, 10, 9 / Earth, Fire / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 8
Height: Douglas MacArthur is 6' (1m83) tall
Pageviews: 30,223
Biography of Douglas MacArthur (excerpt)

General of the Army Douglas MacArthur (January 26, 1880 – April 5, 1964) was an American general and Field Marshal of the Philippine Army. He was a Chief of Staff of the United States Army during the 1930s and later played a prominent role in the Pacific theater of World War II, receiving the Medal of Honor for his early service in the Philippines and on the Bataan Peninsula.

Author: Toglenn
Credits: Own work
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Born:Friday, February 3, 1950
In:Dallas (TX) (United States)
Sun: 14°39' AquariusAS: 27°29' Leo
Moon:29°03' Leo MC: 23°57' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Aquarius, Libra
Moon, Sun, Pluto
Houses 6, 1, 2 / Air, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Ox
Numerology: Birth Path 2
Height: Morgan Fairchild is 5' 4" (1m63) tall
Pageviews: 29,341
Biography of Morgan Fairchild (excerpt)

Morgan Aimee Alexandra Fairchild (born February 3, 1950) is an American actress. Early life Fairchild was born Patsy Anne McClenny in Dallas, Texas, to Edward Milton McClenny and Martha Jane Hartt. Her first job was as a stand-in for Faye Dunaway during location filming for the movie Bonnie and Clyde (1967).

Author: The original uploader was Rosaecruz at English Wikipedia.
Credits: Source: The Rosicrucian Fellowship ( http://www.rosicrucian.com/foreign/framespa00.html )
Licence: Public domain
Born:Sunday, July 23, 1865
In:Aarhus (Denmark)
Sun: 0°15' LeoAS: 6°38' Leo
Moon:4°55' Leo MC: 9°39' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius
Sun, Moon, Neptune
Houses 12, 1, 2 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 5
Pageviews: 29,057
Biography of Max Heindel (excerpt)

Max Heindel - born Carl Louis von Grasshoff in Aarhus, Denmark on July 23, 1865 - was a Christian occultist, astrologer, and mystic. He died on January 6, 1919 at Oceanside, California, United States. Among the students of his teachings, he is said to be the greatest western mystic of the twentieth century.

Author: International Progress Organization
Credits: http://i-p-o.org/genet.htm
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Born:Monday, December 19, 1910
In:Paris 6e (France)
Sun: 27°03' SagittariusAS: 12°06' Leo
Moon:12°56' Leo MC: 25°44' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Capricorn, Aries
Moon, Sun, Saturn
Houses 5, 1, 4 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Dog
Numerology: Birth Path 6
Pageviews: 28,296
Biography of Jean Genet (excerpt)

Jean Genet (December 19, 1910 (birth time source: Didier Geslain, birth certificate) – April 15, 1986), was a a French novelist, playwright, poet, essayist, and political activist. Early in his life he was a vagabond and petty criminal, but he later took to writing.

Born:Tuesday, October 6, 1942
In:Stockholm (Sweden)
Sun: 12°05' LibraAS: 17°37' Leo
Moon:21°12' Leo MC: 23°49' Aries
Dominants: Libra, Leo, Gemini
Moon, Mercury, Sun
Houses 3, 1, 12 / Air, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Horse
Numerology: Birth Path 5
Height: Britt Ekland is 5' 5" (1m65) tall
Pageviews: 27,562
Biography of Britt Ekland (excerpt)

Britt Ekland (born October 6, 1942) is a Swedish actress, long resident in the UK. Ekland became famous as a result of her 1964 whirlwind romance and marriage to British actor and comedian, Peter Sellers, who proposed after seeing her photograph in the paper.

Author: Photojournalist Roberto Vicario
Credits: Photojournalist Roberto Vicario
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Born:Saturday, July 27, 1968
In:Messina (Italy)
Sun: 4°12' LeoAS: 13°06' Leo
Moon:24°22' Leo MC: 4°00' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Cancer, Virgo
Sun, Venus, Saturn
Houses 12, 1, 2 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Monkey
Numerology: Birth Path 4
Height: Maria Grazia Cucinotta is 5' 9½" (1m77) tall
Pageviews: 27,342
Biography of Maria Grazia Cucinotta (excerpt)

Maria Grazia Cucinotta (born 27 July 1968, Messina, Italy) is an Italian actress who has featured in many films and television series since 1990, she has also worked as a producer, screenwriter and model. She is well-known in Italy as a movie and television actress, but internationally she is best known for her roles in Il Postino and as the Bond girl, the Cigar Girl, in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough.

Author: MEDEF
Credits: originally posted to Flickr as Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0
Born:Wednesday, March 13, 1946
In:Paris 17e (France)
Sun: 22°25' PiscesAS: 19°35' Leo
Moon:1°58' Leo MC: 6°32' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Aries, Pisces
Sun, Pluto, Neptune
Houses 8, 12, 3 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Dog
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Height: Yann Arthus-Bertrand is 5' 9" (1m75) tall
Pageviews: 26,183
Biography of Yann Arthus-Bertrand (excerpt)

Yann Arthus-Bertrand (born March 13, 1946 (birth time source: Didier Geslain)) is a renowned and internationally-recognised French photographer. He originally specialised in animal photography, but later turned to aerial photography of subjects in many locations across the world. He has produced over 60 books of his landscape photographs taken from helicopters and balloons.

Author: Toglenn
Credits: Own work
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Born:Friday, May 4, 1979
In:Laurel (MS) (United States)
Sun: 13°41' TaurusAS: 24°07' Leo
Moon:19°59' Leo MC: 20°21' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Aries, Taurus
Sun, Moon, Uranus
Houses 9, 12, 3 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Goat
Numerology: Birth Path 8
Height: Lance Bass is 5' 10" (1m78) tall
Pageviews: 26,159
Biography of Lance Bass (excerpt)

James Lance Bass (born May 4, 1979 (birth time source: Sy Scholfield)), known as Lance Bass (IPA pronunciation: ), is an American pop singer, actor, producer and author who is best known as the bass singer for the American pop group 'N Sync.

Born:Thursday, June 6, 1878
In:Lufkin (TX) (United States)
Sun: 15°47' GeminiAS: 28°43' Leo
Moon:26°40' Leo MC: 25°49' Taurus
Dominants: Taurus, Leo, Gemini
Moon, Mercury, Pluto
Houses 9, 12, 10 / Earth, Fire / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Pageviews: 25,198
Biography of William Delbert Gann (excerpt)

William Delbert Gann (June 6, 1878 – June, 1955), also W. D. Gann, was a trader recognized not only for his trading abilities, but also for his financial market forecasts. The accuracy of his forecasts is still the subject of substantial debate.

Author: Greg Hernandez from California, CA, USA
Credits: Charlene Tilton 2010.jpg
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0
Born:Monday, December 1, 1958
In:San Diego (CA) (United States)
Sun: 9°32' SagittariusAS: 13°35' Leo
Moon:16°44' Leo MC: 7°15' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Moon, Uranus, Sun
Houses 1, 4, 5 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Dog
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Height: Charlene Tilton is 4' 11" (1m50) tall
Pageviews: 24,964
Biography of Charlene Tilton (excerpt)

Charlene L. Tilton (born December 1, 1958 (birth time source: Viktor E., birth certificate)) is an American actress. She was born in San Diego, California. Notably, Tilton is 4'11" (1.50 m) tall. Charlene has had a varied career in show business. She is best known for playing Lucy Ewing, the sly, vixenish, frequently frustrated granddaughter of Jock Ewing in the popular television series Dallas from 1978 to 1985 and from 1988 to 1990.

Born:Saturday, September 7, 1991
In:New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 14°15' VirgoAS: 22°41' Leo
Moon:29°29' Leo MC: 15°09' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Virgo, Scorpio
Venus, Mercury, Pluto
Houses 1, 2, 4 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Goat
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Height: Montana Fishburne is 5' 8½" (1m74) tall
Pageviews: 24,216
Biography of Montana Fishburne (excerpt)

Montana Fishburne (born September 7, 1991 (birth time source: email)) also known by her stage name Chippy D., is an American adult film actress. She entered the adult film industry in 2010 at the age of 18. Personal life Fishburne was born to mainstream actors Laurence Fishburne and Hajna O.

Author: Unknown authorUnknown author
Credits: Datenbank Tripota in der Wissenschaftlichen Bibliothek der Stadt Trier/Stadtarchiv
Licence: Public domain
Born:Wednesday, July 24, 1895
In:Wimbledon (United Kingdom)
Sun: 0°59' LeoAS: 2°17' Leo
Moon:28°25' Leo MC: 8°39' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Cancer, Scorpio
Sun, Jupiter, Uranus
Houses 1, 2, 12 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 9
Pageviews: 24,013
Biography of Robert Graves (excerpt)

Robert von Ranke Graves (24 July 1895 – 7 December 1985) was an English poet, scholar, and novelist. During his long life, he produced more than 140 works. He was the son of the Anglo-Irish writer Alfred Perceval Graves and Amalie von Ranke.

Author: After Peter Paul Rubens
Credits: not provided by the uploader: Huelam987 (talk)
Licence: Public domain
Born:Saturday, September 22, 1601
In:Valladolid (Spain)
Sun: 28°58' VirgoAS: 8°05' Leo
Moon:5°33' Leo MC: 25°17' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Virgo, Aries
Moon, Mars, Pluto
Houses 12, 3, 10 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Numerology: Birth Path 3
Pageviews: 23,927
Biography of Anne of Austria (excerpt)

Anne of Austria (September 22, 1601 - January 20, 1666) was Queen Consort of France and Navarre and regent for her son, Louis XIV of France. During her relatively brief regency (1643–1651) Cardinal Mazarin served as France's chief minister. Queen consort of France

Born:Saturday, June 21, 1947
In:Pasadena (CA) (United States)
Sun: 29°27' GeminiAS: 14°29' Leo
Moon:8°51' Leo MC: 7°44' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Gemini, Taurus
Pluto, Moon, Saturn
Houses 12, 10, 11 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Pig
Numerology: Birth Path 3
Height: Meredith Baxter is 5' 7" (1m70) tall
Pageviews: 23,543
Biography of Meredith Baxter (excerpt)

Meredith Baxter (born June 21, 1947 in South Pasadena, California) is an American actress. Her mother was the late actress and sitcom creator Whitney Blake, and her father is Tom Baxter, who worked in radio. Her stepfather is sitcom writer, Allan Manings.

Born:Thursday, April 24, 1969
In:Dana Point (CA) (United States)
Sun: 4°28' TaurusAS: 20°39' Leo
Moon:4°49' Leo MC: 15°35' Taurus
Dominants: Taurus, Leo, Virgo
Sun, Mercury, Neptune
Houses 9, 2, 10 / Earth, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rooster
Numerology: Birth Path 8
Height: Melinda Clarke is 5' 7" (1m70) tall
Pageviews: 23,514
Biography of Melinda Clarke (excerpt)

Melinda P. Clarke (born April 24, 1969) is an American actress who has worked on television series and independent films. Personal life Clarke was born in Dana Point, California to John Clarke, an actor, and Patricia (Lewis), a ballet dancer. She has a brother, Joshua, and a daughter, Kathryn Grace, with husband Ernie Mirich.

Fernand Raynaud born May 19, 1926
Johann Friedrich von Schiller born November 10, 1759
Dennis Wilson born December 4, 1944
Jean-Claude Killy born August 30, 1943
Dominique Ingres born August 29, 1780
Katia Ricciarelli born January 18, 1946
Michel Le Royer born August 31, 1932
Robert Charlebois born June 25, 1944
Michael Lonsdale born May 24, 1931
Lapo Elkann born October 7, 1977
P. T. Barnum born July 5, 1810
Lou Diamond Phillips born February 17, 1962
John Updike born March 18, 1932
Cherie Blair born September 23, 1954
Franco Battiato born March 23, 1945
Gonzague Saint Bris born January 26, 1948
Jean Carmet born April 25, 1920
Jacky Ickx born January 1, 1945
Jörg Immendorff born June 14, 1945
Erich Hückel born August 9, 1896
Swami Paramananda Saraswati born July 15, 1915
Dimitra Papandreou born April 29, 1955
Tracey E. Bregman born May 29, 1963
Bartabas born June 2, 1957
Laure Marsac born February 18, 1970
Alois Irlmaier born June 8, 1894
Claude Évin born June 29, 1949
Jesse Garon born August 1, 1962
Tem Tarriktar born August 7, 1956
Johannes von Müller born January 3, 1752
Jules Bianchi born August 3, 1989
Margaret Sanger born September 14, 1879
Sébastien Squillaci born August 11, 1980
Simone Rozès born March 29, 1920
François Boquel born August 15, 1928
Wyatt Russell born July 10, 1986
Steeve Estatof born October 29, 1972
Willa Cather born December 7, 1873
Hervé Bourges born May 2, 1933
Jean-Marie Rivière born May 18, 1926
Erika Köth born September 15, 1925
Anne Toth born August 3, 1940
Eugene (Oregon) born October 17, 1862
Thierry Jonquet born January 19, 1954
Théodore Botrel born September 14, 1868
Jean-Philippe Gatien born October 16, 1968
Edward Smith born January 27, 1850
Fabiano Caruana born July 30, 1992
Michèle Delaunay born January 8, 1947
François Loos born December 24, 1953
Stephen Nichols born February 19, 1951
Czechoslovakia born October 28, 1918
Jean-Jacques Jégou born March 24, 1945
James II of England born October 24, 1633
Élisabeth Buffet born June 5, 1965
Eleonora Duse born October 3, 1858
Icaro (Star Academy) born September 21, 1984
Thomas Sotto born July 2, 1973
Denise Noël born May 5, 1922
Taylor Hackford born December 31, 1944
Christian Saincène born September 3, 1945
Tony Hancock born May 12, 1924
André Essel born September 4, 1918
Michel Trudeau born October 2, 1975
François Gerbaud born April 10, 1927
Marie-Pierre Koenig born October 10, 1898
Richard Atcheson born August 10, 1934
Elie Lison born July 11, 1945
Jim Clark born March 4, 1936
Jan Leeming born January 5, 1942
Jules Laforgue born August 16, 1860
Herculine Barbin born November 8, 1838
Denise Glaser born November 30, 1920
Willy Denzey born August 19, 1982
Eric Douglas born June 21, 1958
Éloyse Lesueur born July 15, 1988
Jean Maurel born November 10, 1960
Carol Cady born June 6, 1962
Jeannot Hoareau born April 25, 1950
Rainer Lemke born August 1, 1962
Jean-Didier Vincent born June 7, 1935
Hélie de Saint Marc born February 11, 1922
André Gerin born January 19, 1946
Eugene Robinson born May 28, 1963
Shane Gould born November 23, 1956
Frédéric Lefèvre born May 7, 1889
Frankie Howerd born March 6, 1917
Yann Martel born June 25, 1963
Margot Zemach born November 30, 1931
Jean Jouzel born March 5, 1947
Princess Carolina, Marchioness of Sala born June 23, 1974
Concorde (supersonic jet): first fly born March 2, 1969
Veerle Baetens born January 24, 1978
Pierre Villepreux born July 5, 1943
Christian Marquand born March 15, 1927
Michael Colvin born September 27, 1932
Munich massacre born September 5, 1972
Victoria de Los Angeles born November 1, 1923
Thomas Gallagher born February 23, 1918
Tony Musulin born June 8, 1970
Lorne Worsley born May 14, 1929
Ida Rolf born May 19, 1896
Lionel Roux born April 12, 1973
Suriname born November 25, 1975
Charles Ailleret born March 26, 1907
Lee Elder born July 14, 1934
Claudio Villa born January 1, 1926
Neil Kinnock born March 28, 1942
Harry Cohen born December 10, 1949
Alejo Carpentier born December 26, 1904
Philippe Dessertine born October 12, 1963
David Koubbi born November 26, 1972
Bruno Walter born September 15, 1876
Armand Lanoux born October 24, 1913
Maria Mauban born May 10, 1924
Pierre Bertin born October 24, 1891
Luce Fabiole born May 30, 1892
Mary Wells Lawrence born May 25, 1928
Eleanor Clark born July 6, 1913
Nicolas Chamfort born April 6, 1740
Roger Gilbert-Lecomte born May 18, 1907
Doug Bair born August 22, 1949
Ronald Chisholm born January 26, 1910
Ellen Terry born February 27, 1847
Pat Harris born May 20, 1953
Holly Dale born December 23, 1953
Terry Richard born July 30, 1954
Ray Nitschke born December 29, 1936
Dennis Crosby born July 13, 1934
Daria de Martynoff born April 1, 1947
Gregor Strasser born May 31, 1892
Julio Gallo born March 21, 1910
Henry Bauchau born January 22, 1913
Barbara Sukowa born February 2, 1950
Frank MacFarlane Burnet born September 3, 1899
Francis Lorentz born May 22, 1942
Ronald Searle born March 3, 1920
Gustav Schwickert born June 17, 1885
Thierry Marie born June 25, 1963
Joseph Guillemot born October 1, 1899
Johann Carion born March 22, 1499
Henri Frenay born November 19, 1905
Monty (French singer) born February 18, 1943
Marc Foucan born October 14, 1971
Emma Nicholson born October 16, 1941
John Howard (actor) born April 14, 1913
Frédéric Péchenard born March 12, 1957
Pierre Epstein born July 27, 1930
Henry Luce born April 3, 1898
Loris Fortuna born January 22, 1924
Bruce Mason born September 28, 1921
Chuan Leekpai born July 28, 1938
Alexandre Becquerel born March 24, 1820
Jyri Vahvanen born July 7, 1978
Karl Baisch born January 28, 1869
Theobald Ziegler born February 9, 1846
Jim Gross born October 9, 1936
Judy Cornwell born February 22, 1940
Rudy Salles born July 30, 1954
Julie Leclerc born July 11, 1945
Yves Rome born April 25, 1950
Philip Berrigan born October 5, 1923
Walter Annenberg born March 13, 1908
Dorothy Tutin born April 8, 1930
Yves du Manoir born August 11, 1904
Christopher Peterson born November 18, 1962
Vincenza Tomaselli born October 1, 1937
Jan Konrad born May 21, 1942
Hendrik Marsman born September 30, 1899
Francis Mer born May 25, 1939
William Peers born March 17, 1924
Teddy Taylor born April 18, 1937
Marc Eemans born June 16, 1907
Heinrich Altherr born April 11, 1878
Omer Letorey born May 4, 1873
Christian Gaudin born January 26, 1967
Elisabeth Schumann born June 13, 1888
Gila Goldstein born May 7, 1965
James Blades born September 9, 1901
Jean Delumeau born June 18, 1923
Brigitte Elisabeth Traing born January 23, 1924
Guy Hermier born February 22, 1940
Maurice Gudin de Vallerin born March 15, 1897
Francis Burnand born November 29, 1836
Jean-Michel Cousteau born May 6, 1938
Phillip Crosby born July 13, 1934
Stefan Andres born June 26, 1906
Christophe Mali born August 25, 1976
Jean-Claude Mignon born February 2, 1950
Julie Bresset born June 9, 1989
Lucas Pouille born February 23, 1994
Jean-David Morvan born November 28, 1969
Serge Lehman born July 12, 1964
Raymond Duncan born October 31, 1874
Paul-Gabriel d'Haussonville born September 21, 1843
Flavio Bucci born May 25, 1947
Marco Minghetti born November 18, 1818
Louis-Thomas Jurdant born December 30, 1909
Armand Eloi born August 29, 1962
Christine Dory born May 11, 1962
Bregje Heinen born March 5, 1993
John Roosevelt Boettiger born March 30, 1939
H. Douglas Miller born May 19, 1926
Pietro Rava born January 21, 1916
Jean Pierre-Bloch born April 14, 1905
Sébastien Lecornu born June 11, 1986
André Fleury (organist) born July 25, 1903
Jean-Claude Mas born May 24, 1939
Brett Swain (American football) born June 21, 1985
Ralph Klein born November 1, 1942
Inés Arrimadas born July 3, 1981
Regina Jonas born August 3, 1902
Albert Beaucamp born May 13, 1921
Robert Peugeot born April 25, 1950
Philippe Beaussant born May 6, 1930
Georges Thill born December 14, 1897
JP Sears born April 12, 1981
Jean Nicolas born June 9, 1913
Nathalie Elimas born June 5, 1973
Cécile Rol-Tanguy born April 10, 1919
Jacques Brunius born September 16, 1906
Günther Krupkat born July 5, 1905
Jean-Romain Lefèvre born April 6, 1819
Anni Albers born June 12, 1899
Jean Roulland born March 29, 1931
Michel Marot (architect) born January 29, 1926
Léon Bernard born February 26, 1877
Juliette Élise Bataille born June 15, 1896
John Fund born April 8, 1957
Arthur Smith (American football) born May 27, 1982
Dave Tough (record producer) born June 30, 1976
Marsai Martin born August 14, 2004
Márcio Santoro born August 29, 1970
Blanca Magrassi Scagno born November 29, 1923
Ravi Kishan born July 17, 1969
Guy Piau born May 6, 1930
Anna Miserocchi born June 26, 1925
Kurt Tucholsky born January 9, 1890
Meghan Agosta born February 12, 1987
Bernard Besançon born October 20, 1946
Andrée Brabant born May 23, 1901
Amanda Ooms born September 5, 1964
Marcin Swietlicki born December 24, 1961
Ingeborg Lüsche born June 22, 1936
Bruce Alger born June 12, 1918
Giuseppe Gola (botanist) born February 26, 1877
Sergio Ferrentino born August 7, 1956
Giuseppe Checchia Rispoli born April 21, 1877
Herbert W. Ehrgott born October 31, 1904
Nicolas Manaudou born October 9, 1985
Iván de la Peña born May 6, 1976
Yann Goulet born August 20, 1914
Paulo Sousa born August 30, 1970
Moreno Torricelli born January 23, 1970
Jason Day (actor) born July 8, 1986
Jean Randier born July 13, 1926

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