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Born:Friday, November 6, 1925
In:Mineral City (OH) (United States)
Sun: 14°06' Scorpio AS: 29°20' Gemini
Moon:26°55' Cancer MC: 6°44' Pisces
Dominants: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
Venus, Neptune, Moon
Houses 5, 7, 2 / Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Height: Bob Addis is 6' (1m83) tall
Popularity: 6,155 clicks, 26,061st man, 37,601st celebrity
Biography of Bob Addis (excerpt)

Robert Gordon Addis, (born November 6, 1925, in Mineral City, Ohio), more commonly known as Bob Addis, was a Major League outfielder. Career Breaking into the big leagues at age 24, on September 1, 1950, Addis played his first game for the Boston Braves.

Born:Sunday, July 8, 1923
In:Cleveland (OH) (United States)
Sun: 15°19' Cancer AS: 14°28' Leo
Moon:11°56' Taurus MC: 3°59' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Taurus, Cancer
Neptune, Moon, Sun
Houses 11, 12, 10 / Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Height: Harrison Dillard is 5' 10" (1m78) tall
Popularity: 6,148 clicks, 26,107th man, 37,661st celebrity
Biography of Harrison Dillard (excerpt)

William Harrison Dillard (born July 8, 1923) is an American track and field athlete, only the second male so far to win Olympic titles in both sprinting and hurdling events. Dillard was born in Cleveland, Ohio, attended East Technical High School.

Born:Saturday, January 6, 1900
In:Chasselay (69) (France)
Sun: 15°17' Capricorn AS: 24°33' Libra
Moon:16°16' Pisces MC: 0°29' Leo
Dominants: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Libra
Venus, Sun, Neptune
Houses 3, 4, 5 / Air, Fire / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 6,146 clicks, 26,114th man, 37,669th celebrity
Biography of Pierre-Octave Ferroud (excerpt)

Pierre-Octave Ferroud, born January 6, 1900 in Chasselay near Lyon, died August 17, 1936 in Debrecen (Hungary) (car crash), was a French musician, author and composer. Selected works Andante cordial Types (Vieux Beau - Bourgeoise de qualité - Businessman)(1922-1924) Foules (1922-1924) Sérénade Chirugie 1927 (opéra-comique) Jeunesse (1929-1933) (ballet en deux tableaux) Chansons de Fous Sonnerie pour le Hérault (1935) le Porcher (1924) {ballet} l'éventail de Jeanne (1927) (ballet) Monte-Carlo (1928) Sérénade pour orchestre (1927) Symphonie en la (1930) Chirurgie vers.

Born:Sunday, March 31, 1889
In:Villemomble (93) (France)
Sun: 10°48' Aries AS: 10°39' Gemini
Moon:9°01' Aries MC: 8°57' Aquarius
Dominants: Gemini, Aries, Taurus
Saturn, Pluto, Sun
Houses 11, 12, 4 / Air, Fire / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 6,144 clicks, 26,133rd man, 37,689th celebrity
Biography of Charles Braibant (excerpt)

Charles Braibant (March 31, 1889 (birth time source: Lescaut) - April 23, 1976) was a French archivist. Works Le roi dort, Denoël, 1933 Du boulangisme au Panama : le secret d'Anatole France, Denoël, 1935 Le Soleil de mars, Denoël, 1938 Le Rire des Dieux, Corrëa, 1942 Mer franque, Jean Vigneau, 1942 La guerre à Paris (8 nov.

Born:Saturday, December 9, 1933
In:London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 16°46' Sagittarius AS: 5°45' Sagittarius
Moon:5°38' Virgo MC: 3°26' Libra
Dominants: Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius
Jupiter, Mercury, Venus
Houses 2, 10, 9 / Air, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 6,143 clicks, 26,141st man, 37,698th celebrity
Biography of Ashleigh Brilliant (excerpt)

Ashleigh Ellwood Brilliant (born December 9, 1933 in London, England) is an author and syndicated cartoonist living in Santa Barbara, California. He is best known for his Pot-Shots, single-panel illustrations with one-line humorous remarks, which began syndication in the United States in 1975.

Born:Tuesday, October 15, 1816
In:Ploemeur (56) (France)
Sun: 22°14' Libra AS: 18°50' Aries
Moon:9°28' Leo MC: 8°26' Capricorn
Dominants: Libra, Scorpio, Aries
Mars, Sun, Saturn
Houses 7, 5, 11 / Air, Fire / Cardinal
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 6,143 clicks, 26,145th man, 37,704th celebrity
Biography of Henri Dupuy de Lome (excerpt)

Stanislas Charles Henri Dupuy de Lôme (15 October 1816 - 1 February 1885) was a French naval architect of the 19th century, and arguably France's greatest naval architect ever. He was the son of a naval officer and was born in Ploemeur near Lorient, Brittany, in western France.

Born:Friday, April 11, 1862
In:Glens Falls (NY) (United States)
Sun: 21°55' Aries AS: 25°47' Scorpio
Moon:17°32' Virgo MC: 11°11' Virgo
Dominants: Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio
Saturn, Venus, Moon
Houses 10, 3, 4 / Earth, Water / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 6,142 clicks, 26,149th man, 37,709th celebrity
Biography of Charles Evans Hughes (excerpt)

Charles Evans Hughes Sr. (April 11, 1862 – August 27, 1948) was a lawyer and Republican politician from the State of New York. He served as the 36th Governor of New York (1907-1910), United States Secretary of State (1921-1925), Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (1910-1916) and Chief Justice of the United States (1930-1941).

Born:Thursday, April 9, 1942
In:Lima (OH) (United States)
Sun: 19°17' Aries AS: 18°17' Leo
Moon:9°41' Aquarius MC: 9°26' Taurus
Dominants: Aries, Leo, Taurus
Sun, Moon, Venus
Houses 9, 11, 6 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Popularity: 6,133 clicks, 26,217th man, 37,797th celebrity
Biography of Tom Shanks (excerpt)

Tom Shanks, born April 9, 1942 in Lima, Ohio, is an American computer programmer. He is the research director of ACS (Astro-Computing Service).

Born:Friday, March 26, 1852
In:Manosque (04) (France)
Sun: 5°52' Aries AS: 13°45' Gemini
Moon:6°57' Gemini MC: 16°31' Aquarius
Dominants: Gemini, Aries, Taurus
Moon, Mercury, Venus
Houses 12, 11, 3 / Air, Fire / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 6,132 clicks, 26,234th man, 37,814th celebrity
Biography of Elemir Bourges (excerpt)

Élémir Bourges (March 26, 1852 (birth time source: Didier Geslain, birth certificate) - November 13, 1925) was a French novelist. A winner of the Goncourt Prize, he was also a member of the Académie Goncourt. Bourges, who accused the Naturalists of having "belittled and deformed man", was closely linked with the Decadent and Symbolist modes in literature.

Born:Friday, December 2, 1938
In:Lower Hutt (New Zealand)
Sun: 8°44' Sagittarius AS: 8°12' Libra
Moon:24°44' Pisces MC: 4°18' Cancer
Dominants: Sagittarius, Libra, Pisces
Moon, Venus, Saturn
Houses 6, 2, 3 / Water, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Earth Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 6,131 clicks, 26,238th man, 37,821st celebrity
Biography of Jonathan Hunt (excerpt)

Jonathan Lucas Hunt, ONZ (born 2 December 1938) is a New Zealand politician, and was New Zealand's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom from 2005 to March 2008 . He formerly served as Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives.

Born:Friday, April 1, 1960
In:Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Sun: 12°01' Aries AS: 23°41' Cancer
Moon:14°14' Gemini MC: 13°40' Taurus
Dominants: Pisces, Capricorn, Gemini
Saturn, Moon, Venus
Houses 8, 6, 11 / Water, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Height: Marcelo Tinelli is 6' 1½" (1m87) tall
Popularity: 6,129 clicks, 26,265th man, 37,849th celebrity
Biography of Marcelo Tinelli (excerpt)

Marcelo Hugo Tinelli (born April 1, 1960, in Buenos Aires Province (birth time source: http://cartasastralesdefamosos.blogspot.com.ar/2014/01/informe-astrologico-infantil-para.html)), is an Argentine TV host, media producer and businessman, best known as the host of the TV show ShowMatch broadcast on Argentina's El Trece. He is one of the most iconic figures in Argentina's television.

Born:Sunday, June 15, 1919
In:Milwaukee (WI) (United States)
Sun: 23°36' Gemini AS: 9°23' Libra
Moon:17°30' Capricorn MC: 11°07' Cancer
Dominants: Gemini, Cancer, Leo
Pluto, Mercury, Venus
Houses 9, 10, 4 / Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 6,125 clicks, 26,282nd man, 37,876th celebrity
Biography of Ben Keller (excerpt)

Ben Keller, born on June 15, 1919 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is an American philanthropist and publicity rep.

Event:Tuesday, July 22, 1890
In:Bournemouth (United Kingdom)
Sun: 29°06' Cancer AS: 25°31' Taurus
Moon:23°23' Virgo MC: 26°03' Capricorn
Dominants: Cancer, Virgo, Taurus
Mercury, Mars, Sun
Houses 4, 5, 7 / Earth, Water / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Popularity: 6,123 clicks, 555th event
Born:Saturday, March 30, 1805
In:Lille (59) (France)
Sun: 9°47' Aries AS: 26°12' Scorpio
Moon:9°33' Aries MC: 18°13' Virgo
Dominants: Aries, Scorpio, Pisces
Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter
Houses 4, 1, 3 / Fire, Water / Cardinal
Numerology: Birthpath 2
Popularity: 6,121 clicks, 26,308th man, 37,908th celebrity
Biography of Joseph Gratry (excerpt)

Auguste Joseph Alphonse Gratry (30 March 1805 − 6 February 1872) was a French author and theologian. Gratry was born at Lille and educated at the École Polytechnique of Paris. After a period of mental struggle which he has described in Souvenirs de ma jeunesse, he was ordained priest in 1832.

Born:Sunday, March 8, 1953
In:Anderson (SC) (United States)
Sun: 17°25' Pisces AS: 22°59' Sagittarius
Moon:11°42' Sagittarius MC: 10°23' Libra
Dominants: Aries, Sagittarius, Libra
Mars, Jupiter, Neptune
Houses 4, 3, 10 / Fire, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Jim Rice is 6' 2" (1m88) tall
Popularity: 6,110 clicks, 26,402nd man, 38,029th celebrity
Biography of Jim Rice (excerpt)

James Edward "Jim" Rice (born March 8, 1953 (birth time source: Gauquelin), nicknamed "Jim Ed", is a former Major League Baseball left fielder. Jim Rice played his entire career for the Boston Red Sox from 1974 to 1989. An 8-time American League (AL) All-Star, he was named the AL's Most Valuable Player in 1978 after becoming the first major league player in 19 years to hit for 400 total bases, and went on to become the ninth player to lead the major leagues in total bases in consecutive seasons, and join Ty Cobb as one of two players to lead the AL in total bases three years in a row.

Born:Wednesday, March 19, 1890
In:Galashiels (United Kingdom)
Sun: 28°40' Pisces AS: 13°36' Taurus
Moon:7°35' Pisces MC: 15°11' Capricorn
Dominants: Pisces, Taurus, Gemini
Neptune, Venus, Saturn
Houses 12, 1, 7 / Water, Fire / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 4
Popularity: 6,108 clicks, 26,411th man, 38,042nd celebrity
Biography of Walter Mercer (excerpt)

Walter Mercer, born March 19, 1890 in Galashiels, is a Scottish surgeon, professor of orthopedic surgery and writer.

Born:Tuesday, October 13, 1936
In:Saint Louis (MO) (United States)
Sun: 20°01' Libra AS: 4°34' Scorpio
Moon:29°33' Virgo MC: 10°31' Leo
Dominants: Scorpio, Virgo, Libra
Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter
Houses 11, 12, 9 / Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 6,105 clicks, 26,434th man, 38,079th celebrity
Biography of Donald McHenry (excerpt)

Donald Franchot McHenry (October 13, 1936 - ) was the United States Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations from September 1979 until January 20, 1981. Biography McHenry was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and grew up across the river in East St.

Born:Tuesday, June 9, 1914
In:Paris 6e (France)
Sun: 18°07' Gemini AS: 24°22' Sagittarius
Moon:9°46' Capricorn MC: 25°17' Libra
Dominants: Cancer, Gemini, Aquarius
Saturn, Jupiter, Sun
Houses 7, 6, 2 / Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 6,102 clicks, 26,457th man, 38,104th celebrity
Biography of Jacques Fauvet (excerpt)

Jacques Fauvet, born on June 9, 1914 in Paris, died on June 1, 2002 in Paris, was a French journalist and author. He was the Director of Le Monde (1969–1981). Works Les Partis dans la France actuelle, 1947 Les Forces politiques en France, 1951 La France déchirée, 1957 La IVe République, 1959 La Fronde des généraux, 1961 Histoire du parti communiste français, 1964-1965 Bibliography Patrick Éveno, Histoire du journal Le Monde, 1944 - 2004, Albin Michel, 2004.

Born:Friday, March 2, 1804
In:Paris (France)
Sun: 11°17' Pisces AS: 1°31' Sagittarius
Moon:12°28' Scorpio MC: 24°13' Virgo
Dominants: Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces
Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter
Houses 3, 11, 10 / Water, Air / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 6,101 clicks, 26,463rd man, 38,111th celebrity
Biography of Auguste Raffet (excerpt)

Denis Auguste Marie Raffet (March 2, 1804 – February 16, 1860) was a French illustrator and lithographer. He was a student of Nicolas Toussaint Charlet, and was a retrospective painter of the Empire. Biography Raffet was born in Paris. At an early age he was apprenticed to a wood turner, but took up the study of art at evening classes.

Born:Sunday, April 30, 1939
In:Schiedam (Netherlands)
Sun: 9°23' Taurus AS: 29°41' Virgo
Moon:0°40' Libra MC: 29°35' Gemini
Dominants: Aries, Virgo, Libra
Moon, Mercury, Jupiter
Houses 7, 1, 8 / Earth, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Popularity: 6,098 clicks, 26,483rd man, 38,135th celebrity
Biography of Pieter van Vollenhoven (excerpt)

Pieter van Vollenhoven, Jr. (born 30 April 1939) is the husband of Princess Margriet of the Netherlands. Early life and career Born in Schiedam, he is the second son of Pieter van Vollenhoven, Sr. (1897-1977) and his wife Jacoba Gijsbertha Stuyling de Lange (1906-1983).

Born:Wednesday, June 23, 1920
In:Dalmaranock (United Kingdom)
Sun: 1°41' Cancer AS: 28°07' Virgo
Moon:4°16' Libra MC: 27°24' Gemini
Dominants: Cancer, Gemini, Libra
Venus, Sun, Moon
Houses 10, 1, 11 / Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 6,097 clicks, 26,493rd man, 38,148th celebrity
Biography of Alexander Eadie (excerpt)

Alexander Eadie (born 23 June 1920), known as Alex Eadie, is a British Labour politician. Eadie was educated at Buckhaven Senior Secondary School, Fife, and was a miners' agent. He served as a member of the Scottish Labour Party executive and as a councillor on Fife County Council, chairing the housing and education committees.

Born:Friday, July 8, 1910
In:Bertha (MN) (United States)
Sun: 16°05' Cancer AS: 15°05' Pisces
Moon:16°03' Leo MC: 23°04' Sagittarius
Dominants: Cancer, Leo, Gemini
Neptune, Pluto, Sun
Houses 5, 6, 4 / Water, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 6,092 clicks, 26,537th man, 38,201st celebrity
Biography of Wallace A. Sherrill (excerpt)

Wallace A. Sherrill, born July 8, 1910 in Bertha, Minnesota, is an American astrologer and author.

Born:Saturday, April 18, 1987
In:Châteauroux (36) (France)
Sun: 27°30' Aries AS: 26°21' Capricorn
Moon:19°26' Sagittarius MC: 24°41' Scorpio
Dominants: Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Saturn, Pluto, Venus
Houses 2, 11, 3 / Fire, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Kevin Sireau is 6' 2" (1m88) tall
Popularity: 6,088 clicks, 26,568th man, 38,240th celebrity
Biography of Kevin Sireau (excerpt)

Kévin Sireau (born April 18, 1987 in Châteauroux birth time source: Didier Geslain)) is a French professional racing cyclist. Height: 1m88 Weight: 90 KG Career highlights 2003 3rd, National Championship, Track, Sprint, Novices, France (FRA) 2004 2nd, National Championship, Track, Sprint, Juniors, France (FRA) 2005 1st, National Championship, Track, 1 km, Juniors, France (FRA) 1st, National Championship, Track, Sprint, Juniors, France (FRA) 1st, National Championship, Track, Team Sprint, Elite, France, Hyères (FRA) 1st, European Championship, Track, Team Sprint,.

Born:Friday, May 17, 1867
In:Paris 5e (France)
Sun: 26°00' Taurus AS: 12°44' Leo
Moon:12°57' Scorpio MC: 26°40' Aries
Dominants: Leo, Taurus, Aries
Mars, Venus, Sun
Houses 10, 12, 9 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 6,083 clicks, 26,606th man, 38,287th celebrity
Biography of Gabriel Bertrand (excerpt)

Gabriel Bertrand, born May 17, 1867 in Paris, died June 20, 1962, was a French chemist and biologist.

Event:Monday, May 3, 1535 (Julian cal.)
In:La Paz (Mexico)
Sun: 21°37' Taurus AS: 13°35' Gemini
Moon:6°37' Gemini MC: 29°21' Aquarius
Dominants: Gemini, Aries, Aquarius
Mercury, Venus, Moon
Houses 12, 11, 10 / Air, Fire / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 22
Popularity: 6,082 clicks, 558th event
Born:Saturday, July 15, 1939
In:Milwaukee (WI) (United States)
Sun: 22°13' Cancer AS: 13°38' Virgo
Moon:4°42' Cancer MC: 10°28' Gemini
Dominants: Cancer, Virgo, Leo
Mercury, Moon, Neptune
Houses 10, 11, 12 / Water, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Don Kojis is 6' 3" (1m91) tall
Popularity: 6,081 clicks, 26,629th man, 38,314th celebrity
Biography of Don Kojis (excerpt)

Donald R. Kojis (born July 15, 1939 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (birth time source: Nolle)) was a professional basketball player who attended Marquette University and was drafted by the Chicago Packers in the 2nd round (12th pick) of the 1961 NBA Draft.

Born:Sunday, January 4, 1959
In:Boulogne-Billancourt (92) (France)
Sun: 13°44' Capricorn AS: 1°38' Virgo
Moon:15°15' Scorpio MC: 23°19' Taurus
Dominants: Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus
Pluto, Mars, Jupiter
Houses 5, 4, 3 / Earth, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Popularity: 6,075 clicks, 26,675th man, 38,368th celebrity
Biography of François Olivennes (excerpt)

François Olivennes was born on 4 January 1959 in Boulogne-Billancourt, France (birth time source: Astrotheme, Didier Excoffon, acte n° 50). He is an obstetrician and gynaecologist, specialising in in Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and reproductive medicine. Early life François Olivennes grew up in Paris.

Born:Friday, March 15, 1935
In:Fredericton (NB) (Canada)
Sun: 23°39' Pisces AS: 28°31' Scorpio
Moon:28°43' Cancer MC: 17°10' Virgo
Dominants: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces
Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune
Houses 8, 4, 3 / Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 6,072 clicks, 11,700th woman, 38,391st celebrity
Biography of Mary Pratt (excerpt)

Mary Frances Pratt, CC (née West) (born 15 March 1935 in Fredericton, New Brunswick) is a Canadian painter specializing in still life paintings. She is the daughter of attorney William J. West, who served as the Minister of Justice of New Brunswick from 1952 to 1958.

Born:Sunday, March 22, 1891
In:Paris (France)
Sun: 1°20' Aries AS: 29°00' Pisces
Moon:25°14' Leo MC: 29°34' Sagittarius
Dominants: Pisces, Aries, Gemini
Sun, Mercury, Neptune
Houses 1, 12, 6 / Water, Fire / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 6,072 clicks, 26,692nd man, 38,394th celebrity
Biography of Alexis Roland-Manuel (excerpt)

Alexis Roland-Manuel (22 March 1891 – 2 November 1966) was a French composer and critic, though he is remembered mainly for his work in the latter area. He was born Roland Alexis Manuel Lévy in Paris, to a family of Belgian and Jewish origins.

Born:Tuesday, December 19, 1905
In:Nîmes (30) (France)
Sun: 27°14' Sagittarius AS: 2°31' Leo
Moon:0°50' Libra MC: 16°04' Aries
Dominants: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo
Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Houses 5, 8, 11 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 6,067 clicks, 26,725th man, 38,429th celebrity
Biography of Carlo Rim (excerpt)

Carlo Rim, born Jean Marius Richard December 19, 1905 in Nîmes (birth time source: Steinbrecher, Astrodatabank, birth certificate), and died December 3, 1989 in Peypin, was a French novelist, screenwriter, film director, journalist, and also artist and illustrator. Selected filmography as screenwriter or film director: * 1935: Justin de Marseille (scénariste et dialoguiste) de Maurice Tourneur, avec Antonin Berval, Pierre Larquey, Ghislaine Bru * 1936 : Le Mort en fuite (dialoguiste) d'André Berthomieu, avec Jules Berry, Michel Simon, Marie Glory * 1937: Hercule (scénariste puis co-réalisateur après l'abandon de Jean Grémillon), avec Fernandel, Gaby Morlay, Jules Berry, Pierre Brasseur

Born:Thursday, March 7, 1889
In:Macon (MS) (United States)
Sun: 17°22' Pisces AS: 26°17' Gemini
Moon:25°26' Taurus MC: 7°53' Pisces
Dominants: Taurus, Pisces, Gemini
Mercury, Neptune, Venus
Houses 12, 11, 9 / Earth, Air / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 6,064 clicks, 26,742nd man, 38,449th celebrity
Biography of Ben Ames Williams (excerpt)

Ben Ames Williams (7 March 1889 – 4 February 1953) American writer who published over thirty novels, including All the Brothers Were Valiant (1919), The Strange Woman (1945), House Divided (1947), Leave Her to Heaven (1944), and Come Spring (1940). His writing traversed a wide range of genres and evinced considerable expertise in a number of divergent fields.

Born:Wednesday, October 8, 1919
In:Columbus (OH) (United States)
Sun: 14°07' Libra AS: 6°26' Libra
Moon:28°57' Pisces MC: 7°23' Cancer
Dominants: Libra, Cancer, Leo
Pluto, Moon, Sun
Houses 11, 1, 6 / Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Bob Gillespie (baseball) is 6' 4" (1m93) tall
Popularity: 6,064 clicks, 26,747th man, 38,455th celebrity
Biography of Bob Gillespie (baseball) (excerpt)

Robert William Gillespie (October 8, 1919 (source: Steinbrecher, birth certificate) - November 4, 2001) was a pitcher in Major League Baseball who played between 1944 and 1950 for the Detroit Tigers (1944), Chicago White Sox (1947–48) and Boston Red Sox (1950).

Born:Saturday, February 17, 1894
In:Pont-de-Cheruy (38) (France)
Sun: 28°36' Aquarius AS: 7°49' Aquarius
Moon:19°27' Cancer MC: 2°12' Sagittarius
Dominants: Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer
Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune
Houses 1, 4, 6 / Air, Water / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 6,059 clicks, 26,781st man, 38,498th celebrity
Biography of Pierre Scize (excerpt)

Pierre Scize, born Michel-Joseph Piot on February 17, 1894 in Pont-de-Chéruy, died in 1956 in Melbourne (accident), was a French journalist.

Born:Thursday, October 30, 1924
In:Cornimont, Vosges (France)
Sun: 7°10' Scorpio AS: 24°23' Cancer
Moon:13°00' Sagittarius MC: 0°48' Aries
Dominants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Cancer
Jupiter, Moon, Pluto
Houses 5, 4, 9 / Water, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 2
Popularity: 6,056 clicks, 26,806th man, 38,527th celebrity
Biography of Hubert Curien (excerpt)

Hubert Curien (October 30, 1924 - February 6, 2005) was a French physicist and a key figure in European science politics, as the President of CERN (1994-1996), the first chairman of the European Space Agency (ESA) (1981-1984), and the second President of the Academia Europæa.

Born:Tuesday, December 9, 1947
In:Aberdeen (SD) (United States)
Sun: 16°54' Sagittarius AS: 15°24' Aries
Moon:15°50' Scorpio MC: 7°20' Capricorn
Dominants: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aries
Venus, Neptune, Jupiter
Houses 6, 10, 8 / Fire, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 6,055 clicks, 26,814th man, 38,537th celebrity
Biography of Tom Daschle (excerpt)

Thomas Andrew Daschle (born December 9, 1947) is a former U.S. Senator Senate Majority Leader from South Dakota. He is a member of the Democratic Party. He was President Barack Obama's nominee to serve as the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) in Obama's Cabinet, but withdrew his name on February 3, over unpaid income taxes of $140,000.

Born:Tuesday, February 13, 1923
In:Chicago (IL) (United States)
Sun: 24°13' Aquarius AS: 13°27' Leo
Moon:2°41' Aquarius MC: 2°26' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Aquarius, Capricorn
Neptune, Mars, Sun
Houses 6, 1, 7 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 6,053 clicks, 26,822nd man, 38,546th celebrity
Biography of Michael Anthony Bilandic (excerpt)

Michael Anthony Bilandic (February 13, 1923 – January 15, 2002) was an Illinois politician who served as the mayor of Chicago, Illinois and as Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court. He was a member of the Democratic Party. Bilandic practiced law in Chicago for several years having graduated from the DePaul University College of Law.

Born:Thursday, March 13, 1902
In:Frévent (62) (France)
Sun: 22°13' Pisces AS: 19°24' Virgo
Moon:9°54' Taurus MC: 16°22' Gemini
Dominants: Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini
Pluto, Mercury, Sun
Houses 7, 5, 10 / Air, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 6,043 clicks, 26,903rd man, 38,646th celebrity
Biography of Louis Ducatel (excerpt)

Louis Ducatel (March 13, 1902 in Frévent (Pas-de-Calais) - June 28, 1999) was a French politician and businessman from the Pas-de-Calais. He is best known for his candidacy in the French presidential election, 1969, where he obtained 1.26% of the vote.

Born:Monday, April 12, 1926
In:Atlantic City (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 21°55' Aries AS: 29°44' Gemini
Moon:22°38' Aries MC: 7°09' Pisces
Dominants: Aries, Pisces, Aquarius
Venus, Neptune, Mercury
Houses 10, 11, 9 / Fire, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Fire Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 6,036 clicks, 26,966th man, 38,721st celebrity
Biography of James Hillman (excerpt)

James Hillman (April 12, 1926 (birth time source: Tony Joseph, Astrodatabank) – October 27, 2011) was an American psychologist. He studied at, and then guided studies for, the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. He founded a movement toward archetypal psychology and retired into private practice, writing and traveling to lecture, until his death at his home in Connecticut.

Born:Friday, November 5, 1948
In:Luchon (31) (France)
Sun: 13°04' Scorpio AS: 1°52' Pisces
Moon:7°41' Capricorn MC: 15°19' Sagittarius
Dominants: Sagittarius, Libra, Pisces
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
Houses 7, 10, 8 / Fire, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Popularity: 6,017 clicks, 11,787th woman, 38,902nd celebrity
Biography of Britt Lafforgue (excerpt)

Britt Lafforgue, born November 5, 1948 in Luchon, is a French former alpine skier. She is the daugther of Maurice Lafforgue and May Nilsson, and the twin sister of skier Ingrid Lafforgue.

Born:Saturday, January 27, 1968
In:Mons (Belgium)
Sun: 6°27' Aquarius AS: 14°46' Aquarius
Moon:5°53' Capricorn MC: 9°47' Sagittarius
Dominants: Aquarius, Virgo, Capricorn
Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter
Houses 1, 7, 11 / Earth, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 6,016 clicks, 27,126th man, 38,915th celebrity
Biography of Frédéric Caudron (excerpt)

Frédéric Caudron (born 27 January 1968 in Mons, Belgium (birth time source: acte n°168, André Dekoster)) is a Belgian professional three-cushion billiards player, nicknamed "L'Extraterrestre" ("The Extraterrestrial"). He won the UMB World Three-cushion Championship in 1999. He also won the Sang Lee International Open two consecutive times (2006 and 2007), the CEB European Championship twice (2002 and 2006), as well as 53 Belgian national titles.

Born:Sunday, May 8, 1825
In:Bladel (Netherlands)
Sun: 17°47' Taurus AS: 25°12' Libra
Moon:4°47' Aquarius MC: 3°28' Leo
Dominants: Taurus, Leo, Gemini
Jupiter, Moon, Venus
Houses 8, 4, 10 / Air, Earth / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Popularity: 6,015 clicks, 27,131st man, 38,921st celebrity
Biography of Auguste Snieders (excerpt)

August Snieders (Bladel, 8 May 1825-Brussels (birth time source: Lescaut), 19 November 1904) was a Flemish journalist and writer. He started his career in 's-Hertogenbosch, but later moved to Antwerp. In 1845, he became editor of the newspaper Het Handelsblad, of which he was head editor from 1849 until 1899.

Born:Monday, February 18, 1867
In:Nebra (Germany)
Sun: 29°35' Aquarius AS: 24°26' Leo
Moon:27°35' Leo MC: 11°54' Taurus
Dominants: Leo, Aquarius, Taurus
Moon, Sun, Pluto
Houses 7, 1, 11 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 6,013 clicks, 11,792nd woman, 38,938th celebrity
Biography of Hedwig Courths-Mahler (excerpt)

Hedwig Courths-Mahler , née Ernestine Friederike Elisabeth Mahler (February 18, 1867, Nebra/Unstrut (source for her time of birth: Lescaut) - November 26, 1950, Rottach-Egern, Bavaria) was a German writer. She used the pseudonyms Relham, H. Brand, Gonda Haack, Rose Bernd. Literary works Die wilde Ursula (novel, 1912) Die Bettelprinzeß (novel, 1914) Griseldis (novel, 1916) Ich will (novel, 1916) Meine Käthe (novel, 1917) Eine ungeliebte Frau (novel, 1918) Die schöne Unbekannte (novel, 1918) Der Scheingemahl (novel, 1919) Was Gott zusammenfügt (novel, unbekannt)

Born:Thursday, August 19, 1915
In:Chicago (IL) (United States)
Sun: 25°48' Leo AS: 29°11' Sagittarius
Moon:19°46' Sagittarius MC: 23°46' Libra
Dominants: Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer
Jupiter, Mars, Pluto
Houses 8, 7, 12 / Fire, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Wood Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Height: Ring Lardner Jr. is 6' (1m83) tall
Popularity: 6,012 clicks, 27,150th man, 38,942nd celebrity
Biography of Ring Lardner Jr. (excerpt)

Ringgold Wilmer "Ring" Lardner Jr. (August 19, 1915 – October 31, 2000) was an American journalist and screenwriter blacklisted by the Hollywood movie studios during the Red Scare of the late 1940s and 1950s. Early life Born in Chicago, he was the son of journalist and humorist, Ring Lardner.

Born:Saturday, July 11, 1914
In:Milwaukee (WI) (United States)
Sun: 18°51' Cancer AS: 14°45' Capricorn
Moon:12°47' Pisces MC: 11°22' Scorpio
Dominants: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces
Saturn, Sun, Moon
Houses 7, 6, 2 / Water, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 6,006 clicks, 27,199th man, 38,998th celebrity
Biography of Tommy Bartlett (excerpt)

Thomson "Tommy" Bartlett (July 11, 1914 – September 6, 1998) was an American showman and entertainment mogul from Wisconsin. He is most often associated with the water skiing thrill show based in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, known as Tommy Bartlett's Thrill Show.

Born:Monday, January 25, 1937
In:Mesa (AZ) (United States)
Sun: 4°56' Aquarius AS: 0°25' Scorpio
Moon:16°58' Cancer MC: 3°47' Leo
Dominants: Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius
Pluto, Sun, Moon
Houses 9, 4, 5 / Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 5,996 clicks, 11,810th woman, 39,077th celebrity
Biography of Barbara Rooney (excerpt)

Barbara Rooney, born January 25, 1937 in Mesa, Arizona, died January 30, 1966, was an American starlet and beauty, the fifth wife of actor Mickey Rooney. In 1966, while Rooney was working on the film Ambush Bay in the Philippines, his wife Barbara Ann Thomason (aka Tara Thomas, Carolyn Mitchell), a former pin-up model and aspiring actress who had won 17 straight beauty contests in Southern California, was found dead in their bed.

Born:Saturday, October 25, 1941
In:Minneapolis (MN) (United States)
Sun: 2°25' Scorpio AS: 9°55' Leo
Moon:19°59' Capricorn MC: 25°33' Aries
Dominants: Scorpio, Leo, Aries
Pluto, Sun, Mars
Houses 4, 12, 9 / Fire, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 5,991 clicks, 11,822nd woman, 39,123rd celebrity
Biography of Anne Tyler (excerpt)

Anne Tyler (born October 25, 1941) is a Pulitzer Prize-winning U.S. novelist. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Tyler grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, graduated at age nineteen from Duke University, and completed graduate work in Russian studies at Columbia University in New York City.

Born:Friday, March 19, 1943
In:Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 28°21' Pisces AS: 13°20' Cancer
Moon:4°13' Virgo MC: 27°49' Pisces
Dominants: Pisces, Cancer, Virgo
Neptune, Sun, Jupiter
Houses 10, 1, 3 / Water, Air / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 5,990 clicks, 27,304th man, 39,127th celebrity
Biography of Phil Bonnell (excerpt)

Phil Bonnell, born March 19, 1943 in Los Angeles, is an American actor. He is the son of actress Gale Storm and actor Lee Bonnel.

Born:Friday, August 16, 1963
In:Choisy-le-Roi (94) (France)
Sun: 22°24' Leo AS: 18°26' Gemini
Moon:10°50' Cancer MC: 16°05' Aquarius
Dominants: Leo, Virgo, Aquarius
Saturn, Sun, Venus
Houses 4, 5, 2 / Air, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Rabbit
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 5,982 clicks, 27,373rd man, 39,205th celebrity
Biography of Philippe Conticini (excerpt)

Philippe Conticini is a French chef and pastry chef born August 16, 1963 in Choisy-le-Roi, Val-de-Marne (birth time source: email on September 15,2014, himself). Distinguished for both his sweet and savoury efforts, he is considered by his peers and by the media as one of the figureheads of contemporary French and International gastronomy.

Born:Wednesday, January 13, 1897
In:Nantes (44) (France)
Sun: 23°19' Capricorn AS: 4°07' Sagittarius
Moon:18°01' Taurus MC: 26°18' Virgo
Dominants: Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo
Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter
Houses 12, 7, 2 / Earth, Water / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 5,965 clicks, 27,523rd man, 39,396th celebrity
Biography of Jean Sarment (excerpt)

Jean Sarment, born Jean Bellemère on January 13, 1897 in Nantes (birth time source: Lescaut), died on March 29, 1976 in Boulogne-Billancourt, was a French actor and writer. Selected filmography 1934 : Léopold le bien-aimé d'Arno-Charles Brun (scénario, dialogues et interprète principal) : Léopold 1971 : Au théâtre ce soir : Sur mon beau navire de Jean Sarment, mise en scène Jean-Laurent Cochet, réalisation Pierre Sabbagh, Théâtre Marigny Theater Author 1920 : La Couronne de carton, pièce en quatre actes et un prologue, Théâtre de l'Œuvre, mise en scène Aurélien Lugné-Poë, le 4 février 1920 à Paris, couronnée par l'Académie française, prix Paul Hervieu 1920, reprise à la Comédie-Française le 19 mars 1934

Born:Tuesday, September 14, 1880
In:Reims (51) (France)
Sun: 21°55' Virgo AS: 8°47' Scorpio
Moon:26°42' Capricorn MC: 21°23' Leo
Dominants: Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus
Mercury, Neptune, Sun
Houses 10, 7, 11 / Earth, Fire / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 4
Popularity: 5,962 clicks, 27,539th man, 39,417th celebrity
Biography of Jean-Pierre Esteva (excerpt)

Jean-Pierre Esteva, born September 14, 1880 in Reims and died January 11, 1951 in Reims, was a French military officer and politician.

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