Your luck in love: information

Our calculation of your luck in love takes into account all the parameters of your natal chart, as well as those of the global chart.

NB: please note that, unlike other not too serious websites, this is not a gimmick report, but a fully fledged astrological software which has been carefully designed and put to the test for several years.

We analyse all the parameters of your natal chart, and not only the Moon. Indeed, we assess the planets, the houses' rulers, the angles, the major and minor aspects, etc. All astrological factors dealing with feelings, love, sexuality, encounters, and the happiness to be together, are highlighted: the 5th House, the 1st and 7th houses relationship axis, the 8th House, as well as the 10th House for events influencing your general destiny. Of course, we pay utmost attention to all the planets involved, since each of them is more or less important in this area.

This Report is unique and comprehensive. It is neither a horoscope, nor a series of predictions. It is a real Guide which indicates your good luck in love and romance, and which is meant for practical use. We insist upon the fact that several years have been necessary to design and develop it.

Luck in love does not vary much within short periods of time. The determining factors are the slow-moving planets' long transits.

The rating of luck in the sentimental area indicates a tendency. It is helpful to know it for the week, the month, and above all, for the year. It may fluctuate between 0 and 10. 50 represents absolute neutrality, 25, lack of luck, and 75, strong luck, which is quite a rare occurrence. The 0 - 100 scale is subtle enough to indicate all the in-between levels of luck and its daily variations, even according to the time of the day. Since we take into account the angles of the natal chart and the Moon of the global chart, it is normal to find slight fluctuations within the longer periods defined by slow-moving planets' transits.

Major events are brought about by powerful transits, the transits formed by slow-moving planets (Jupiter and Saturn) and very slow-moving ones (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) over sensitive points of your natal chart. Therefore, it is normal that in the course of the day, the level of luck does not change much. However, since our calculation takes all the planets of the global chart into account, including the fast-moving ones (the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars), fluctuations are recorded throughout the day. To a much lesser extent, the lunar Nodes and Lilith are also considered.

Our software provides you with the level of your luck in the sentimental area twice a day, at 6: AM and 6: PM, in the monthly Report, and once a day in the yearly Report. Please be aware that fluctuations are clearly seen throughout the year. Very important periods may even last 2 or 3 months, and they may occur again as very slow-planets are in the retrograde mode.

The variation in level is even more important than its value!

To our view, the variation in your level of luck in love is even more important than its sole value. Besides, we have set the standards of our scale of levels of luck on the basis of thousands of natal charts, and we have observed that levels above 75 or under 25 are very rare. Similarly, one seldom experiences a love at first sight which leads to marriage and happiness forever. Yet, it does happen, and our Report can enable you to foresee it.

In conclusion, here is an advice: if you are scheduling a date, the best way is to check the Best Days Guide for both of you. The objective is to select the best possible day, and it is preferable to choose that very day with the highest rating for each of you. This means that one of the partner's excellent rating may not be sufficient, and that you may have to look for a compromise. Indeed, it serves no purpose to meet your prospective partner during a period when your level of luck is very high, whereas his/hers is very low. For the best chances of successful encounters, meet your partner when the level of luck is high for both of you. Having said this, a day with an excellent level remains preferable to a day with a low level. Thus, in any case, your Best Days Guide is helpful, even for you alone!