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Astrology and Celebrities: Sun and Ascendant in Sign

Astrotheme is the world's leader for the astrology of celebrities, with interactive birth charts, photos, biographies, and free excerpts of astrological portraits. Eleven criteria with dominant planets, signs, elements, with statistical and graphic tools are also available.

You will find in these many thousands lists of celebrities a lot of celebrities, just select the statistical criterion of your choice:

For planets in astrological houses, for example with Sun in the 1st house, click on Sun in house and then Sun in House 1 and you will get, sorted by popularity on the Astrotheme site, the list of celebrities with the Sun in the 1st house (the Ascendant).

For planets in signs, apply the same method, just click on Planet in Sign, for example Venus in Gemini and you will get, sorted by popularity, the list of celebrities with Venus in the sign of Gemini.

For astrological houses in signs, just click on the right top of the window, Houses in Sign, then for example the 1st house - Ascendant - in Scorpio and you will get, sorted by popularity, the list of celebrities with the Ascendant in the sign of Scorpio.

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