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Astrology, Planets and Celebrities

This real-time updated astrological application enables you to find the celebrities who have planets in any particular sign or house, or whose houses are in any particular sign. Kindly note that we use the Placidus domification system in these pages.

52,656 celebrities, with their interactive astrological charts and pictures are already in our Astrology DataBase, which is updated on a daily basis with new additions of celebrities.

Astrotheme is the world's largest site for astrology and celebrities. We offer interactive birth charts, photos, biographies and excerpts of astrological portrait, along with eleven criteria, including dominant planets, signs, elements, statistical and graphic tools.

You can also try out the Celestar, our free and powerful astrological affinity application, and get an assessment of your compatibility with 52,656 celebrities, or check their compatibility among them.

You have the possibility to display a specific parameter for the natal charts, for example the aspects with the angles, or only the major aspects, or to remove minor asteroids.

Just select the statistical criterion:

For planets in astrological houses, for example with the Sun in the 1st house, click on Sun in house, and then Sun in House 1, and you will get, sorted by popularity on the Astrotheme site, the list of celebrities having the Sun in the 1st house (the Ascendant).

For planets in signs, apply the same method. Just click on Planet in Signs, for example Venus in Gemini, and you will get, sorted by popularity, the list of celebrities having Venus in the sign of Gemini.

For astrological houses in signs, just click on the right top of the window, Houses in Signs, then choose for example the 1st house - Ascendant - in Scorpio, and you will get, sorted by popularity, the list of celebrities having the Ascendant in the sign of Scorpio.

Information about the celebrities' birth dates: for people born before 5 October 1582, we always display the birth date based on the Julian calendar system (old style). For people born afterwards, the dates are based on the Gregorian calendar system (new style). Of course, birth charts, positions of houses and planets are exact in all cases.

You may have noticed that for the few celebrities with an unknown time of birth, there is of course only one criterion activated, that of Planets in Sign. In such cases, we provide the position of the Moon, although her daily motion is of 12 degrees, approximately: the average margin of error is of 6 degrees, that is to say a fifth of a sign. Therefore, the Moon criterion must be considered with caution.

In addition, as we usually do, we consider the proximity to the next house: a planet near the next house (with less than 1 degree for the 10th house, and with less than 2 degrees for the Ascendant and the MC) belongs to this house.

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