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Free Astrological Widgets for Your Website

The astrological widgets and services mentioned on this page may be immediately and automatically used for your website, without prior registration.

Our free astrological widgets, iframes, and services and their high-quality features are in constant evolution. They are meant to significantly increase your customers' loyalty.

Here is the list of our free astrological widgets currently available.

There are six free "Astro" widgets: the daily personalized horoscope, the geographical atlas, the natal chart and its texts, the Ascendant calculator, the current planets position and moon phase, and the compatibility calculator.

There are also two "Celebrity" free widgets: today's celebrities' birthdays, and our directory offering 53,374 entries and our intelligent search tool.

All you need to do is to select the astrological widgets you are interested in, and to copy and paste the relevant code line. It will be instantly operational on your website.

Soon, all these widgets will be available for the "https" websites.

N.B.: there is a particular rule for the Iphones and Ipads, since these iframes need a valid session on the Astrotheme site to work, which requires a cross-domain cookie since it is called from your domain. Please check the iPhone/iPad does not block third party cookies, as shown on this page.

Click on the links below, to check all the astro widgets you need.

The Ascendant And Its Signification

Calculate your Ascendant and find out its signification.

Copy and paste this line to add the Ascendant computation to your site:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="600" height="580"></iframe>

Try it:

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