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Astrology: celebrities born on January, 19 with personalized birth chart, biography, portrait, and photo

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137 celebrities or events were found for January, 19.

Born:January 19, 1943
In:Port Arthur (TX) (United States)
Sun: 28°40' CapricornAS: 25°34' Aquarius
Moon:8°49' CancerMC: 7°16' Sagittarius
Dominants: Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer
Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter
Houses 12, 3, 5 / Air, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Height: Janis Joplin is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Popularity: 62,718 clicks, 149th woman, 331st celebrity
Biography of Janis Joplin

Janis Lyn Joplin (19th January, 1943 – 4 October 1970) was an American blues-influenced rock singer and occasional songwriter with a distinctive voice. Joplin performed on four albums recorded between 1966 and 1970 -- two as the lead singer of San Francisco's Big Brother and The Holding Company, and two released as a solo artist. Joplin was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, and received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. She was ranked #41 on VH1's The 100 Greatest Artists of Rock 'n Roll in 1998, the third highest ranking for a female (only behind Aretha Franklin and Joni Mitchell) on the list. In 1999, she was ranked #3 on VH1's The 100 Greatest Women in Rock and Roll (behind Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner). In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Joplin #4...

Born:January 19, 1809
In:Boston (MA) (United States)
Sun: 28°49' CapricornAS: 3°32' Scorpio
Moon:9°33' PiscesMC: 10°42' Leo
Dominants: Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn
Uranus, Pluto, Sun
Houses 3, 4, 5 / Water, Earth / Mutable
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Edgar Allan Poe is 5' 8" (1m73) tall
Popularity: 44,549 clicks, 289th man, 517th celebrity
Biography of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe (January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849) was an American poet, short story writer, playwright, editor, critic, essayist and one of the leaders of the American Romantic Movement. Best known for his tales of the macabre and mystery, Poe was one of the early American practitioners of the short story and a progenitor of detective fiction and crime fiction. He is also credited with contributing to the emergent science fiction genre. Poe died at the age of 40. The cause of his death is undetermined and has been attributed to alcohol, drugs, cholera, rabies, suicide (although likely to be mistaken with his suicide attempt in the previous year), tuberculosis, heart disease, brain congestion and other agents....

Born:January 19, 1946
In:Sevierville (TN) (United States)
Sun: 29°26' CapricornAS: 14°43' Virgo
Moon:0°58' VirgoMC: 12°59' Gemini
Dominants: Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini
Uranus, Mercury, Venus
Houses 5, 11, 10 / Earth, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 4
Height: Dolly Parton is 5' (1m52) tall
Popularity: 34,598 clicks, 314th woman, 713th celebrity
Biography of Dolly Parton

Dolly Rebecca Parton (born January 19, 1946 (birth time source: Frank C. Clifford)) is a Grammy-winning and Academy Award-nominated American country singer, songwriter, composer, author, actress and philanthropist. Family life She was born in Sevierville, Tennessee, the fourth of 12 children born to Robert Lee Parton and Avie Lee Owens. Her siblings are Willadeene Parton (a poet), David Parton, Denver Parton, Bobby Parton, Stella Parton (a singer), Cassie Parton, Larry Parton (who died shortly after birth), Randy Parton (a singer), twins Floyd Parton (a songwriter) and Freida Parton (a singer), and Rachel Dennison (an actress). Her family was, as she described them, "dirt poor", and lived in a rustic, dilapidated one-room cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains, near Locust Ridge, Tennes...

Born:January 19, 1984
In:Helsingborg (Sweden)
Sun: 28°44' CapricornAS: 1°32' Leo
Moon:13°31' LeoMC: 1°33' Aries
Dominants: Capricorn, Leo, Scorpio
Sun, Pluto, Mars
Houses 6, 4, 5 / Fire, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Height: Gina-Therese Pettersson is 5' 9" (1m75) tall
Popularity: 20,324 clicks, 698th woman, 1,615th celebrity
Biography of Gina-Therese Pettersson

Swedish model....

Born:January 19, 1992
In:Beverly Hills (CA) (United States)
Sun: 29°00' Capricorn  
Moon:28°08' Cancer  
Dominants: Capricorn, Cancer, Aquarius
Moon, Pluto, Saturn
Earth, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Logan Lerman is 5' 8" (1m73) tall
Popularity: 19,659 clicks, 978th man, 1,711th celebrity
Biography of Logan Lerman

Logan Wade Lerman (born January 19, 1992) is an American actor, known for playing the title character in the 2010 fantasy-adventure Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Lerman began appearing in commercials in the mid 1990s, moving to work in feature films and television in the early 2000s, when he starred in the series Jack & Bobby (2004–2005) and the movies The Butterfly Effect (2004) and Hoot (2006). He gained further recognition for his roles in the western 3:10 to Yuma, the thriller The Number 23, and the comedy Meet Bill, as well as his work in the 2009 films Gamer and My One and Only. Background Lerman was born in Beverly Hills, California. His mother, Lisa (née Goldman), works as his manager, and his father, Larry Lerman, is a businessman. He has two siblings, ...

Born:January 19, 1839
In:Aix-en-Provence (France)
Sun: 28°19' CapricornAS: 2°47' Scorpio
Moon:12°56' PiscesMC: 10°14' Leo
Dominants: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces
Neptune, Venus, Sun
Houses 3, 4, 5 / Water, Air / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 17,284 clicks, 1,204th man, 2,106th celebrity
Biography of Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne (, January 19, 1839 – October 22, 1906) was a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter whose work laid the foundations of the transition from the 19th century conception of artistic endeavour to a new and radically different world of art in the 20th century. Cézanne can be said to form the bridge between late 19th century Impressionism and the early 20th century's new line of artistic enquiry, Cubism. The line attributed to both Matisse and Picasso that Cézanne "is the father of us all" cannot be easily dismissed. Cézanne's work demonstrates a mastery of design, colour, composition and draftsmanship. His often repetitive, sensitive and exploratory brushstrokes are highly characteristic and clearly recognisable. Using planes of colour and small brushstrokes that build up...

Born:January 19, 1976
In:Moston, Manchester (United Kingdom)
Sun: 28°32' Capricorn  
Moon:29°09' Leo  
Dominants: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Leo
Mars, Venus, Pluto
Fire, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Cat
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Height: Marsha Thomason is 5' 10" (1m78) tall
Popularity: 15,156 clicks, 1,120th woman, 2,651st celebrity
Biography of Marsha Thomason

Marsha Thomason (born January 19, 1976 in Moston, Manchester, England) is an English actress, who is best known in the USA for playing Nessa Holt in the first two seasons of NBC's series Las Vegas, and for playing the recurring role of Naomi Dorrit in LOST. Early Life Marsha Thomason was born to an English father (Peter Thomason aka Thomo) and a Jamaican mother and attended Oldham Sixth Form College to study for A levels in Media Studies, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts. Thomason attended the Manchester Metropolitan University to study a BA in English. Career Marsha Thomason first came to prominence on British television in the series Playing The Field and Where The Heart Is, as well as in the first series of the BBC Three drama Burn It. In the U.S., she also acted in Disney...

Born:January 19, 1973
In:Lyon (France)
Sun: 29°15' Capricorn  
Moon:6°50' Leo  
Dominants: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Leo
Sun, Saturn, Neptune
Earth, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 4
Height: Karen Bach is 5' 5½" (1m67) tall
Popularity: 13,230 clicks, 1,384th woman, 3,333rd celebrity
Biography of Karen Bach

Karen Lancaume (born Karine Bach) (January 19, 1973 – January 29, 2005) was a French adult film star. Despite her short resumé of having appeared in only 29 films from her beginnings as an adult film star in 1997, she was quite a popular actress, with her natural beautiful looks and self-esteem, especially among the francophone public. Born near Lyon, she spent her childhood in the Lyon countryside and completed her studies in communications. She was married to a DJ named Franck, but debts prompted her to work in the porn industry. She and her husband started doing scenes as a couple. In the 1997 film L'Indécente aux enfer she also started to have scenes with other partners. Once they had divorced, her ex-husband quit but Karen remained in the industry and continued to appear in pornogr...

Born:January 19, 1930
In:New Ulm (MN) (United States)
Sun: 28°58' Capricorn  
Moon:5°21' Libra  
Dominants: Capricorn, Libra, Aquarius
Saturn, Moon, Venus
Earth, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Height: Tippi Hedren is 5' 5" (1m65) tall
Popularity: 11,891 clicks, 1,646th woman, 3,985th celebrity
Biography of Tippi Hedren

Nathalie Kay "Tippi" Hedren (born January 19, 1930) is an American actress with a career spanning six decades. She is perhaps best known for her role as Melanie Daniels in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, and her extensive efforts in animal rescue at Shambala Preserve, an 80-acre wildlife habitat which she founded in 1983. Hedren is the mother of actress Melanie Griffith, and they share credits on six films, notably Pacific Heights (1990). Early life Hedren was born in New Ulm, Minnesota, the daughter of Dorothea Henrietta (née Eckhardt) and Bernard Carl Hedren. Her paternal grandparents were immigrants from Sweden, and her maternal ancestry was German and Norwegian. Her father ran a small general store in the small town of Lafayette, Minnesota and gave her the moniker "Tippi". "My father...

Born:January 19, 1954
In:Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 29°20' CapricornAS: 27°03' Gemini
Moon:9°14' LeoMC: 8°07' Pisces
Dominants: Capricorn, Gemini, Leo
Mercury, Neptune, Sun
Houses 8, 5, 2 / Air, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Height: Katey Sagal is 5' 9" (1m75) tall
Popularity: 11,493 clicks, 1,730th woman, 4,198th celebrity
Biography of Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal (born Catherine Louise Sagal on January 19, 1954) is a Golden Globe-nominated American actress, singer, and writer, best known for her roles in Futurama, 8 Simple Rules, and Married... with Children. The source for her time of birth is Frank C. Clifford (birth certificate). Early life Sagal was born in Hollywood, California to a show business family; she is the daughter of director Boris Sagal, best known for his work on 1960s television dramas, including The Twilight Zone. Her mother, Sara Zwilling, was a producer. Sagal is the older sister of twin actresses Jean Sagal and Liz Sagal, best remembered as the Doublemint Twins of the early 1980s, and for their own short-lived sitcom of that era: Double Trouble. She is also the sister of actor Joe Sagal. Sagal and her siblings ...

Born:January 19, 1980
In:Frome, Somerset (United Kingdom)
Sun: 29°03' CapricornAS: 14°07' Libra
Moon:27°34' AquariusMC: 18°26' Cancer
Dominants: Capricorn, Libra, Virgo
Venus, Pluto, Mercury
Houses 5, 4, 11 / Earth, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Jenson Button is 5' 11½" (1m82) tall
Popularity: 10,738 clicks, 2,778th man, 4,693rd celebrity
Biography of Jenson Button

Jenson Alexander Lyons Button, often called Jense, (born 19 January 1980) is a British Formula One racing driver from England. He currently competes for the Honda Racing F1 team. He won his first Grand Prix in Hungary, on August 6, 2006 after 113 races. Early life Jenson Button was born in Frome, Somerset, England and went to Selwood Middle School, Frome, Somerset . He is the son of former Rallycross ace John Button from London (during the 1970s well-known in the UK for his so-called Colorado beetle Volkswagen and his VW-Audi dealership with Autoconti Tuning garage at Trowbridge, Wiltshire), whose best overall results was to become the runner-up in both the Embassy/RAC-MSA British Rallycross and TEAC/Lydden Rallycross championships of the year 1976. Jenson Button’s parents are divorce...

Born:January 19, 1986
In:Turin (Italy)
Sun: 29°05' Capricorn  
Moon:15°39' Taurus  
Dominants: Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus
Pluto, Moon, Mars
Earth, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Claudio Marchisio is 5' 10½" (1m79) tall
Popularity: 10,263 clicks, 2,973rd man, 5,016th celebrity
Biography of Claudio Marchisio

Claudio Marchisio (Italian pronunciation: ; born 19 January 1986 in Turin) is an Italian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Juventus and the Italian national team. A product of the Juventus youth system, he has spent his whole career thus far at his hometown club, with the exception of a season-long loan spell at Empoli. He is currently the club's second vice-captain, behind Giorgio Chiellini. Since making his breakthrough in the 2008–09 season, Marchisio has often been compared to former Juventus and Italy midfielder Marco Tardelli by the Italian press for his tenacious style of play and good reading of the game. A hard-tackling, versatile midfielder, he is able to play in defensive midfield or out wide but his preferred and most effective position is in the centre. Though predom...

Born:January 19, 1966
In:Västervik (Sweden)
Sun: 28°48' CapricornAS: 14°30' Aquarius
Moon:3°10' CapricornMC: 16°08' Sagittarius
Dominants: Aquarius, Capricorn, Virgo
Venus, Uranus, Mars
Houses 12, 1, 7 / Air, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Height: Stefan Edberg is 6' 1½" (1m87) tall
Popularity: 10,108 clicks, 3,043rd man, 5,132nd celebrity
Biography of Stefan Edberg

Stefan Bengt Edberg (born January 19, 1966 in Västervik, Sweden) is a former World No. 1 professional tennis player (in both singles and doubles play) from Sweden. During his career, he won six Grand Slam singles titles and three Grand Slam doubles titles. Edberg is well known as one of the best serve and volley players of all time, for his superb volleying skills, and as a gentleman and ambassador for the sport. Height: 1m87 Career Edberg first came to the tennis world's attention as a junior player. He won all four of the Grand Slam junior titles in 1983 to become the first-ever player to achieve the "Junior Grand Slam." As a professional, Edberg won his first career doubles title in Basel in 1983 and his first top-level singles title at Milan in 1984. Edberg's first two Gra...

Born:January 19, 1972
In:Queens, New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 28°44' Capricorn  
Moon:10°14' Pisces  
Dominants: Pisces, Capricorn, Sagittarius
Saturn, Neptune, Mars
Earth, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Height: Drea de Matteo is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Popularity: 10,027 clicks, 2,114th woman, 5,187th celebrity
Biography of Drea de Matteo

Andrea Donna de Matteo (born January 19, 1972) is an Emmy-winning American actress, perhaps best known for her roles as Adriana La Cerva on the HBO TV series The Sopranos and as Joey Tribbiani's sister Gina on the NBC sitcom Joey. Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m) Early life De Matteo, an Italian American, was born in Queens, New York to Donna, a playwright and playwriting teacher, and Albert De Matteo, a furniture manufacturer. She grew up in a Catholic family. After graduating from the prestigious Loyola School, she studied at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, originally hoping to become a director, not an actress. Career De Matteo's role in The Sopranos was one of her earliest, helping to launch her career. She has also appeared in several films including Swordfish, Deu...

Born:January 19, 1736
In:Greenock (United Kingdom)
Sun: 28°49' Capricorn  
Moon:9°06' Aries  
Dominants: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aries
Saturn, Pluto, Sun
Earth, Fire / Cardinal
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 9,728 clicks, 3,210th man, 5,413th celebrity
Biography of James Watt

James Watt (19 January 1736 – 25 August 1819) was a Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer whose improvements to the steam engine were fundamental to the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution. James Watt was born on 19 January, 1736 in Greenock, a seaport on the Firth of Clyde. His father was a shipwright, ship owner and contractor, while his mother, Agnes Muirhead, came from a distinguished family and was well educated. Both were Presbyterians and strong Covenanters. Watt attended school irregularly but instead he was mostly schooled at home by his mother. He exhibited great manual dexterity and an aptitude for mathematics, although Latin and Greek left him cold, and he absorbed the legends and lore of the Scottish people. When he was 18, his mother died and his father'...

Born:January 19, 1924
In:Marseille (France)
Sun: 27°57' CapricornAS: 24°22' Capricorn
Moon:26°23' GeminiMC: 20°13' Scorpio
Dominants: Capricorn, Scorpio, Gemini
Sun, Saturn, Mercury
Houses 1, 12, 10 / Earth, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 8,925 clicks, 3,612th man, 6,076th celebrity
Biography of Jean-François Revel

Jean-François Revel (Marseille, France, January 19, 1924 – April 30, 2006 in Kremlin-Bicêtre) was a French politician, journalist, author, prolific philosopher and member of the Académie française since June 1998. He was born Jean-François Ricard, but later adopted his pseudonym Revel as his legal surname. During the German occupation of France in WWII, Revel participated in the French Resistance and later noted that the officious but disgraceful manner of French collaborators influenced his writings . He studied philosophy at the prestigious École Normale Supérieure. He began his career as a philosophy professor, and taught in French Algeria, Italy and Mexico, before settling in Lille. He stopped teaching in 1963 and embarked on his career as an essayist and writer, as well as directin...

Born:January 19, 1867
In:Leuven (Belgium)
Sun: 28°34' CapricornAS: 10°57' Scorpio
Moon:11°16' CancerMC: 25°40' Leo
Dominants: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
Pluto, Moon, Saturn
Houses 8, 3, 2 / Water, Earth / Cardinal
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 7,928 clicks, 4,196th man, 7,041st celebrity
Biography of Jean Delville

Jean Delville (January 19, 1867 – 1953) was a Belgian symbolist painter, writer, and occultist. He founded the Salon d’Art Idealiste, which is considered the Belgian equivalent to the Parisian Rose & Cross Salon and the Pre-Raphaelite movement in London. Quotes "Understood in its metaphysical sense, Beauty is one of the manifestations of the Absolute Being. Emanating from the harmonious rays of the Divine plan, it crosses the intellectual plane to shine once again across the natural plane, where it darkens into matter." —Jean Delville Delville's background During the last decades of the 19th century, many people in the West reacted to the materialism and hypocrisy of the period by developing an interest in esoteric, occult and spiritual subjects. The enthusiasm for these ideas re...

Born:January 19, 1992
In:Pittsburgh (PA) (United States)
Sun: 28°52' Capricorn  
Moon:26°13' Cancer  
Dominants: Capricorn, Cancer, Sagittarius
Moon, Pluto, Neptune
Earth, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Mac Miller is 5' 9" (1m75) tall
Popularity: 7,804 clicks, 4,284th man, 7,182nd celebrity
Biography of Mac Miller

Malcolm James McCormick (born January 19, 1992), known by his stage name Mac Miller (previously Easy Mac), is an American rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is signed to Rostrum Records and released his debut album, Blue Slide Park, on November 8, 2011. Early life Malcolm James McCormick was born on January 19, 1992, the son of Karen Meyers, a photographer, and Mark McCormick, an architect. His father is Christian and his mother is Jewish; Miller was raised Jewish and had a Bar Mitzvah. He was raised in the Point Breeze part of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Before attending Taylor Allderdice High School, Miller attended Winchester Thurston School. In high school, Miller decided to focus on his hip-hop career, later noting, "Once I hit 15, I got real serious about it and it changed m...

Born:January 19, 1947
In:Albany (GA) (United States)
Sun: 29°18' CapricornAS: 15°05' Libra
Moon:5°45' CapricornMC: 16°12' Cancer
Dominants: Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius
Neptune, Venus, Mars
Houses 4, 2, 10 / Earth, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Paula Deen is 5' 5½" (1m66) tall
Popularity: 7,769 clicks, 2,911th woman, 7,226th celebrity
Biography of Paula Deen

Paula Hiers Deen (born January 19, 1947 (birth time source: the time of birth correponds to the middle of Libra)) is an American cook, cooking show host, restaurateur, author, actress and Emmy Award-winning television personality. Deen resides in Savannah, Georgia, where she owns and operates The Lady & Sons restaurant with her sons, Jamie and Bobby Deen. She has published fourteen cookbooks. Though married in 2004 to Michael Groover, she uses the surname Deen, from her first marriage. Early life Deen was born Paula Hiers in Albany, Georgia, the daughter of Corrie A. (née Paul) and Earl Wayne Hiers, Sr. Her parents died before she was 23, and an early marriage ended in divorce. In her 20s, Deen...

Born:January 19, 1944
In:Santa Monica (CA) (United States)
Sun: 28°16' CapricornAS: 6°57' Sagittarius
Moon:7°53' ScorpioMC: 19°41' Virgo
Dominants: Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Mars, Uranus, Jupiter
Houses 6, 2, 9 / Fire, Air / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Shelley Fabares is 5' 4" (1m63) tall
Popularity: 7,727 clicks, 2,929th woman, 7,276th celebrity
Biography of Shelley Fabares

Shelley Fabares (born January 19, 1944) is an American actress and singer, primarily for her roles on movies, soap operas and television. Height: 5' 4" (1.63 m) The naturally blonde-haired Fabares is best known for her roles as Donna Reed's daughter and oldest child, Mary Stone, on the long-running The Donna Reed Show (a role she played from 1958 to 1963), and as Craig T. Nelson's love interest and wife, Christine Armstrong Fox, on the long-running 1990s sitcom Coach. Born Michele Ann Marie Fabares in Santa Monica, California, she is the niece of Nanette Fabray, who changed the spelling of her last name, though Shelley kept the original form. She got her big break in the role of the teenage daughter in the long-running television family sitcom, The Donna Reed Show. Her national po...

Born:January 19, 1868
In:Vienna (Austria)
Sun: 28°46' CapricornAS: 20°08' Gemini
Moon:1°06' SagittariusMC: 18°20' Aquarius
Dominants: Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius
Mercury, Venus, Uranus
Houses 8, 6, 10 / Earth, Air / Cardinal
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 7,506 clicks, 4,534th man, 7,577th celebrity
Biography of Gustav Meyrink

Gustav Meyrink (January 19, 1868 – December 4, 1932) was an Austrian author, storyteller, dramatist, translator, banker and Buddhist, most famous for his novel The Golem. Childhood Gustav Meyrink was born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary (now Austria). He was the illegitimate son of Baron Karl von Varnbüler von und zu Hemmingen and actress Maria Wilhelmina Adelheyd Meier. (In 1919, when Meyrink had already become a renowned writer, the Varnbülers are said to have offered Meyrink the use of the family name. The offer was politely rejected.) It is significant that on January 19, but sixty years earlier, another mystic writer, Edgar Allan Poe, had been born. Meyrink's role in Austrian literature is similar to that of Poe in American literature. Until thirteen years of age Meyrink lived in Munic...

Born:January 19, 1798
In:Montpellier (34) (France)
Sun: 29°45' CapricornAS: 19°34' Taurus
Moon:26°28' AquariusMC: 27°24' Capricorn
Dominants: Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus
Sun, Venus, Neptune
Houses 11, 10, 6 / Earth, Water / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 7,386 clicks, 4,635th man, 7,730th celebrity
Biography of Auguste Comte

Auguste Comte (full name: Isidore Marie Auguste François Xavier Comte; January 19, 1798 – September 5, 1857) was a French thinker who coined the term "sociology." Life Comte was born at Montpellier, in southwestern France. After attending school, he was admitted to the École Polytechnique in Paris. The École Polytechnique was notable for its adherence to French ideals of republicanism and progress. The École closed in 1816 for reorganization, however, causing Comte to leave and continue his studies at the medical school at Montpellier. When the École Polytechnique reopened, he did not request readmission. Following his return to Montpellier, Comte soon came to see unbridgeable differences with his Catholic and Monarchist family and left again for Paris, earning money by small jobs. ...

Born:January 19, 1954
In:Paris (France)
Sun: 28°51' Capricorn  
Moon:3°01' Leo  
Dominants: Capricorn, Leo, Scorpio
Sun, Moon, Venus
Earth, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 7,348 clicks, 4,669th man, 7,778th celebrity
Biography of Thierry Jonquet

Thierry Jonquet (born Paris, 1954) is a French writer who specialises in crime novels with political themes. His most recent and best known novels outside of France are Mygale (2003) and Tarantula, which was published in English translation in 2005 (Serpent's Tail). He has written over 20 novels in French, including Le bal des débris, Moloch and Rouge c'est la vie. Tarantula is currently being adapted for the cinema by acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. Récompenses 1985 : Trophée 813 du meilleur roman pour La Bête et la belle. 1998 : Trophée 813 du meilleur roman francophone pour Moloch. 1993 : Trophée 813 du meilleur roman 1993 - Prix des lecteurs des C.E. de St-Nazaire - Prix Mystère de la critique - Prix polar de la ville du Mans pour Les Orpailleurs. 1999 : Pri...

Born:January 19, 1949
In:Batley (United Kingdom)
Sun: 29°06' Capricorn  
Moon:1°46' Libra  
Dominants: Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra
Venus, Neptune, Pluto
Air, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rat
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Height: Robert Palmer is 5' 9" (1m75) tall
Popularity: 7,085 clicks, 4,886th man, 8,129th celebrity
Biography of Robert Palmer

Robert Allen Palmer (19 January 1949 – 26 September 2003), born in Batley, Yorkshire, was an English singer-songwriter. He was known for his soulful voice and the eclectic mix of musical styles on his albums, combining soul, jazz, rock, pop and blues. 1964-1973: Early bands The son of a British serviceman stationed in Malta, Palmer moved with his family to Scarborough, Yorkshire in 1959. Influenced as a child by blues, soul, and jazz music on American Forces Radio, Robert Palmer joined his first band, The Mandrakes, at the age of 15 while still at Scarborough Boys' High School. His first major break came with the departure of singer Jess Roden from the band The Alan Bown Set in 1969, after which Palmer was invited to London to sing on their single "Gypsy Girl". The vocals for the album...

Born:January 19, 1807
In:Stratford (VA) (United States)
Sun: 29°17' CapricornAS: 20°01' Libra
Moon:6°58' GeminiMC: 23°00' Cancer
Dominants: Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio
Venus, Jupiter, Sun
Houses 4, 1, 8 / Air, Earth / Cardinal
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 7,068 clicks, 4,903rd man, 8,159th celebrity
Biography of Robert E. Lee

Robert Edward Lee (January 19, 1807 – October 12, 1870) was a career United States Army officer, an engineer, and among the most celebrated generals in American history. Lee was the son of Major General Henry Lee III "Light Horse Harry" (1756–1818), Governor of Virginia, and his second wife, Anne Hill Carter (1773–1829). He was a descendant of Sir Thomas More and of King Robert II of Scotland through the Earls of Crawford. A top graduate of West Point, Lee distinguished himself as an exceptional soldier in the U.S. Army for thirty-two years. He is best known for fighting on behalf of the Confederate Army in the American Civil War. Overview In early 1861, President Abraham Lincoln invited Lee to take command of the entire Union Army. Lee declined because his home state of Virginia wa...

Born:January 19, 1953
In:Hollywood Beach (CA) (United States)
Sun: 29°18' CapricornAS: 15°50' Aquarius
Moon:25°42' PiscesMC: 1°38' Sagittarius
Dominants: Pisces, Capricorn, Aquarius
Uranus, Venus, Saturn
Houses 1, 12, 8 / Water, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Dragon
Numerology: Birthpath 11
Height: Desi Arnaz Jr. is 5' 9" (1m75) tall
Popularity: 6,927 clicks, 5,030th man, 8,362nd celebrity
Biography of Desi Arnaz Jr.

Desi Arnaz, Jr. (born Desiderio Alberto Arnaz, IV on January 19, 1953) is an American actor and musician and son of entertainers Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Early life Desi Arnaz Jr was born in Hollywood, California on January 19, 1953. His sister, Lucie Arnaz, was born two years earlier. His birth was one of the most publicized and anticipated births in TV history. His parents were appearing in the sitcom I Love Lucy and Ball's pregnancy was written into the storyline of the show, a move considered daring and groundbreaking in those times. The same day Lucille Ball went to the hospital and gave birth to Desi, Jr., the network ran the scheduled episode where the fictional Lucy Ricardo gave birth to Little Ricky and millions of TV viewers watched. The newborn child was shown on the ...

Born:January 19, 1942
In:Salisbury (United Kingdom)
Sun: 28°30' CapricornAS: 12°12' Sagittarius
Moon:29°01' AquariusMC: 12°08' Libra
Dominants: Aquarius, Taurus, Sagittarius
Jupiter, Venus, Saturn
Houses 2, 7, 4 / Air, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Height: Michael Crawford is 5' 10½" (1m79) tall
Popularity: 6,852 clicks, 5,104th man, 8,484th celebrity
Biography of Michael Crawford

Michael Crawford, OBE (born as Michael Patrick Dumbell-Smith, 19 January 1942, Salisbury, Wiltshire), is an English actor and singer. He has won critical acclaim and numerous awards during his career, which includes radio, television and stage (including appearing on stage in the West End in London, and on Broadway in New York). Height: 5' 10½" (1.79 m) Although he most often appears on stage, in musicals such as Phantom of the Opera and Barnum, he first became a household name and famous to millions for his role as the hapless Frank Spencer on the British television sitcom Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (1973-78), for which he performed most of his own stunts. The series became one of the BBC's most successful programmes of all time. Crawford has been awarded the OBE, and has also been...

Born:January 19, 1981
In:Alès (30) (France)
Sun: 29°18' Capricorn  
Moon:18°27' Cancer  
Dominants: Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius
Saturn, Moon, Venus
Air, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 6,842 clicks, 3,392nd woman, 8,509th celebrity
Biography of Audrey Lamy

Audrey Lamy, born January 19, 1981 in Alès, is a French actress, show-woman and humorist. She is the sister of actress Alexandra Lamy. Filmography (source: ) 1. "Scènes de Ménages" .... Marion (41 episodes, 2009-2010) - Episode #2.1 (2010) TV episode .... Marion - Episode #1.40 (2010) TV episode .... Marion - Episode #1.39 (2010) TV episode .... Marion - Episode #1.38 (2010) TV episode .... Marion - Episode #1.37 (2010) TV episode .... Marion (36 more) 2. Heartbreaker (2010) .... La policière séduite par Alex ... aka "L'arnacoeur" - France (original title) 3. Tout ce qui brille (2010) .... Carole 4. Paris (2008) .... Une employée de Rungis 5. "Temps Mort" ...

Born:January 19, 1969
In:New york (NY) (United States)
Sun: 29°25' Capricorn  
Moon:19°35' Aquarius  
Dominants: Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn
Uranus, Venus, Sun
Air, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Height: Shawn Wayans is 6' 1½" (1m87) tall
Popularity: 6,562 clicks, 5,435th man, 9,010th celebrity
Biography of Shawn Wayans

Shawn M. Wayans (born January 19, 1969 (source : Imdb)) is an American actor and comedian who starred in In Living Color and The Wayans Bros. He is the brother of Keenen Ivory, Damon, Marlon, and Kim Wayans. Early life Wayans, the second youngest of ten siblings, was born in New York City, New York, the son of Elvira, a homemaker and social worker, and Howell Wayans, a supermarket manager. His family was involved in the Jehovah's Witnesses religion. Wayans grew up in the housing projects in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea and is a 1989 graduate of the High School for the Humanities. Career Wayans made his feature debut in older brother Keenen's I'm Gonna Get You Sucka (1988). On Fox's In Living Color (1990-93), he began as deejay SW-1 and later became a featured performer,...

Born:January 19, 1983
In:New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 28°36' CapricornAS: 8°07' Scorpio
Moon:23°54' PiscesMC: 15°52' Leo
Dominants: Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces
Pluto, Saturn, Venus
Houses 12, 4, 3 / Water, Air / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Hikaru Utada is 5' 2" (1m57) tall
Popularity: 6,117 clicks, 3,908th woman, 9,871st celebrity
Biography of Hikaru Utada

Hikaru Utada (宇多田 ヒカル Utada Hikaru), born January 19, 1983 in New York, New York, USA, known by her stage name Utada (English pronunciation: /ˈuːtədə/) in America and Europe, and as Hikki (ヒッキー, Hikkī?), is a Japanese American singer and songwriter, arranger, and record producer. Birth time sources: (Scorpio Ascendant) (Scorpio Ascendant) (01:17 AM) Before her First Love album (1999), she sold several records with mediocre success. After First Love's release, which went on to become the best-selling album in Oricon's ...

Born:January 19, 1939
In:Chicago (IL) (United States)
Sun: 29°06' CapricornAS: 1°23' Virgo
Moon:23°42' CapricornMC: 25°43' Taurus
Dominants: Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio
Mars, Mercury, Jupiter
Houses 5, 3, 7 / Earth, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 5,840 clicks, 6,394th man, 10,529th celebrity
Biography of Phil Everly

The Everly Brothers (Don Everly, born Isaac Donald Everly February 1, 1937, Brownie, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, Phil Everly, born Phillip Everly, January 19, 1939, Chicago, Illinois (birth time source: Aaron Fischer, Astrodatabank), died on January 3, 2014) are brothers and top-selling country-influenced rock and roll performers, known for steel-string guitar playing and close harmony singing. The Everlys are the most successful U.S. rock and roll duo on the Hot 100. Their greatest period came between 1957 and 1964. Style The brothers are both guitarists and use a simple vocal harmony mostly based on parallel thirds. With this, each line can often stand on its own as a melody line. This is in contrast to classic harmony lines which, while working well alongside the melody, sound st...

Born:January 19, 1921
In:Fort Worth (TX) (United States)
Sun: 28°48' CapricornAS: 1°38' Sagittarius
Moon:25°22' TaurusMC: 12°01' Virgo
Dominants: Pisces, Virgo, Taurus
Jupiter, Venus, Mars
Houses 10, 2, 3 / Earth, Water / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Metal Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 5,737 clicks, 4,234th woman, 10,830th celebrity
Biography of Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Highsmith (January 19, 1921 (birth time source: Sy Scholfield, Astrodatabank) - February 4, 1995) was an American novelist known for her psychological thrillers, which have led to more than two dozen film adaptations. Strangers on a Train has been adapted for the screen three times, notably by Alfred Hitchcock in 1951. In addition to her acclaimed series about murderer Tom Ripley, she wrote many short stories, often macabre, satirical or tinged with black humor. Early life Born Mary Patricia Plangman just outside Fort Worth, Texas, she was raised first by her maternal grandmother and later by her mother and stepfather, who were both commercial artists. Highsmith's mother Mary divorced her father five months before her birth. The young Highsmith had an intense, complicated rel...

Born:January 19, 1544 (Julian cal.)
In:Fontainebleau (77) (France)
Sun: 8°45' AquariusAS: 5°31' Leo
Moon:5°16' SagittariusMC: 16°26' Aries
Dominants: Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius
Neptune, Sun, Mars
Houses 5, 7, 6 / Fire, Air / Fixed
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 5,522 clicks, 7,027th man, 11,496th celebrity
Biography of Francis II of France

Francis II of France (French: François II de France) (January 19, 1544 – December 5, 1560, King-consort of Scotland (1558–1560), and King of France (1559 – 1560), was born at the Royal Chateau at Fontainebleau, Seine-et-Marne, the son of Henry II, King of France (March 31, 1519 – July 10, 1559) and Catherine de' Medici (April 13, 1519 – January 5, 1589). He was the grandson of Francis I, King of France, and of Claude of France, and the brother of Charles IX, King of France, and of Henry III, King of France. King Consort of Scotland His marriage to Mary Stuart was arranged by his father in 1548 when Francis was four years old. Mary had been crowned Queen of Scots in Stirling Castle on September 9, 1543, at the age of nine months. Once the marriage agreement had been formally ratified...

Born:January 19, 1903
In:Budapest (Hungary)
Sun: 28°37' CapricornAS: 26°00' Virgo
Moon:21°11' LibraMC: 25°03' Gemini
Dominants: Aquarius, Capricorn, Gemini
Mercury, Uranus, Pluto
Houses 5, 3, 2 / Air, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 6
Popularity: 5,431 clicks, 7,207th man, 11,790th celebrity
Biography of Ervin Nyíregyházi

Ervin Nyíregyházi (Budapest, 19 January 1903 – Los Angeles, 13 April 1987) was a Hungarian-born American pianist. His name is sometimes spelled "Erwin" (the German spelling of his given name) and "Nyiregyházi" or "Nyiregyhazi" (by dropping one or both of the diacritics). He signed it as "Nyiregyházi". From six to twelve years old this child prodigy was observed and studied by the psychologist G. Révész. Nyíregyházi's father was a singer in the Royal Opera Chorus in Budapest; he was also very encouraging and caring but died when Ervin was 12. Before Ervin's father's death he reported many extraordinary things about his son: that Ervin had tried to sing before he was 1 year old; that he reproduced tunes correctly before he was 2; he began to compose at the age of 2; and that he played alm...

Born:January 19, 1954
In:Glen Ridge (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 28°47' CapricornAS: 15°51' Sagittarius
Moon:2°11' LeoMC: 6°18' Libra
Dominants: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Leo
Jupiter, Venus, Sun
Houses 2, 8, 7 / Air, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Water Snake
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 5,413 clicks, 4,598th woman, 11,855th celebrity
Biography of Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman (born January 19, 1954 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey (birth time source: birth certificate, Astrodatabank)) is an American photographer, actress and film director of Office Killer, best known for her conceptual portraits. Sherman currently lives and works in New York City. In 1995, she was the recipient of a MacArthur Award. She is represented by Sprüth Magers Berlin London in Europe and Metro Pictures gallery in New York. Early years Cindy Sherman was born on January 19, 1954 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, USA. Shortly after her birth, her family moved to the township of Huntington, Long Island. Sherman became interested in the visual arts at Buffalo State College, where she began painting. Frustrated with what she saw as the medium's limitations, she abandoned the form and t...

Born:January 19, 1952
In:Tampon, Réunion (France)
Sun: 28°11' Capricorn  
Moon:17°09' Libra  
Dominants: Libra, Capricorn, Sagittarius
Saturn, Jupiter, Moon
Air, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Cat
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 5,089 clicks, 5,040th woman, 13,180th celebrity
Biography of Memona Hintermann

Memona Hintermann, born January 19, 1952 in Tampon Réunion, France, is a French journalist, reporter and TV host. Autobiography Tête haute...

Born:January 19, 1976
In:Boston (MA) (United States)
Sun: 28°58' CapricornAS: 6°03' Leo
Moon:5°18' VirgoMC: 22°03' Aries
Dominants: Aries, Capricorn, Aquarius
Mercury, Sun, Jupiter
Houses 6, 7, 9 / Fire, Air / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Cat
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Popularity: 4,978 clicks, 5,221st woman, 13,732nd celebrity
Biography of Michelle Stanley

Michelle Stanley, born January 19, 1976 in Boston, is an American actress. She won the title of Miss Colorado in 1998....

Born:January 19, 1968
In:Bronx (NY) (United States)
Sun: 28°41' Capricorn  
Moon:18°39' Virgo  
Dominants: Virgo, Capricorn, Sagittarius
Uranus, Venus, Mercury
Earth, Fire / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Fire Goat
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Marty Conlon is 6' 10" (2m08) tall
Popularity: 4,970 clicks, 8,533rd man, 13,770th celebrity
Biography of Marty Conlon

Marty McBride Conlon (born January 19, 1968 in the Bronx, New York) is a former professional basketball player whose career in the National Basketball Association lasted from 1992 through 2000. Conlon started his basketball career at Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains, NY. His earliest fame came in his freshman year in college when he played on the Providence College team that went to the Final Four. His coach that year was Rick Patino. His final years in the NBA he was with the Miami Heat and was coached by Pat Riley. Conlon played for the Seattle SuperSonics, the Sacramento Kings, the Charlotte Hornets, the Washington Bullets, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat, and the Los Angeles Clippers. The height of both his career and fame came in Milwaukee. Hi...

Born:January 19, 1983
In:Torquay, Victoria (Australia)
Sun: 28°23' Capricorn  
Moon:21°11' Pisces  
Dominants: Pisces, Capricorn, Sagittarius
Jupiter, Saturn, Mars
Water, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Erin Normoyle is 5' 8" (1m73) tall
Popularity: 4,966 clicks, 5,245th woman, 13,788th celebrity
Biography of Erin Normoyle

Erin Normoyle, born January 19, 1983, is an Australian model and motocross champion. External link:

Born:January 19, 1974
In:Oslo (Norway)
Sun: 29°00' Capricorn  
Moon:15°50' Sagittarius  
Dominants: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Venus, Mercury, Saturn
Air, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Ox
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Height: Natassia Malthe is 5' 5" (1m65) tall
Popularity: 4,702 clicks, 5,742nd woman, 15,384th celebrity
Biography of Natassia Malthe

Natassia Malthe (born 19 January 1974) is a model and actress. Biography Natassia is the youngest of two daughters. Her Norwegian father is a teacher and her Filipina mother is a retired nurse. She is usually credited by her birth name however is sometime credited as 'Lina Teal'. In Scotland, Norway and Canada, Malthe went to dance schools at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Goh Ballet Academy, and the Norwegian Opera House respectively, where she sang and danced while finishing high school. Later she moved to London, England to study musical theater. From there she went to Canada and landed her first part on television. She had a supporting role on ABC Family's Fallen. Most recently, Malthe starred as an elf bounty-hunter and sorcerer-in-training in the Sci Fi Channel miniseries ...

Born:January 19, 1905
In:Killeen (TX) (United States)
Sun: 29°12' CapricornAS: 7°03' Cancer
Moon:11°04' CancerMC: 22°32' Pisces
Dominants: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces
Moon, Neptune, Mercury
Houses 1, 6, 8 / Water, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Wood Dragon
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Popularity: 4,677 clicks, 5,792nd woman, 15,567th celebrity
Biography of Oveta Culp Hobby

Oveta Culp Hobby (January 19, 1905–August 16, 1995) was the first secretary of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, first commanding officer of the Women's Army Corps, and chairman of the board of the Houston Post. She was born Oveta Culp in Killeen, Texas. She received her undergraduate degree from Mary Hardin Baylor College for Women and her law degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1925. Following college she served as parliamentarian of the Texas House of Representatives. In 1931 she married William P. Hobby, the former Governor of Texas and the publisher of the Houston Post and took a position as research editor at the Post. During World War II she headed the War Department's Women's Interest Section for a short time and then became the Director of the Wom...

Born:January 19, 1943
In:Selly Oak (United Kingdom)
Sun: 28°56' CapricornAS: 20°13' Virgo
Moon:12°02' CancerMC: 17°05' Gemini
Dominants: Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer
Mercury, Saturn, Neptune
Houses 5, 10, 9 / Air, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 1
Popularity: 4,671 clicks, 5,799th woman, 15,595th celebrity
Biography of Pamela Crane

Pamela Crane, born January 19, 1943 in Selly Oak, is a British professional astrologer and author....

Born:January 19, 1963
In:London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 28°43' CapricornAS: 7°00' Gemini
Moon:16°54' ScorpioMC: 3°13' Aquarius
Dominants: Aquarius, Capricorn, Gemini
Mercury, Sun, Saturn
Houses 9, 6, 7 / Air, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Height: Martin Bashir is 5' 6" (1m68) tall
Popularity: 4,617 clicks, 10,069th man, 16,007th celebrity
Biography of Martin Bashir

Martin Bashir (born January 19, 1963, London) is an English journalist and media personality. Early life Bashir was born in South London to Christian parents and grew up in Wandsworth. He was educated at King Alfred's College of Higher Education, Winchester (since 2004 the University of Winchester), studying English and History from 1982-1985, and at King's College London. Career He started work as a journalist in 1986. He worked for the BBC until 1999 on programmes including Songs of Praise, Public Eye and Panorama and then he joined ITV, working on special documentary programmes and features for Tonight with Trevor McDonald. Bashir came to wide prominence in 1995 when he interviewed (for the BBC's Panorama programme) Diana, Princess of Wales about her failed marriage to th...

Born:January 19, 1922
In:Bakersfield (CA) (United States)
Sun: 28°30' CapricornAS: 28°08' Libra
Moon:17°02' LibraMC: 1°41' Leo
Dominants: Libra, Capricorn, Leo
Sun, Venus, Neptune
Houses 3, 12, 4 / Air, Earth / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Metal Rooster
Numerology: Birthpath 7
Height: Guy Madison is 6' (1m83) tall
Popularity: 4,482 clicks, 10,863rd man, 17,101st celebrity
Biography of Guy Madison

Guy Madison (January 19, 1922 – February 6, 1996) was an American film and television actor. Born Robert Ozell Mosely in Bakersfield, California, Madison attended Bakersfield Junior College for two years and then worked briefly as a telephone lineman before joining the United States Coast Guard in 1942. In 1944, while visiting Hollywood on leave from the Coast Guard, Madison's boyish good looks and manly physique caught the eye of Henry Willson, the head of talent at David O. Selznick's newly formed Vanguard Pictures. Willson was widely known for his stable of good-looking, marginally talented actors with unusual names he bestowed upon them, and he immediately cast the rechristened Madison in a bit part in Selznick's Since You Went Away. Following the film's release in 1944, the stud...

Born:January 19, 1747
In:Hamburg (Germany)
Sun: 29°10' CapricornAS: 23°30' Gemini
Moon:9°22' TaurusMC: 14°46' Aquarius
Dominants: Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini
Uranus, Mercury, Saturn
Houses 9, 7, 12 / Earth, Air / Cardinal
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 4,454 clicks, 11,025th man, 17,328th celebrity
Biography of Johann Elert Bode

Johann Elert Bode (January 19, 1747 – November 23, 1826) was a German astronomer known for his reformulation and popularization of the Titius-Bode law as well as his works to determine the orbit of Uranus, for which he also suggested the name. He is also credited with the discovery of Bode's Galaxy (M81). Bode was born in Hamburg. As a youth, he suffered from an eye disease which particularly damaged his right eye; he continued to have trouble with his eyes throughout his life. Bode was the director of the Berlin Observatory, where he published the Uranographia in 1801, a celestial atlas that aimed both at scientific accuracy in showing the positions of stars and other astronomical objects, as well as the artistic interpretation of the stellar constellation figures. The Uranographia ...

Born:January 19, 1977
In:Johannesburg, Transvaal (South Africa)
Sun: 29°14' Capricorn  
Moon:26°56' Capricorn  
Dominants: Capricorn, Leo, Pisces
Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter
Earth, Water / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Dragon
Numerology: Birthpath 8
Height: Candice Hillebrand is 5' 3½" (1m61) tall
Popularity: 4,400 clicks, 6,434th woman, 17,796th celebrity
Biography of Candice Hillebrand

Candice Hillebrand (also known as Candîce) (born January 19, 1977, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa) is a South African-born actress and singer-songwriter. She has also worked as a presenter and model. She is recently known for playing Nina Williams in the upcoming 2010 Tekken live-action movie, based on the popular video game series, Tekken. Career Hillebrand's on screen career started early in life; she started hosting South African children's television channel, KTV, from the age of 6. Hillebrand went on to appear in numerous commercials and has acted in both TV and film. In 2002, she signed with Musketeer Records and released her debut album, Chasing Your Tomorrows in 2003. She has also appeared in Maxim magazine. In 2008, Hillebrand was offered the role of Nina Williams,...

Born:January 19, 1960
In:Minneapolis (MN) (United States)
Sun: 28°41' Capricorn  
Moon:5°21' Libra  
Dominants: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Libra
Mars, Saturn, Jupiter
Earth, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Earth Pig
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 4,297 clicks, 6,686th woman, 18,702nd celebrity
Biography of Eleanor Mondale

Eleanor Jane Mondale Poling (January 19, 1960 – September 17, 2011) was an American radio personality television host, and actress. iography Mondale was the only daughter of Joan Mondale and former Vice President Walter Mondale. Her older brother is former Minnesota State Senator Theodore A. "Ted" Mondale. Her younger brother is attorney William H. Mondale, the former assistant Minnesota attorney general. For her senior year of high school, Mondale attended St. Timothy's, a boarding school outside of Baltimore. After graduating from St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, she moved to begin a career in Hollywood. Personal life After graduating from St. Lawrence University, Mondale quickly earned a reputation in the media for being a "wild-child," although she claims many of...

Born:January 19, 1963
In:Acton, London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 28°44' CapricornAS: 15°52' Gemini
Moon:17°09' ScorpioMC: 10°29' Aquarius
Dominants: Aquarius, Gemini, Scorpio
Saturn, Mercury, Venus
Houses 9, 6, 10 / Air, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Water Tiger
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 4,290 clicks, 6,701st woman, 18,780th celebrity
Biography of Caron Wheeler

Caron Wheeler (19 January 1963) is a two-time Grammy Award-winning British R&B/soul singer, who gained fame by writing and singing the lead vocals on the two biggest hits for Soul II Soul ("Keep on Movin'" and "Back to Life"). She also was a backing vocalist for Elvis Costello in 1983, and Howard Jones in 1985. She also provided backing vocals for a track on Erasure's album, The Innocents in 1988. Career Wheeler is also a founder member of the female vocal group 'Brown Sugar' along with vocalist Kofi whose solo hit "Black is My Colour" is today considered in reggae circles a classic. The two were re-united in October 2005 at the Metropolitan Black Police Association's annual gala at The Barbican in London. After her success with Soul II Soul, Wheeler embarked on a solo career, and r...

Born:January 19, 1947
In:Le Mans (72) (France)
Sun: 28°46' CapricornAS: 28°21' Cancer
Moon:29°40' SagittariusMC: 6°27' Aries
Dominants: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Leo
Mars, Sun, Mercury
Houses 6, 7, 1 / Earth, Fire / Cardinal
Chinese Astrology: Fire Dog
Numerology: Birthpath 5
Popularity: 4,243 clicks, 12,453rd man, 19,290th celebrity
Biography of Yves Lenoble

Yves Lenoble, born on January 19, 1947 in Le Mans (birth time source: Didier Geslain, acte n° 122), Sarthe, is a French astrologer, lecturer, and author. External link:

Born:January 19, 1969
In:Kansas City (MO) (United States)
Sun: 29°30' Capricorn  
Moon:20°47' Aquarius  
Dominants: Aquarius, Scorpio, Libra
Uranus, Neptune, Venus
Air, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Monkey
Numerology: Birthpath 9
Popularity: 4,240 clicks, 6,847th woman, 19,327th celebrity
Biography of Wendy Moniz

Wendy Moniz (born January 19, 1969 in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.) is an actress, best known for her role as Dinah Marler on the daytime soap opera Guiding Light (1995-1999) and primetime dramas Nash Bridges (2000-2001) and The Guardian (2001-2004). She also had a recurring guest-starring role on Battery Park. She has been nominated twice for Soap Opera Digest Award for her work on Guiding Light. She married David Birsner in 1991, but the couple divorced without issue in 1996. Since October 28, 2000, she has been married to her former Guiding Light co-star, Frank Grillo (ex-Hart Jessup), also of Portuguese descent. The couple has two boys Liam (born August 2004) and Rio Joseph Grillo (born January 25, 2008). Filmography Guiding Light (78 episodes, 1995-1999) .... Dinah Adele ...

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