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Your Grand Horoscope 2016

Discover what is in store for you during the year 2016 so as to be able to make informed decisions.

This Grand Horoscope 2016, latest version - approximately 30 pages - explains and gives a precise time frame for the events you are likely to experience and/or to feel during 2016.

A new interactive revolutionary Aspectarian is also available: clicking on any transit of the graph takes directly to the interpretation.

Fineness and modernity: our new and individualized report is based on the technique of transits, the most reliable astrological technique. It takes into account the natal house positions in order to carefully fine-tune the influences at work.

What is in store for you during the year 2016? Make the most of your lucky days and take action at the right time. Receive your detailed Grand Horoscope 2016 on your email, in a matter of seconds!

N.B.: Kindly note that this report is exactly the same as the Standard 12 Month Forecast. The only difference is that the analysis starts from January 1. You could also be interested in the Detailed Yearly Forecast, the same report, but with all the transits: the transits of the fast planets, the transits to natal slow planets and to the ruler of the Ascendant ; you can also choose the start date of your forecast.

Immediate online delivery, round the clock, including non-working days.

Price: USD 30.85
EUR 27.80
GBP 23.35
CAD 40.05
Scarlett Johansson
Grand Horoscope 2016
Example: Scarlett Johansson
New version
Megan Fox
Grand Horoscope 2016
Example: Megan Fox
New version
All Astrotheme Forecasts display the new interactive Aspectarian, the overall graphic of the transits analysed for the relevant period. Below is an example of Aspectarian:
We include an Aspectarian, a useful graphic synthesizing your aspects.
N.B.: in your report, the image is bigger, very crisp, and interactive.
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